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How to buy Bitcoin with Neteller

Last updated 19th Jan 2022

Neteller is one of the most popular digital wallets accessible to millions of people around the globe. It’s used for a wide array of online transactions, and because of its popularity, it’s often listed as a method for buying Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) on online crypto trading platforms. If you have a Neteller account and are interested in buying BTC using it, you’ve come to the right page.

This article will introduce you to some of the best Bitcoin brokers at the moment that accept Neteller. After that, we’ll discuss how these brokers work and how to buy Bitcoin with Neteller successfully. Finally, we’ll list some of the major pros and cons of using Neteller to buy Bitcoin and suggest alternatives. Read on.

Top Bitcoin Brokers That Accept Neteller

Our team of experts completed in-depth research to find all the online BTC brokers that accept Neteller. We assessed each one of them and picked the highest-ranking ones. Feel free to examine the list below and select a broker that meets your needs.

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What Is a Neteller Bitcoin Broker?

Simply put, a Neteller Bitcoin broker is an online cryptocurrency trading platform that allows buying Bitcoin with Neteller — basically all platforms from the table above.

To use one such broker, you need to open an account and connect your Neteller account to deposit to your broker’s balance. After that, you can use the deposited money to buy cryptocurrencies.

Each broker is unique, so you’ll have to dig deeper to explore available trading options. Some of these Neteller Bitcoin brokers are easy to use, while others are complex.

If you’re a first-time buyer, you should aim for beginner-friendly platforms, but if you already have experience with trading, choosing a more complex broker will give you more options.

What Crypto Platforms Accept Neteller?

Brokers are just one type of cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies.

However, you can use Neteller with other crypto platforms, such as centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. They are technically very similar to brokers, except that users have more trading options. Of course, many other types of crypto-based services accept Neteller, such as:

  • Crypto lending platforms

  • P2P exchanges

  • P2P marketplaces

…and more. There are all kinds of cryptocurrency-related platforms were using fiat payment methods, including Neteller, is also allowed and part of their respective ecosystems.

On the other hand, some decentralized exchange platforms are mainly cryptocurrency-focused, and users can only use cryptos to make deposits and buy other cryptos. Therefore, Neteller and other fiat payment methods aren’t available on them.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Neteller?

The process of buying Bitcoin with Neteller is straightforward. If you have some experience using Neteller for other online purchases, this one shouldn’t be too difficult either. Even if you’re a first-time Neteller user, you will be able to deposit to the crypto broker of your choice in no time. Here’s how.

  1. Pick a broker — Select one of the available platforms from our list. All of them accept Neteller as a deposit method.

  2. Become a member — To start buying Bitcoin with Neteller, you’ll have to become a registered user on the broker platform of your choice. Therefore, you’ll have to provide your username, password, email, and other required info to complete the registration process.

  3. Use Neteller to fund your balance — Your balance will show 0.00 once you become a registered member, and this is where Neteller comes into play. Use your Neteller account to send money to the broker and fund your account. We’ll explain this process in detail in the next section.

  4. Buy BTC — Once your account is loaded, it’s time for you to start buying Bitcoin. Many online brokers also accept other cryptocurrencies, and you can buy them all with your deposited funds.

How to Deposit and Withdraw via Neteller

The majority of online Bitcoin brokers require a fiat funded account before buying BTC. Here’s what you need to do to make successful deposits and withdrawals.


Depositing your funds with Neteller is an easy process. It may be a bit different for every broker, but some of the steps are non-negotiable. Therefore, we made a short step-by-step guide that might apply to almost all online brokers.

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Find the payments page and select Neteller as a deposit option.

  3. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit.

  4. Confirm your transaction with your Neteller app.

  5. Buy Bitcoin once your balance is loaded.

Neteller is an instant deposit method, so your funds should be loaded to your exchange balance as soon as you confirm the transaction.


