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The Biggest Crypto Losers of All Time (2022 Update)

Last updated 23rd Sep 2022

The biggest crypto losers of all time offer an insight into just how volatile the cryptocurrency market can be. While many investors have made millions purchasing the correct crypto coins at the right time, there have also been some major “loser coins” over the years.

There are various reasons why a cryptocurrency might suddenly lose its value. An issue with the company or the security of the technology behind the coin may cause shareholders to lose interest. Plus, the wider marketplace can make a difference too. The crypto plunge today is a result of a rapid shift from a bull to a bear market for investors between 2021 and 2022.

According to some reports, the rapid decline of the crypto market has caused around 72% of the top 100 tokens to lose more than 90% of the value of their all-time highest prices.

Which Cryptocurrency Has Lost the Most?

The sheer number of available cryptocurrencies in the world today, combined with limited insights into the crypto landscape makes it difficult to quantify all of the crypto losers which may have emerged over the years. According to Coin Gecko, many of the most significant cryptocurrencies in the world have experienced massive losses in recent months.

Perhaps the biggest loser coin reported on by Coin Gecko is the LUNC coin, which lost 100% its value at one point, and has only recently begun generating worth again. This is followed by the ICP coin, which has lost a massive 99.04% of the value of its all-time highest price.

Some of the other biggest losers in the cryptocurrency market today include:

  • BTG: Value lost from All-time-High: 94.49%

  • DASH: Value lost from All-time-High: 96.83%

  • NEO: Value lost from All-time-High: 95.26%

  • BCH: Value lost from All-Time-High: 96.72%

  • FLOW: Value lost from All-Time High: 95.47%

The data available on the top losers today also indicates well-known coins aren’t protected against major losses. The coin commonly regarded as the most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has lost around 71.16% of its value, compared to its all-time high.

Even Ethereum has dropped in value by around 66.09% from its all-time best trading point. DOGE is struggling as one of the top losers in 2022 too, losing around 91.38% of its highest value.

The Biggest Crypto Losers of All Time

As mentioned above, the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market make it difficult to track which is actually the worst crypto to invest in. Bitcoin is usually identified as the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market, but it has experienced some massive cryptocurrency losses over the years. For instance, in 2011, a major Bitcoin exchange admitted hackers had gained access to its system and stole millions of dollars’ worth of coins. This reduced the value of Bitcoin to only 1 penny.

In 2022, Bitcoin was the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world again for a time, but is now trading at less than 70% of its all-time high value. This is an insight into the influence the macro-economic environment can have on major market losers.

As regulations around cryptocurrency continue to evolve, and mining becomes more difficult as a result of energy issues, virtually any cryptocurrency can lose its value.

The Biggest Crypto Losers of 2022

In 2022 crypto, the biggest losers are mostly linked to exchange-traded funds, according to Bloomberg reports. The six biggest losers in Crypto in the current landscape are all crypto-linked equity funds. For instance, the $63 million Global X Blockchain has dropped in value by around 64% over the course of the year.

While crypto-linked ETFs have grown more popular in recent years, their performance has failed to live up to expectations, as a result of fading speculative interest, and tightening economic policies.

Other major losers from the year have included some major cryptocurrency exchange platforms. For instance, Coinbase Global saw a decline in its share prices of around 79.6% during 2022.


While examining the biggest Bitcoin losers or cryptocurrency losers now, and of all time can’t accurately determine which coins will be successful, it does give an insight into the changeable nature of the market. The biggest losers in cryptocurrency will always be the people who choose the wrong time to invest in the correct coin.

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