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0x Price Prediction

Last updated 26th Sep 2022

0x is a decentralized open-source exchange that facilitates trades between multiple blockchains. The cryptocurrency gained a lot of attraction during the 2021 Bullrun, reaching a price of $2.30 on April 13th. We believe ZRX can reach a minimum of $0.55 and a maximum of $0.94 in 2022.

0x is building an infrastructure to enable the creation of exchanges on its platform. Rather than using on-chain order books, ZRX relies on “Relayers” to manage orders through off-chain messaging. This reduces costs regarding coin exchanges, making us believe this token has the potential to be a staple in the decentralized trading market.

Moreover, the price has dropped significantly, placing it in a great buy range for investors. Currently, the market cap is $464 million resulting in $0.54 per coin. Also, 0x has great tokenomics with a circulating supply of 847,496,054 and a cap of 1 billion.

0x Price Analysis This Week

The price movement highly depends on the fear and greed indicator in the crypto market. As a result, the coin value has been somewhat stable. Find out more about the price analysis this week below:

Latest 0x Price Predictions by Experts

Let's look at what experts predict the price of 0x will be:

  • Wallet Investor predicts the token will reach $1.03 in 2022 and $2.94 by 2025.

  • Trading Beasts predicts 0x will reach $0.81 in April 2022.

  • DigitalCoinPrice predicts 0x will reach around $0.85 in April 2022 and $0.99 in 2023.

  • Gov.Capital has more bullish projections suggesting the coin will break $1 in April 2022.

0x Price Drop Prediction

0x price has dropped by 76% from its all-time high of $2.50. The significant drop is the result of negative news revolving around the crypto space and other world events. Unfortunately, most crypto experts like Vitalik Buterin believe the bear market has arrived, so most coins have fallen tremendously.

However, this is great for long-term investors since the reduced prices provide more buying opportunities. I predict 0x will reach $0.20 in 2022 if the crypto market continues to be bearish.

Long-Term 0x Forecast

The long-term projection for 0x is bullish due to the team and technology behind the coin. Below are the yearly low and high predictions.


Monthly 0x Price Forecast for 2022/2023

Now let's have a look at the monthly price forecast for 0x.


What Impacts 0x Price?


  • New developments, articles, youtube videos, and news posts can impact the price of 0x.


  • An updated roadmap is bullish news and usually increases the price for a short duration. The roadmap showcases what to expect from the project, and big updates can help predict huge price swings.

Bitcoin Price:

  • The crypto market follows Bitcoin’s movements heavily. If Bitcoin rises or falls, 0x follows in its lead. You can check the all-time charts of Bitcoin and 0x to verify this point.

0x Users:

  • The platform requires a healthy amount of users for the price to increase. 0x relies on investors using the coin for trading, expanding the market cap and price.


  • Currently, the circulating supply is 847 million 0x tokens. However, the total supply is 1 billion 0x, meaning there are still 153 million tokens yet to be released in the ecosystem. This will reduce the coin value since a larger market cap is required to increase the price.

Upcoming 0x Events

The 0x team has released the v4 protocol that adds more features to their platform. Investors can swap NFTs, vote, and more. Also, the 0x platform has recently improved liquidity aggregation, gas efficiency (cheaper fees), and automatic upgrades.

0x Historical Price Changes

Historically, 0x has performed extremely well during bull runs due to the large trading volumes they receive. Here’s a table of the coin’s performance during the past years.


0x Price Prediction Chart

0x Vs Ethereum Price Prediction

0x is built on the Ethereum blockchain to utilize its smart contract function. Both coins differ tremendously and provide different products. 0x is a platform that facilitates trades between investors, while Ethereum is a smart contract coin that can be used as a payment method.

Live Price Chart of 0x: USD

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Best Brokers to Buy 0x

0x is available on most brokers and crypto exchanges due to its popularity. Below are the best platforms for investing in ZRX.

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0x Price Predictions

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