If you want to cash out the funds from your broker’s account, use Neteller. Unlike most fiat payment methods, Neteller actually accepts cryptocurrencies, meaning you can withdraw your Bitcoin (or other cryptos) and hold them in your Neteller wallet. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Log in to your broker platform.

  2. Go to the withdrawal section and pick Neteller as a preferred withdrawal option.

  3. Select the currency or cryptocurrency you’d like to withdraw and enter the amount.

  4. Confirm your transaction.

You might have to enter additional data in the process, but that mainly depends on the broker of your choice or whether you’re withdrawing fiat or crypto.

What Should I Look For in a Neteller Bitcoin Broker?

With an abundance of brokers out there, it’s challenging to pick just one. But if you want to buy BTC on the best platform, just pick one of the brokers featured on this page. However, if you decide to research brokers yourself, you should take the following things into account.

  • Security — Every crypto trading platform needs to provide the highest possible security for its users. That way, you can make sure that your sensitive data and funds are completely safe.

  • Fees — All online money transactions have fees, including Neteller deposits and withdrawals. In addition to that, brokers have their fees for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies, and you should check them before making your final selection.

  • User interface — Even though all brokers follow a pattern when it comes to the user interface, it’s no secret that some are more user-friendly than others. Feel free to play around with available options to see which user interface suits you the most.

  • Limits — All brokers impose limits on how much you can deposit, withdraw, buy, and sell. These are often essential for your overall experience, so make sure to find the platform with limits in tune with your budget.

  • Speed — When dealing with cryptocurrencies, you want your trading platform to be as fast as possible to execute your strategy properly and make a profit.

Should I Buy Bitcoin Using Neteller?

Overall, Neteller is one of the best payment options you can use to buy cryptocurrencies. It’s fast, reliable, and secure. Of course, it also features some downsides, and we wanted to point them out to help you decide whether Neteller is worth it. Therefore, let’s check out the biggest advantages and disadvantages of using Neteller to buy BTC.

Pros & Cons


Secure — Neteller is one of the leading online wallets, and there’s a good reason for that, as the service features top-level security.
Fast — As already mentioned throughout this guide, Neteller’s transactions are instant, meaning they’re executed as soon as you confirm them.
Crypto-friendly — You can use Neteller to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it also acts as a cryptocurrency wallet.
Beginner-friendly — Learning and mastering Neteller doesn’t take a lot. The popular payment service features an intuitive interface adapted for beginners.


Restricted in some countries — Neteller is not available around the globe. Make sure to examine the list of restricted countries to learn whether you can use Neteller in your area.
Needs better buyer’s protection — Even though Neteller has buyer’s protection, it’s still not as good as PayPal’s. That means getting your money back would be more difficult in case something happens, but not impossible.
Imposes fees — The transaction fees on Neteller are not high, but they are definitely above the average.

Is Using Neteller the Best Method to Buy Bitcoin?

As you can see, there are several downsides to using Neteller to purchase Bitcoin. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Neteller is definitely not the best method to buy Bitcoin. Still, it’s definitely in the top ten list due to its popularity as a digital wallet. If you have access to Neteller and are unsure whether to use it, we suggest reading more about it and comparing it to other options — especially other e-wallets.

What Are the Alternative Payment Method to Buy Bitcoin With?

The best alternative to Neteller is PayPal. Both are e-wallets, but PayPal is a bit more popular. Moreover, PayPal is accepted by more online Bitcoin brokers.

If you don’t want to use e-wallets at all, we suggest using your credit or debit card, as these are still the most popular online payment methods. The majority of Neteller Bitcoin brokers also accept card brands such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Finally, if you come from one of the countries where Google Pay and Apple Pay options are available, these options are also worth considering. Moreover, they are accepted on many crypto platforms.

To learn more about other ways to buy Bitcoin with e-wallets, check out these guides:

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Neteller is popular, fast, and convenient. If you’re already using this payment method for other online services, we see no reason why you shouldn’t use it for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we selected some of the best Neteller Bitcoin platforms and featured them on this page. Please scroll up and take a good look at our list to select the broker that meets your needs.


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