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Best YouTube Channels For Crypto

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16th Feb 2023

As cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and metaverse gaming become more popular, people look to influencers and content creators to get the latest news, insights, and tips.

Here, we look at some of the top crypto influencers on YouTube.

Top YouTube Cryptocurrency Influencers

BitBoy Crypto


BitBoy Crypto is one of the most popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels and continues to attract new viewers with daily videos, insights, and interviews with prominent crypto CEOs. This is a fantastic place to learn about the latest crypto news, projects, or find crypto trading advice. Learn about Bitcoin cycles, Ethereum news, and rising altcoins.

Coin Bureau


Coin Bureau is an excellent information portal for cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and forex. Its analysts provide regular reviews of the most popular coins, exchanges, and brokers, helping you navigate the decentralized coin market. Coin Bureau’s traders provide helpful analysis. As a plus, the channel does not have any ads.

Altcoin Daily


Altcoin Daily delivers daily videos on cryptocurrency market analysis, trends, education, and opinions. The channel’s creators have used altcoin trading to develop their Bitcoin stack and offer plenty of valuable insights into how you can use altcoins to your advantage. Thanks to its informative content and actionable advice, the channel has a healthy subscriber base surpassing 1.1 million.

Data Dash


Data Dash primarily focuses on Bitcoin, providing regular updates and predictions on Bitcoin’s value. The channel also covers news, analysis, and comparisons with other cryptocurrencies. As well as covering crypto, Data Dash also provides content on stock market trends, financial news, and political shifts. If you want a channel that covers the crypto industry and broader economics, Data Dash is for you.

Sheldon Evans


Sheldon Evans is the perfect channel to learn about finance or cryptocurrency technology. He has a refreshing and transparent brand of content. He offers strategies and tips on how to trade cryptocurrencies, which altcoins are set to make waves, and even gives you a look into his crypto holdings.

Real Vision Finance


Real Vision Finance provides a comprehensive yet accessible view of business, finance, and the global economy, utilizing real experts to provide in-depth analysis. They expanded their crypto division in 2020 and have featured successful macro-economic investors and crypto minds on their channel.

Ivan On Tech


Ivan Liljeqvist is one of the most popular YouTube cryptocurrency personalities. As a software developer and tech celebrity, Ivan covers various macro topics regarding crypto and blockchain. He posts videos frequently on his channel, Ivan on Tech providing insights into crypto industry changes that impact the market. He also conducts interviews with some of the most prominent names in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Benjamin Cowen


Ben Cowen hosts Into The Cryptoverse, an online crypto education show that dives deep into the market's coins and metrics. Ben uses his academic background to provide practical knowledge in a digestible and informative way. If you are looking for experience-backed analysis without bias, subscribe to this channel.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos


Andreas is one of the more recognizable names in the crypto influence world. His channel, aantonop, has more than 300K subscribers and contains tons of content on trends, tokens, and technology. Andreas remains neutral and offers impartial analysis on Bitcoin and Ethereum topics. However, he sometimes talks about altcoins as well.

Anthony Pompliano


Anthony Pompliano is an entrepreneur and investor (contributing $100 million to early-stage tech companies), mostly known for his Pomp Podcast. He posts videos of his interviews and opinions on his YouTube channel, generally focusing on finance and technology.

Digital Asset News


Digital Asset News provides information on cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in short, digestible videos. Dan, the host, offers practical insights into his cryptocurrency dealings, letting you into his trading strategy secrets and offering total transparency into his portfolio.

Altcoin Buzz


Altcoin Buzz is a fast-growing YouTube channel with a large viewer base. It is also popular on Twitter and Telegram with an active community that regularly interacts with posts. Altcoin Buzz discusses trends and blockchain applications and analyses the hottest altcoins. In addition, the channel covers various crypto topics and is a must for anybody wanting to diversify the portfolio.

Box Mining


Box Mining offers weekly updates on the latest blockchain industry news. The channel avoids using crypto jargon as much as possible, making it a hit with casual crypto enthusiasts and people new to the topic. In addition, the channel showcases how blockchain solutions can change the future.

Crypto Zombie


Crypto Zombie typically posts cryptocurrency reviews but also offers updates on Bitcoin news and trends. The channel sometimes dives into altcoins, but they usually stick to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The channel is somewhat technical and may not be appropriate for beginner viewers. However, if you are comfortable with charts, you’ll gain plenty of insights from this channel.

The Modern Investor


The Modern Investor is quickly becoming a big name with the YouTube crypto crowd, gaining 200K subscribers in a short timeframe. The channel assists traders looking to trade via numerous methods. Videos are concise and easy to digest, walking viewers through step-by-step guides to improve their crypto practices.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more about the cryptocurrency industry, these channels are an excellent place to start.

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