data analysis

Visier crunches the HR numbers for finance companies

In an industry like finance, numbers logically form the basis for most decisions save often for one noticeable exception – human resources. But Visier aims to change that, chief strategy officer Dave Weisbeck explained. Visier is a cloud-based workforce intelligence ...

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CreditIQ says try the web before the bank

As time passes and we are further removed from the debt crisis, the extent of its damage becomes clearer. One sector that was hit hard was student debt. Since 2009, the amount Americans owe on education loans has surged. The more graduates ...

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The Daily Dig for Tuesday, Feb. 10

4 must-dos for running a startup Andrew Weinreich sold two startups within a year. He shares four lessons he learned here. Justice gunning for big banks in currency probe Several big U.S. banks are being investigated for their roles in ...

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