Trevor Koverko

Security token issuance platform Polymath announces new partnerships

Security token issuance platform Polymath today announced new partnerships with IdentityMind Global and Agrello. These new partnerships will streamline the security token issuance and AML and KYC processes on Polymath’s platform, incorporating IdentityMind’s compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention solutions and Agrello’s ...

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Securities token launch pad Polymath is now live

Polymath, the company bringing the multi-trillion dollar securities market to the blockchain, announced its security token launch pad is now live. The platform, the world’s first, is a tool allowing financial companies to create and issue their own tokenized securities. ...

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Polymath to bring securities to the blockchain

Securities token platform Polymath is scheduled to launch Oct. 1. Based on blockchain and smart contract technology, the platform automates a token sale’s legal and technical requirements while allowing digital tokens to represent shares in traditional assets like private equity, ...

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