StartEngine contest winner to get car and cash

Online public offering platform StartEngine has launched an investor referral program. The person referring the most investors by Dec. 31 wins $20,000 and an Elio Motors car. Should the winner attract at least 50,000 investors the sum doubles to $40,000. ...

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StartEngine Capital files with SEC

StartEngine Capital has filed documentation with the Securities and Exchange Commission to register as a Funding Portal under Title III of the JOBS Act. StartEngine Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine Crowdfunding. Within days StartEngine will ...

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Surkus draws on StartEngine mentorship to reach potential

One thing entrepreneurs need from their mentors is access to important connections. Robert Menendez is a Co-Founder of crowdcasting app Surkus, a participating company in equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine. Mr. Menendez said he had known his partner Forest Zukerman for ...

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