Stories exploring the world of alt-currencies like Bitcoin, alt-banking, invoice-discounting and more

You are the vital asset of your business

Some business leaders feel that their inventory list are the only assets they should be completely concerned with, or that it’s always the right marketing that can contribute to success. Some business leaders feel like enhanced security can keep a ...

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Marqeta posts strong 12-month results

Marqeta, the open-API platform pioneering the future of modern card issuing, today announced record growth in the alternative lending space.  The company has established a dedicated alternative lending team, introduced major new capabilities to meet a variety of needs and ...

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Fixing bad credit despite low income

Many people suffer from bad credit. It is hard to deal with it, especially if your income isn’t high enough. Repairing your finances seems like a lost cause when you are on a tight budget. The good news is that ...

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Top questions a securities lawyer will ask an STO issuer

Security Token Offering is a serious business. The days of the ICO are over. These are clear messages not only from the SEC and other regulatory bodies but also from thoughtful and experienced professionals. The SEC, in particular, is delivering this message mainly through regulatory ...

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