Want to maximize RPA? Follow the logic

When considering how robotic process automation (RPA) will disrupt industry,  the short answer is “it depends”, Harel Tayeb said. Mr. Tayeb is the CEO of Kryon, a provider of RPA solutions to sectors including hospitality, insurance and telcos. Kryon’s clients ...

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Kryon releases AI-based solution

Kryon a provider of intelligent RPA solutions, today announced Process Discovery, a new AI-based solution. Full automation can quickly be done in a single step, with companies seeing their organization’s processes mapped and yielding intelligent recommendations for automated workflows. Kryon ...

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Robotic process automation to gain steam in 2018

After the foundation was laid over the past two years, expect the process of robotic process automation (RPA) to become more prevalent in 2018, Cognizant’s business head of banking and financial services Sriniketh Chakravarthi said. Mr. Chakravarthi explained financial institutions ...

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