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Puddle aims to serve the bottom 60 percent

Skylar Woodward tapped into a rich background when developing Puddle, a platform which uses the power of the group to help people out of temporary economic jams. Mr. Woodward said Puddle began in the summer of 2012. His partner Jean ...

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The Daily Dig for Saturday, August 30

Unbanked Hispanics pay high price Many Hispanic people without a bank account are left with pricey options such as check cashing companies to complete their banking.  Laylan Copelin explores the impact. Bitcoin’s potential to help the unbanked explored The contributions ...

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Banks freezing out payday lenders

Facing increasing pressure from federal regulators, banks are letting that pressure flow further downstream by in turn threatening to sever ties with payday loan providers. Danielle Douglas takes a look at the payday lenders, the banks and the federal influence ...

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