Oasis Pro Markets Receives U.S. Regulatory Approval for Digital Security Alternative Trading System

Oasis Pro Markets, a regulated broker-dealer, recently received approval from FINRA and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) for its digital security alternative trading system (“ATS”).

In a statement Oasis said it is the first US-regulated ATS allowing subscribers to trade digital securities and make payment for those digital securities in digital cash or fiat. Oasis’ ATS is authorized to allow its subscribers to:

1. Trade both registered and unregistered securities on the ATS;

2. Trade digital securities OTC;

3. Trade both equity and debt in digital form through the use of a blockchain; and

4. Invest in initial private offerings that can be recorded on a blockchain.

Approval for the ATS comes after working closely with the SEC and FINRA to ensure the platform offers legally compliant, regulated trading of digital securities.  Expected ATS launch date is Q2 2021.

“Obtaining approval with the world’s leading financial regulatory bodies has the potential to unleash a tremendous market opportunity; it advances investor protections, and coupled with digital cash, has the potential to unlock trillions of dollars of value in the digital securities space,” said Pat LaVecchia, CEO and co-chairman, Oasis Pro Markets. “Moving quickly with a regulation-first mindset, digital cash for digital security, and a deeply experienced team is a tremendous competitive advantage, and the only way to ensure that digital securities trading is viable long-term within the U.S. financial system.”

Oasis’ ATS provides access to liquid private and public digital security markets, via a secure interface that offers a range of custodians and digital security investments.   The ATS focuses on:

  1. Institutional quality interface;
  2. Overall low cost of trading;
  3. Liquidity with leading market makers;
  4. Regulatory protections; and
  5. Robust technology.

“Oasis’ ATS is set apart from other trading systems by the ability to accommodate stablecoins and enable a more accessible, liquid, and transparent market for privately offered digital securities. We have worked tirelessly to deliver a low friction, digital security trading platform with streamlined onboarding and the type of volume that will excite issuers of securities and subscribers alike, whether accredited or institutional investors,” added Joseph Quintilian, co-chairman, Oasis Pro Markets.

“The only responsible path to successful financial industry adoption of blockchain’s advantages in digital securities trading, is through registered entities acknowledging the unmatched benefits and credibility that is provided by a regulated financial system,” said Mr. LaVecchia.

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