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How to Get a Job in the Metaverse and Web 3.0

Last updated 30th Nov 2022

The idea of a metaverse is one that many authors discussed in numerous works in the past, though nowadays, it has the attention of the people that can actually build it. The metaverse is a project supported by a large number of multi-billion companies that have the technological capability and the brainpower to see it through.

Besides getting excited about the future and wondering just how amazing this metaverse will be, you may also be wondering how to get a job in the metaverse, as undoubtedly, all the best talent will be put to work once it takes off.

What Is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is an ongoing project that aims to create a network of 3D virtual worlds where users can interact through avatars. In addition to socializing with other users and playing games, the metaverse offers new, revolutionary ideas like purchasing and monetizing real estate and investing in digital artwork.

Many of these concepts were born alongside the third iteration of the Internet, commonly known as Web 3.0. This means they are to stay, which is why securing a Web3 career is a smart way to secure your future.

What Is Web 3.0?

The current technological advancements enable many improvements on the Internet as we know it today. Since the early 2000s, the Internet has been in its second phase, or Web2, and everything we did online was limited by the capabilities of that technology. Web3, however, is advanced enough to overcome those shortcomings and prepare us for the new era which opens up the opportunity for new Web3 jobs.

The four main pillars on top of which Web3 is built are:

  • Decentralization

  • Permission elimination

  • AI and machine learning utilization

  • Omnipresence and connection

Simply put, a lot of work needs to be done, and many jobs in Web3 will be up for grabs in the upcoming years.

How to Get a Job in the Metaverse?

The public interest in metaverse jobs has gone up by a remarkable 900% in the past six months. If you’re think of jumping on the bandwagon, here’s what you need to know.

In essence, getting a job in the metaverse is not so different from getting a job anywhere else. The goal is to become so great at doing something that people will pay you to do it for them. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that separate the metaverse job hunt from the one in the real world.

You must have a solid understanding of the technology you are getting into, so you know how exactly your skills would apply in the metaverse. Here is a three-step guide to help you prepare for the metaverse employment search.

1. Learn the Web3 Technologies

You can’t hope to make money in the metaverse if you still don’t have at least a basic understanding of the blockchain and its technologies. But, even if you do, it would be a good idea to spend more time learning about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, ICOs, smart contracts, etc.

Furthermore, get familiarized with AI and machine learning because, as we mentioned before, it will be huge in the following years. Once you are able to explain the difference between Web2 and Web3 to a layman, you can consider yourself ready to work in the metaverse.

2. Invest in a VR Headset

Or at least AR glasses. If you plan to work with virtual reality, you must experience virtual and augmented environments firsthand. Unfortunately, even though VR headsets are more affordable than ever, the best ones are still out of the average person's price range.

However, if you are serious about finding a career in the metaverse, be sure to try your best to save up and invest in equipment that may be very profitable once you land a job. Then, once you have the hardware, explore as many worlds as possible, as every bit of experience can come in handy when trying to get a job in the metaverse.

3. Decide Which Job You Want to Pursue

Once you complete steps one and two, you will be ready for the final step of deciding what metaverse job is right for you. By now, you should understand the basics of Web3 technologies and have experienced enough to make this decision.

In addition, you’ll know how your professional skills translate to the needs of the metaverse creators, so you should know how to sell yourself. All that is left is to create a portfolio that will show you know how to work in the metaverse.

What Jobs Will Be in Demand Because of the Metaverse?

The metaverse’s market size has already reached $38.5 billion at the end of 2021. It’s projected to reach $678.8 billion by 2030. Since metaverse goals are set so high, the demand for IT professionals will be abundant. Just like a couple of decades ago, when every organization was looking to create a website for its business, most companies will look to take part in the metaverse in some way.

This means graphics designers, software engineers and developers, digital artists, and other IT professionals can expect plenty of metaverse job opportunities in the upcoming years. However, since this is the third iteration of the Internet, we can expect the birth of new jobs that we haven’t heard of before or considered highly niche.

3D Artists

Let’s start with the most obvious of choices. 3D artists will probably have more work than anyone else in the metaverse since it is a project that involves the creation of virtual worlds.

