Is your business location really all that important?

There’s one phrase that many business owners have in the backs of their minds while they are in the middle of setting up a new company: location, location, location.

For many entrepreneurs, a physical location is still critical to the success of their business, even though the majority of companies have an online presence these days. A physical location will still make or break your company.

Thinking of starting a new business and toying with the idea of going without an actual office or shop? That’s a bad idea – here are some compelling reasons why your business location really is all that.

Footfall counts

If you visit, you will see that there’s a reason why cities are laid out and arranged in certain ways – all of the offices and retail spaces are in the centres so that as many people will be passing by. This then means that there is a good chance that all of the retail spaces will get plenty of footfall to them. That means that people will continually be passing by and might spot your shop and pop in to buy something. So, if you don’t have a good location or even a location at all, you will be losing this section of customers completely.

Employees’ workplace

If you employ staff, then you are going to need a place for them to work from. That is, unless of course, you only hire remote freelancers to carry out your various tasks. But the chances are that, as long as your company continues to perform well, there will be one point when you need to start thinking about employing some staff to help you. And you will then require a physical location from which they can work.

Place for meetings

As well as being a place for your staff to work from, your physical location also gives you somewhere you can hold meetings with your clients and contractors. Sure, you could arrange some meetings in coffee shops or co-working spaces if you don’t have a location but, at the end of the day, it is always going to look more professional if you have your own meeting rooms in which to chat to your clients. That’s especially the case when you are trying to pitch to them or come to a deal.

Marketing opportunity

Your physical location can also be a great opportunity for your marketing efforts.

For instance, you get a custom window print, like the ones on, and these will attract people’s attention as they walk past your office or store. There are lots of graphics that can be applied to buildings and windows, all of which will help to cement your business’s name and location in people’s minds. If the graphics are well done, it could be difficult for people to forget you!So, still think that your business can survive without a physical location?

As you can see, that might not be such a good idea for the success of your company.

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