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Riveting Roblox Statistics & Facts for 2023

Last updated 16th Feb 2023

Granting users the ability to create their own experiences, Roblox was originally launched in 2006. However, it was only in 2016 when it became mainstream, with the three years leading up to 2022 pushing its popularity to new highs. As these Roblox statistics reveal, the platform not only racks up significant revenue but also delivers millions of gaming experiences, substantially shifting its player demographics. Read on to discover just how successful Roblox is and get to know the latest state of the platform offering some of the most creative gaming experiences to date.

Top 10 Roblox Statistics

  • Roblox has been downloaded 383 million times.

  • Roblox's net worth is currently estimated at $19.4 billion.

  • Player spending on Roblox mobile surpasses $1.5 billion.

  • Roblox is used by 202 million people every month.

  • More than 20 million people play Roblox daily.

  • Nearly 30% of daily Roblox users are based in the US and Canada.

  • With over 1.9 billion concurrent players, Adopt Me! is the all-time record-holder Roblox game.

  • 29% of Roblox users are 9 to 12 years old.

  • The fastest-growing age demographic on Roblox is 17 to 24.

  • Roblox developers earned over $328 million in 2020.

General Roblox Stats

Roblox has been downloaded 383 million times.

The above figure is a total from both the App Store and Google Play, and the latter accounts for 75% of downloads. Similar to player spending, the US is the country that has downloaded Roblox the most, or 104.6 million times, accounting for 27.3% of the total. Brazil ranks second with over 41 million, or 10.7%, of the downloads, while Russia ranks third with 21 million, or 5.4%.

(Sensor Tower)

Roblox's net worth is currently estimated at $19.4 billion.

Stats on Roblox reveal that November 2021 was the month when the company saw its stock prices skyrocket, peaking at an incredible $134.72. Moreover, in October 2021, the estimated net worth of Roblox was $68.15 billion, a result which is mostly attributed to the COVID-imposed lockdowns when the general gaming industry saw a massive surge. At the time of writing, Roblox shares cost $35.56.


The revenue of Roblox is a little over $591 million.

In February 2022, when the company announced the financial results for the first quarter, it was estimated that Roblox revenue increased by 60% to 63% YoY to reach between $204 million and $207 million. In July 2022, revenue was between $205 million and $208 million, indicating a YoY increase of 25% to 27%. Finally, Roblox’s second-quarter financial highlights show the company’s revenue had jumped by a total of 30% compared to the previous year, reaching $591.2 million.


Player spending on Roblox mobile surpasses $1.5 billion.

The mobile version of MMO Roblox, which saw an impressive $1 billion in revenue in November 2019, marked yet another milestone only seven months later, reaching an impressive $1.5 billion in lifetime player spending. Moreover, Roblox statistics show over 75%, or a total of $1.2 billion, was generated via iOS devices. Android players, on the other hand, spent $389.2 million, or 24.6%, of the total. Data further reveals that a whopping 66.3% (more than $1 billion) of the total player spending was generated in the US. Finally, May 2020 was the most profitable month, with players spending nearly $103 million.

(Sensor Tower)

Adopt Me! is the most played game on Roblox.

The 7+ rated game that allows users to own and care for a pet is the most popular game on Roblox, with more than 29.6 billion visits as of August 2022. Brookhaven, advertised as a universe where you can socialize and roleplay with like-minded people, is ranked second with 21.8 billion visits, while Tower of Hell comes third with 18.9 billion visits. MeepCity and Piggy round the list of the top five Roblox games by number of visits, with 14.3 billion and 10.9 billion all-time visits, respectively.


The Roblox currency is worth 0.35¢.

Roblox statistics reveal that the above figure is as per the Developer's Exchange system, while according to the official Robux purchase and the leftover currency exchange system, one Robux is worth 1.25¢.

Robux was issued in 2007 and is now being used as a primary currency by the Roblox community to buy or sell items in the avatar shop and conduct daily microtransactions. Initially, the Robux was denoted by the R$ symbol, but it was replaced with a rounded hexagonal shape in November 2019 due to the former’s resemblance to the Brazillian real.


Roblox Usage Statistics

Roblox is used by 202 million people every month.

The number of people who use Roblox on a monthly basis has been steadily growing since February 2016, when the platform only had 9 million active users, to a massive 202 million in April 2021. Throughout 2020, Roblox saw the highest growth in MAU, mostly due to the pandemic. In fact, the number of monthly active users spiked from 119 million in January 2020 to 191 million in December of the same year.

(RTrack, TechCrunch, RTrack)

The number of Roblox daily active users stands at 52.2 million.

In 2020, the Roblox community had 32.6 million daily active users. Thanks to the many transformations and investments the company had made throughout 2021, the number of people who use Roblox on a daily basis jumped to 58.5 million in July 2022 after a 26% YoY increase. However, according to the company’s official data, by the second quarter of 2022, the daily active users of Roblox had dropped to 52.2 million, indicating a slightly lower 21% YoY increase.


