ATLANT Acquires Redot.com – Digital Asset Exchange

ATLANT, the company behind digital securities exchange Uvas.com and home rentals platform Karta.com, today announced that it has acquired Redot.com, an EU-regulated digital asset exchange.

The partnership between ATLANT and Redot.com, announced on May 27, 2020, turned out to be a mutually beneficial venture, and laid the ground for the subsequent acquisition. This cooperation allowed Redot.com to run a digital asset exchange using ATLANT’s software stack, in exchange for listing ATL tokens (later swapped for UVAS & KARTA) for trading. 

Julian Svirsky, CEO at ATLANT, said, “Redot.com is a valuable addition to ATLANT’s portfolio with its growing customer base and a list of impressive features that can not be found on any other exchange. Our intention is to continue on this path by extending Redot’s offering with new functionality and establish it as an innovation leader in the field of staking, custody, spot crypto and for more advanced users, options, futures and even tradable repurchase agreements (repo).”

After the recent launch of Ethereum 2 staking with 0% fees, 0.01ETH minimum investment, and ETH2/ETH trading, Redot.com is preparing to roll out Bitcoin & Ethereum futures and options markets. In the next quarter, Redot.com plans to offer its customers access to complete cross margin trading in any asset, and the ability to implement complex spread trades and other multi leg options and futures strategies in crypto, with portfolio margin enabled by default, without minimum deposit requirements.