Paul Volcker

The Daily Dig for Wednesday, April 22

Volcker calls for regulatory overhaul Saying the system is “splintered and ineffective”, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker is calling for a revamp of American financial oversight. Read more here. Realty Africa taps into sub-Saharan development For as little as ...

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The Daily Dig for Friday, May 23

Today’s Daily Dig takes us mostly back to all the good things we like about the industry – it’s potential, success stories and other good things. Of course the Dark Side makes an appearance but the forces of good prevailed ...

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Increased leverage ratios helping to corral big banks

Fears abounded when international regulators went to work to reduce the risk posed by a failure of one or more big banks.  A powerful lobby, international differences and other issues threatened to neuter the effectiveness of any legislation.  While significant ...

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