Charles Moldow

The Daily Dig for Wednesday, September 17

Kickstarter expands to new regions Add Scandinavia and Ireland to the list of places with Kickstarter platforms.  Samantha Hurst has the details. Bondora reaches internationally with Europe-based P2P One does not often think of Estonia as a home of a ...

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Lending Club sees first billion dollar quarter

Lending Club, viewed by many as synonymous with the P2P landscape, has experienced another significant first with their first billion dollar quarter in 2014’s recently concluded second quarter. Significant on its own, the first billion dollar quarter  represents 20 percent ...

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The Daily Dig for Thursday, May 8

The limitations of regulators on both sides of the pond highlight today’s Daily Dig, along with the growing Asian bank hiring scandal. Are regulators doing enough to police those under their watch? That is an entirely appropriate question to ask, ...

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