It is no surprise that the people who do the creating will be able to find work easier than others. 3D artists will have to create countless objects for the 3D environment and items for the users' avatars, so finding jobs in the metaverse for them will be easier than for anyone else.

UI and UX Designers

Professionals that excel at presenting the new, virtual worlds in the most tangible way to users who have never seen them before will undoubtedly have their hands full with tasks in the metaverse.

Since it is a revolutionary concept that works with 3D environments instead of the traditional 2D platforms users have grown used to, designers have a major role in making these worlds user-friendly. As a result, UI and UX design are a safe bet that you will find work if you’re considering different careers in the metaverse.

AR and VR Designers

Naturally, there will be plenty of job opportunities for the people who should bring the work of 3D artists and UX and UI designers together. While most digital artists are only familiar with creating content for 2D platforms, AR and VR designers are already experienced and understand the workings of 3D worlds.

Their expertise will be vital in the metaverse but also in other Web3 projects. This is why it is reasonable to consider these professions future-proof and predict that AR and VR experts will certainly be working in the metaverse.

Software Engineers and Developers

The metaverse may change many things in the world around us, but one thing will remain constant—developers will always be in demand. In order for everything that artists and designers create to be functional, software engineers and developers will have to code it.

While many professionals might be uncertain about their careers, with all the AI and machine learning talk, people who write code can rest assured that the future needs them. Just like today, software engineers and developers will find it easy to get jobs in Web3 and metaverse development.

AI Engineers

Since AI and machine learning are one of the main pillars of the metaverse, and the driving force behind Web3, the people who excel at it will be in demand. The sheer magnitude and the levels of immersion of the worlds the metaverse is trying to create, requires utilization of this technology, as no manpower in the world would be enough for it.

For this reason, AI engineers and other experts in the field will have a part to play in its realization. Consider familiarizing yourself with AI and machine learning as the future will be filled with job opportunities for the people who do.

Non-IT Metaverse Careers

Because the metaverse is a virtual project, many people only associate IT professions with it, though it will provide opportunities for other experts too. For example, architects will be needed since their knowledge of buildings and spaces will be valuable for the creation of 3D worlds as well.

Likewise, fashion and interior designers will have their say in stylizing these worlds and making them easier on the eyes of the users. For the most part, adept professionals whose expertise can be transferred onto the virtual worlds of the metaverse will be able to find metaverse work and contribute to shaping our future.

New Jobs That the Metaverse Will Introduce

Even though the metaverse is still at its inception, some new jobs are already coming to life. NFT analysts, virtual land realtors, virtual tour guides, etc. There will be a time when virtual event planners, managers, and even lawyers will become necessary. Who knows what the future holds.

The thing that we can be sure of is that the metaverse is full of potential and opportunities. And since many of these jobs will be brand new, it is safe to assume that previous experience will not be a requirement for them.


How do you get into the metaverse?

While the metaverse project is still years away from completion, there are quite a few VR and AR environments that can give you a taste of what you can expect from it. With the right equipment, you can join Roblox, Fortnite, Decentraland, and plenty of other platforms and experience their virtual worlds in 3D.

How much does working in the metaverse pay?

It’s difficult to determine the average metaverse job salary because we must consider that it is a vast industry and the salaries vary significantly. According to statistics, non-technical metaverse jobs like customer service representatives pay about $45,000 per year, while senior software engineers get up to $140,000.

What jobs are in demand in the metaverse?

Currently, several IT jobs are in demand because of the metaverse, including AR/VR designers, 3D game designers, software developers, etc. However, there is also demand for non-IT metaverse jobs like hardware engineers, storytellers, and marketing specialists.


The metaverse is coming, and it is the next big thing. However, if you still have doubts about the project’s chances of success, a simple research spell on the companies involved and the amount of funding it receives can be eye-opening.

All the major players in the IT industry like Microsoft, Apple, NVidia, Epic Games, and Meta focus on building 3D worlds, and the best thing you can do is embrace the technology of tomorrow.

Once it reaches the phase where even small businesses want to jump on its bandwagon, there will be plenty of advanced and entry-level metaverse jobs, so make sure you are prepared for them.

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