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Max Keiser and Bitcoin: 8 Quick Facts

Last updated 29th Nov 2022

Max Keiser rose to fame as a broadcaster, investor, and former Wall Street trader. However, he is best known for his avid endorsement of Bitcoin and bold statements regarding the global economy.

Max Keiser has a new show, the Max & Stacy Report.

After The Keiser Report ended on February 24th, many started wondering what happened to Max Keiser.

Since then, he has started a reboot show with his wife, Stacy Herbert, named the Max & Stacy Report. Besides that, he uses his platform to give interviews and regularly voices his opinions on the global economy and cryptocurrency on his Twitter account.

He co-founded the virtual game Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Keiser is also the inventor and co-founder of the Hollywood Stock Exchange or HSX. HSX is a web-based game that contains virtual currency. The game allows players to exchange “shares” of films, actors, directors, and other things that pertain to cinematography.

Max Keiser’s Bitcoin holdings are still undisclosed.

Max Keiser originally invested in Bitcoin in 2012 when one BTC was worth only $1. Today, one Bitcoin is worth around $16,400, meaning his fortune (if he’s still holding most of it) has increased several thousand times. However, Max Keiser’s net worth in Bitcoin is unknown and there is no confirmed information about the exact amount of BTC he owns.

Max Keiser’s overall net worth is unknown.

As an investment specialist, Keiser’s net worth should be the best indicator of his savvy. So how much is Max Keiser worth? Many people might be surprised that Max Keiser's net worth is also still unknown, which arguably undermines his credibility as an investment advisor.

Max Keiser predicts that Bitcoin will reach $220,000 in the future.

Keiser is a supporter of Bitcoin through and through. Max Keiser’s Bitcoin prediction is that the cryptocurrency will be worth around $220,000 in the future.

There is a coin named Maxcoin after Keiser.

Keiser has a coin named after him—Maxcoin. This coin was launched in 2014 and is valued at $0.005955. It is currently worth $0.001972.

Max Keiser said he didn’t own any altcoins.

Keiser claimed in an interview that he only owns BTC and that other coins, including Ethereum are a scam. He is known to compare Bitcoin to gold and silver, and in The Book of Max he states Bitcoin’s value will only rise with global unrest.

Max Keiser criticized Ethereum after the Merge.

Max Keiser is a Bitcoin maximalist who isn’t fond of Proof-of-Stake as a concept. After Ethereum switched to Proof-of-Stake, Max called the second largest crypto a centralized Ponzi scheme. Max is notorious for his disapproval of cryptos that aren’t Bitcoin.


Max Keiser still presents his latest opinions on his show, the Max & Stacy Report, and through his tweets. He’s a Bitcoin maximalist and believes Bitcoin should replace fiat currency. He even has a coin named after him—Maxcoin. However, Max Keiser’s Bitcoin investment and his overall net worth, are yet to be disclosed, if ever.

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