28% of daily Roblox users are based in the US and Canada.

According to Roblox user statistics, as of Q2 2021, the number of daily active users from these countries totals 12.1 million, indicating a 6.14% increase since Q2 2020. In comparison, in Europe, Roblox has a total of 11.8 million daily active users and 7.2 million in the Asia-Pacific. However, according to the company’s report, the number of Roblox users is expected to grow even more in the Asia-Pacific region thanks to the joint venture with Songhua, with which the company intends to establish a Chinese version of the Roblox Studio.

(Backlinko, Roblox)

More than 20 million people play Roblox daily.

According to the live data on Roblox active players in September 2022, the maximum number of people who had logged in to play the game was exactly 20,385,601. The number of Roblox players has been consistently exceeding 20 million throughout 2021 and 2022, marking a solid jump from 2019 when the maximum number of daily Roblox players was just over 15.5 million.


Roblox developers earned over $328 million in 2020.

This trend continued throughout 2021 when by the second quarter alone, developers had generated over $247 million, which is 122% higher than what they made throughout 2019. However, it is important to note that only 2,800 of the developers who qualified to make an exchange from Robux to US dollars actually went through with it.


Users spent four billion hours on Roblox in September 2022.

The above figure that Roblox monthly players, daily, and occasional users cumulatively spent indicates a 16% YoY increase. However, there’s a near 15% decrease compared to the previous month when Roblox users spent 4.7 billion hours on the platform. August 2022 seems to be the first month when the number of hours engaged exceeded the 4-million mark, as data from February and May of the same year points to 3.8 billion and 3.6 billion hours engaged, respectively.


With over 1.9 million concurrent players, Adopt Me! is the all-time record-holder Roblox game.

As of April 16th, 2021, Adopt Me! peaked as the all-time Roblox concurrent players record holder when a total of 1,920,889 players logged in simultaneously to play this game. And this was not the first time the pet simulation game where kids can buy and care for animals had set a world record. Just a year earlier, on April 11th, Adopt Me! was played by exactly 1,615,085 Roblox players, and as such, it was the first and only game to cross the 1 million concurrent players mark.


Roblox is played an average of 2.6 hours a day.

According to the company’s report from January to September 2021, during those hours, the average Roblox DAU visits around 40 unique creations on a given day. In fact, of the millions available, a massive 107,737 creations reached more than 10,000 visits, while 26,953 experiences were visited over 100,000 times. Data also reveals that experiences that reproduce real-life activities like school and family are the most popular.


Only 25% of Roblox users sign in through their desktops.

Roblox users can discover experiences and create new ones on multiple platforms, including desktops, tables, and consoles. However, 72% of Roblox users use their mobiles to access the platform, and only 3% do so via consoles.


Roblox Demographics

25% of Roblox users are under the age of 9.

Roblox is a universe populated by young people. In fact, the largest demographic group of 29% of users is 9 to 12 years old. Those between 13 and 16 years of age account for 13% of the user base, followed by 17-24-year-olds with 16%, and those over 25 with 14%.


The fastest-growing age demographic on Roblox is 17 to 24.

In the beginning, Roblox was mostly populated with users around the age of 13 or younger but, nowadays, young adults (17-24) are the fastest-growing cohort on the platform. Acting on this cue, developers have shifted their attention to a more mature Roblox target audience, as data shows more than 10% of the top 1,000 experiences created in Q3 2020 catered to the needs of users over 13. What’s more, the creation of such experiences saw a jump of 28% in the same quarter of 2021.

(The Motley Fool)

51% of Roblox users are male.

Of the rest, 44% are female, and 5% have registered under unknown. It is important to note that female audiences have significantly grown since 2016, when only 35% of the total number of users on the platform were women, as per Roblox user count data.

Additionally, the number of new Roblox Studio female users noted a 353% YoY growth in 2021, while the corresponding figure for male users was 323%.

(Backlinko, Roblox)

15% of US households with income between $50k and $100k spend up to $10 on Roblox per month.

When it comes to how much US households spend on Roblox, income, it seems, is of little importance. 7% of households with up to $50k annual income, 8% of those with $50k to $100k, and 10% of households with income of $100k and higher spend more than $100 per month on upgrades, abilities, and any other expenses related to Roblox.

Moreover, Roblox player statistics show that even though spending is relatively the same across all income groups, households with lower income spend slightly more than the ones with higher income, as 46% of those earning under $50k admitted to spending up to $100 per month on Roblox compared to 42% of those earning $50k to $100k and 40% of those earning $100k and more.


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The Summary

What was once considered a children’s platform is now breaking records in revenue and player count and the statistics reviewed in this article prove it. What’s more, with the average age of Roblox players increasing and new developers coming into the studio, some of which are even considering buying stocks in the company, it is more than obvious that we are yet to see what this unique platform has installed for us.


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