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Cardano Price Prediction

Last updated 4th Jan 2023

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that allows developers to build various dApps. The coin is forecasted to range between $1.11 to $2.35 in 2022. Currently, Cardano has a circulating supply of 34 billion with a $27 billion market cap, resulting in a price of $0.81.

Recently, Cardano has implemented the Plutus-example module and has continued working on several protocol enhancements, which leads us to believe the project is set to increase in price. Therefore, we’ve created this price prediction so our readers can quickly receive vital information regarding the coin’s price movements and what to expect.

Cardano Price Analysis This Week

Cardano is often in the crypto news cycle due to new developments and events happening in their ecosystem. Below are some great news articles regarding the project.

Latest Cardano Price Predictions by Experts

Cardano is one of the biggest crypto projects ever, and many experts have forecasted the future value of the coin. Let's take a look at what the top cryptocurrency experts are predicting:

  • The Finder’s panel has 17 crypto experts that predict ADA will reach $2.79 at the end of 2022. Also, they predict Cardano will reach $8.18 in 2025 and $58.04 in 2030.

  • Wallet Investor forecasts that ADA is set to increase by +720% by 2026, resulting in a price of $10.21.

  • GOV Capital believes that Cardano is an unbelievably undervalued project that will reach $12 in the next five years.

  • According to Investing Cube, Cardano is expected to break out between $7 to $20 by 2030.

Cardano Price Drop Prediction

During bear markets, Cardano has performed poorly, which is irritated by historical data. I believe the coin can reach below $0.50 if the same trends continue in 2022. However, if Cardano can support key resistance levels, then we could see prices fluctuate between $0.80 to $1.00.

Long-Term Cardano Forecast

The long-term forecast is amazing for Cardano holders as the project is forecasted to gain significant value. This is because more applications will be built on the platform, and other vital developments will be released.


Monthly Cardano Price Forecast for 2022/2023

The monthly projections for Cardano are somewhat stable in 2022 and we could see prices ranging from $1.00 to $2.00. Below is a detailed outline of the month-to-month forecast for ADA.


What Impacts Cardano Price?

Multiple factors can swing the price in either direction. Here are the main reasons why Cardano price movements happen.


  • Political and crypto news can influence the price drastically. Often news regarding crypto laws reduces the price of Cardano. On the other hand, countries adopting cryptocurrencies increase prices.

New Developments:

  • The roadmap is a great tool to project the future price of Cardano. New developments in the project can surge prices as the blockchain gains more use-cases and adoption.


  • Advertisements can influence the price by attracting more users to the platform. CRO is a brilliant example of what an amazing marketing team can do with a cryptocurrency.

Market Trends:

  • How the market is performing heavily influences the price. For example, most cryptocurrencies gain huge values during bullish market conditions, while a bear market results in significant price drops.

Upcoming Cardano Events

Cardano has set out some pretty big goals for 2022 that can skyrocket the coin’s value is achieved. Charles Hoskinson (Cardano co-founder) said the team is creating a formal open-source project structure, like what Hyperledger is to Linux. Also, the plan for the second half of 2022 is to generate end-to-end microfinance translation on Cardano.

Cardano Historical Price Changes

Cardano has gained the most value during bull runs due to the large influx of institutional investors. The table below illustrates this point as we can see the coin reach all-time highs during the 2018 and 2021 bull runs.


Cardano Price Prediction Chart

Cardano vs Ethereum Price Prediction

Cardano was deemed to be the next Ethereum killer by most experts and crypto enthusiasts. However, the project hasn’t lived up to its expectations, leading most to believe that Cardano will not surpass Ethereum anytime soon. Both coins are proof-of-stake and utilize smart contracts to let developers build various dApps on the blockchain.

Nevertheless, Ethereum will most likely remain as the leading smart contract coin due to its huge following and market cap. Although Cardano has much cheaper fees and superior blockchain technology, it's unlikely to overtake Ethereum.

Live Price Chart of Cardano: USD

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Cardano Price Predictions

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