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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague a hit

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31st Jan 2023

The following article is a guest post from Marina Kryzhevska, the pubic relations manager of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference.

On May 19, the Czech capital hosted the largest conference on digital currencies and blockchain – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague. Fifteen speakers from eight countries (300 participants in total) discussed the development of cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects in fintech and govtech, and legislative challenges.

Business & community

Open blockchain systems for business were discussed during the report from the CEO and founder of Waves Platform Sasha Ivanov (Russia). The presented service is designed for digital values emission, assets trading using blockchain, and crowdfunding. The speaker covered such issues as network scaling, optimization of a block size and improvement of the whole system efficiency.

Ronny Boesing (Denmark), the CEO at decentralized conglomerate Openledger, talked about trading, investment and crowdfunding on the basis of this platform.

The challenges of the business community were covered by the owner of Euro Tech Startups and co-founder of Adel, Gabriel Dusil (Czech Republic). He reported about the formation of a professional community and blockchain ecosystem.

The issues related to the development of digital currencies in the banking sector and regulatory policy of the European Union were revealed by the independent expert Ugo Bechis, a specialist in e-payments in the Single Europe Payment Area who is based in Italy.

Blockchain in employment sector

Alternative application of the blockchain, in recruiting and job searching, was covered by the head of BitWage, Forbes columnist Jonathan Chester (USA). The company is the international service for searching remote work and employees that also allows employers to pay salaries in bitcoins without complex technological innovations.

The audience learned how blockchain helps to verify the resume and check applicant’s reputation, as well as how to avoid unnecessary transaction costs when paying salaries to remote employees.

Data protection

The report of the Crypviser representative, Sergey Sidorov (Germany) was dedicated to the protection of information and confidentiality. He talked about the weaknesses of communication channels, the main ways of interception of data and the ways to automate information transfer with the help of blockchain.


A separate topic of the conference was mining of crypto-currencies. This section featured the reports of such experts as the representative of Genesis Mining, Rodrigo Balam (Germany), who presented a comparative analysis of home and industrial mining, and the participant of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine, Andriy Dubetsky (Ukraine). Andriy spoke about the profitability of today’s mining and the variety of mining hardware.

Blockchain in energy sector

Decentralization of the energy infrastructure was covered in the presentations of the co-founder of MyBit.io, Ian Warrall (Czech Republic) and one of the founders of SolarChange Assaf ben Or (Germany). The audience learned about the development of renewable energy systems and shifting to the new types of energy with the help of blockchain.

Ian Worrall also focused on the interaction of blockchain and artificial intelligence, as well as on the advantages of decentralization.

Blockchain against corruption

The independent developer Oleg Kudrenko (Ukraine) spoke about the anti-corruption potential of the blockchain technology. He gave arguments for the fact that corrupt officials must be replaced by the decentralized services.

Demo zone

Together with the conference, there was an exhibition of crypto equipment, software and related services.

The products were presented by hardware manufacturer HashCoins, crowdfunding campaign service Waves Platform, cryptocurrency broker Solvena, encryption system developer Crypviser, Polybius Bank, the innovative bank, and additional brands.

Organizer Smile-Expo’s next events are in St.Petersburg June 22 and Stockholm Sept. 7.

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