EschatonCX To Release 3D NFTs

When selecting NFTs, many buyers will look for those that have the best graphics. As a non-fungible token, NFTs must be of high quality and must increase in price overtime. EschatonCX’s NFT game will meet these requirements by releasing high-quality 3D animated models of Eschaton robots. 

The company will also be releasing a new game which will allow individuals to play in the future. The project will also be releasing a small TV series based on the metaverse that will be written by OpenAI. 


The EschanonCX NFT series is the first of its type and is based on the chronology of the Eschaton universe, which was created by genuine OpenAI. Elon Musk and Sam Altman are among those who launched OpenAI. 

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To be a member of the EschatonCX universe, users must follow a few simple rules. There will only be 8,192 robots available- these will be sold as individual NFT tokens on the OpenSea platform. Each week, Eschatons fight randomly and the strongest one survives. 

The game follows a provably fair system and each robot has a fair chance of winning the Battle Royale. The Battle Royale is the first text-based event that will take place following the sales. One champion will be chosen and they will receive 92 unique Eschaton NFTs. 

NFTs are non-burnable so do not burn after the battle. The central concept to the project is that the series’ tales and universe are continually created by actual AI and are rectified by collectors and authors. 

Everything that happens in the universe will be recorded . Collectors will be able to select story points by voting on OpenAI generated plot suggestions. 

Benefits of EschatonCX

The NFTs created by Eschaton will have utility value, which the EschatonCX team has incorporated:

  • The new release will feature 100% unique eschaton, scarcity and growing prices that will add value to NFTs. 
  • There will be a random number of NFTs used in the TV programs, and each price will rise.
  • Each Battle Royale round win permanently improves the appraisal of the user’s NFTs. 

Eschaton NFTs can be freely moved between polygon wallets and will come in four varieties: Zealots, Acolytes, Heresiarchs, and Patriarchs.