Folio Institutional VP to talk tech innovation at FinFair

The Vice President of a unique investment solutions company is using tech and changing regulations to help shape a new investing environment. Blaine McLaughlin is Vice President of Business Development for Folio Institutional, a company offering an integrated brokerage and custodial platform ...

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FinFair speaker and BANQ founder preaches caution

The CEO and Founder of BANQ said he understands the excitement surrounding aspects of the JOBS Act, but cautions those pondering a mini-IPO need to consider all of the impacts or they risk damaging their prospects over the long term. BANQ CEO and ...

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FinFair speaker David Burton warns Reg A+ no magic wand

The Heritage Foundation‘s Senior Fellow in Economic Policy says he is encouraged by the recent steps taken to improve America’s business climate, plenty of work on many fronts needs to be completed before businesses can truly flourish. David Burton focuses ...

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