Alan Greenspan

The Daily Dig for Saturday, May 17

Put on your thinking cap before diving in to today’s Daily Dig, as you’ll enjoy scholarly debates, consider equity crowdfunding proposals and mull over hot button topics like Bitcoin and marijuana legalization. Scholars find fault with Obama/Bernanke recovery tactics Economists ...

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Increased leverage ratios helping to corral big banks

Fears abounded when international regulators went to work to reduce the risk posed by a failure of one or more big banks.  A powerful lobby, international differences and other issues threatened to neuter the effectiveness of any legislation.  While significant ...

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Obama nominates Janet Yellen to chair the Fed

President Barack Obama has announced Janet Yellen as his nomination to replace Ben Bernanke as Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve.  The appointment, which takes effect in January 2014, still has to be ratified by the Senate. The Yellen nomination ...

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