Biography: Ari Gati


Ari is an entrepreneur and technologist that connects the dots between real estate, technology, and alternative finance.

He is an active real estate investor and angel investor in innovative companies, an advisor for numerous start-ups and is Co-founder and Chairman of Bankless Times. He enjoys architecture, sustainable design and creative problem-solving.

Since beginning his career, Ari has been on every side of technology and real estate businesses, from running and selling his own businesses, co-founding three real estate technology start-up companies and advising numerous entrepreneurs.

Ari is passionate about new economic systems that globally empower people to pursue entrepreneurism and build sustaining wealth through real property ownership and equity positions in innovative high-growth companies. He aims to play a pivotal role in the disintermediation of unnecessary middlemen and decentralization of currency, empowering people to choose their destiny and become their own enterprise.