GK8, P2P trading community Oobit for cold vault solution

Leading blockchain cybersecurity company GK8 is collaborating with Singapore-based P2P trading community Oobit. As part of this collaboration, Oobit platform will enhance its blockchain cybersecurity with the world’s first air-gapped cold vault that enables to create, sign and send blockchain transactions while being 100 per cent offline, with no internet connectivity – hence eliminating potential attack vectors.

Thanks to this collaboration, Oobit users can instantly buy and sell 150 different digital assets using a credit or debit card, with visibility to the most competitive prices – and get peace of mind knowing their cryptocurrencies are stored in a military-grade, hack-proof storage solution.

Oobit will be joining leading financial institutions around the world that already use GK8’s custody platform which currently manages over $1Billion in Digital Assets. Banks and exchanges using GK8’s platform are offered coverage of up to $500M, offered by Aon UK. GK8 has already amassed a strong following from industry leaders as well as seven pending USPTO patents and is offering the highest insurance coverage for digital assets.

“This is a game-changer in the industry, as many platforms scramble to find the best storage solution for digital assets,” says Amram Adar, CEO at Oobit. “ GK8 is a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency industry, and we’re pleased to allow our users the military-grade security the company offers.”.

“Security is a huge issue to anyone managing digital assets in the crypto economy”, says Lior Lamesh, cofounder and CEO at GK8. “In 2019 alone, $4.5 billion in digital assets have been stolen by hackers. As crypto adoption grows, financial institutions and exchanges must face the security challenge with a proven solution to safeguard this new asset class and keep hackers at bay”.