Marketing Strategy -It’s Time to Upgrade It

The growth of the Internet causes significant changes in the global business sector. Electronic commerce promotes the growth of online followers and generates excellent economic benefits. Due to its relevance, this topic is currently the focus of different reviews and research. 

Digital marketing is defined as using the Internet as a source of advertising and dissemination to increase the sales of the products offered. This promotion technique represents a fundamental link in the proliferation of electronic commerce and the development of e-business. Another vital aspect is ecommerce marketing. Once you’ve found out where you are, establish a logical growth progression from the new actions. I like to establish three scenarios (optimistic, realistic, pessimistic) that help me manage growth variables to make real-time decisions and minimize uncertainty. You will be surprised by the number of times the plans are fulfilled and your ability to react by the simple fact of having projected various types of scenarios if the desired objectives are not met.

Adapt the way your company communicates with your target audience.

Of course, now that you are aware of your target audience, you can adapt the message and how our company communicates with its market. You will have to position ourselves where our clients are, find which websites interest them and what type of information they usually consult. In this way, we will capture their attention by generating information of interest, many times related to the sale of our product or service and on other occasions only to inform and build loyalty. Assess your finances to make the right decisions. 

Communication campaigns on the Internet, web positioning, social media marketing.

At this point, you already have enough information on the market and your competition. You have set goals, and the time has come to start your communication campaign. What is it worth to advertise on the Internet? You must make a budget tailored to the company’s economic capacity and look for the segments where your potential customers are at the best price. 

  • Pay per click: The best known of them all is Google’s Adwords, but not the only one, surely you know that it consists of paying for each click you receive on your page. With this type of service, you can plan a campaign by the number of clicks and calculate an exact budget for each action. You can also segment by keywords, countries, devices, etc. 
  • Facebook Ads: One of the most efficient of the moment due to its excellent value for money and its excellent targeting capacity. Here you can guide your campaign to get likes, clicks to your page or advertise a specific service or product. Although they have a lot to improve, Facebook statistics give you quite exciting information on your campaigns’ results.
  • Banner campaigns: You can plan an activity with different means to advertise with ads on industry websites. In this case, the budgets will vary depending on the traffic generated by the websites you want to advertise. 

It’s time to start actively looking at your strategy and updating it where possible; step into the new era of technology.

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