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How To Buy XRP With Debit Card

Last updated 21st Jan 2022

XRP prices was volatile in 2021 due to the Ripple vs. SEC case. However, with XRP being a cryptocurrency with real use cases, many businesses are jumping on the network. This is likely to favor the XRP in the long run.

This article details all the critical aspects of buying XRP with your debit card. Learn the different payment methods and how they compare to debit cards.

Top XRP Brokers That Accept Debit Card

Most brokers accept debit cards. Choosing an ideal broker to purchase XRP is therefore challenging. Here are our top recommendations:

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What Is a Debit Card XRP Broker?

A debit card XRP broker allows you to buy XRP using funds from your debit card. Brokerage firms also allow you to trade XRP. Trading XRP involves the use of different markets without owning the XRP. You can speculate on the price movement and increase your exposure in a bid to profit. Other great trading instruments offered include futures, spread betting, and margin trading.

What Crypto Platforms Accept Debit Cards?

Top tier exchanges and brokers accept debit cards, for instance, Binance, eToro, Coinbase, CoinSpot, and Coinmama. Visa and Mastercard are the main debit card networks that are readily accepted on all these crypto platforms. You cannot buy XRP on decentralized exchanges( DEX) because XRP operates on a distributed ledger.

You can buy XRP with a debit card from the following crypto platforms:

Crypto Exchanges

These are centralized platforms that facilitate buying, selling, and storing of cryptocurrencies. XRP is found on almost all major exchanges. Most platforms will require ID verification due to Anti-money laundering regulations before you purchase XRP.

You can buy XRP with currencies like USD, JPY, GBP, and EUR on fiat to crypto platforms. Check if your local currency is available to avoid currency conversion fees. You can also purchase XRP with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum on crypto to crypto exchanges.

Other exchanges that sell XRP include CEX.io and Kraken.

P2P Marketplaces

These are peer-to-peer platforms where crypto buyers and sellers meet. You are required to browse the list of adverts listed on the platform and identify a good offer. Once you identify a potential seller, contact them and agree on the exchange terms. In this case, the seller has to accept debit card transfers as a form of payment.

Buyers can opt to list their own XRP advert. You can set the price, volume, and payment method, among other specifications. Wait for a seller to contact you and agree on the trading terms.

P2P marketplaces provide buyers with the option to customize their buying preferences. Those who wish to buy XRP without ID verification can use P2P platforms.


Brokers present a simple way to buy XRP. Apart from buying, selling, and storing, brokers can allow you to trade XRP. CFDs brokers will allow you to speculate the price of XRP and bet on it. You can also go ahead and increase your risk exposure by using leverages. You should note that some brokers do not allow the transfer of XRP off their platforms.

Crypto Wallets

These are apps you download on your phone that work similarly to a centralized exchange. However, some crypto wallets can connect to other exchanges and get the best XRP prices.

How To Buy XRP With a Debit Card?

The most practical way to get XRP is by using the crypto platforms we have discussed above. Of the four, we believe brokers present the best method to buy XRP cheaply.

Tip: Before purchase, please note that the Ripple ledger may require you to buy a minimum of 10 XRP tokens

Here is a step by step guide to buying XRP from crypto platforms:

Buy XRP on P2P Marketplaces

  • Step 1- Open an account

  • Step 2- Use the filter feature to select a vendor who meets your preferences. Consider the following filter criteria:

    • Seller reputation

    • Debit card as the payment method

    • Response times

    • Volume and price

  • Step 3- Initiate the trade. Read the terms of the seller. You can use the chat functionality to get any additional clarification from the seller. Lock the price.

  • Step 4- Fund the escrow account using your debit card. Funds are released from the escrow to the seller. Mark the transaction as “paid.” The seller will release the XRP into your wallet.

  • Step 5- Transfer the XRP to a wallet, e.g., Ledger, Trezor One, and Exodus.

Examples of peer-to-peer exchanges that list XRP include Remitano and Localcoinswap.

Buy XRP Using Crypto Exchanges and Brokers

  • Step 1- Find a suitable exchange and open an account.

  • Step 2- Complete account verification and fund the account using your debit card. Card details are a requirement for this step.

  • Step 3- On the buy section, select “Buy XRP” and enter the amount you want to spend

  • Step 4- Click buy and confirm the transaction details.

  • Step 5- The XRP is deposited on a wallet associated with your account. To secure them, transfer your XRP to an external wallet, e.g., Exodus.

Examples of reputable exchanges and brokers include eToro and KuCoin.

Buy XRP Using a Crypto Wallet.

Crypto wallets like Freewallet have the option of buying XRPusing a debit card.

  • Step 1- Install the XRP wallet on your android or IOS.

  • Step 2- Select buy XRP, enter currency and amount to spend.

  • Step 3-Select the payment option and add your debit card details.

  • Step 4- Complete the purchase.

How To Deposit and Withdraw via Debit Card

Some exchanges will allow you to deposit money during the purchase process, while others require you to load funds beforehand.

  • Login and use the funds’ management/deposit link to access the funding options interface.

  • Select the currency type, funding option, and amount.

  • Enter your card information and the card billing address.

  • Confirm details and complete the transaction.

  • Check to confirm if the funds are now available.


Steps to withdraw using a debit card.

  • Find the withdrawal or funds management link.

  • Specify the currency and amount to withdraw.

  • Select the linked debit card or add a new one.

  • Confirm the withdrawal.

What Should I Look for in a Debit Card XRP Broker?

Below are some of the important factors to consider before settling on a broker.:

  • Fees- Fees vary from platform to platform, with some offering fixed fees depending on the amount you spend. Some of the fees to check include escrow fees, deposit fees, and withdrawal fees.

  • Variety of trading options– Crypto trading is becoming enormously popular. However, it carries with it significant risks due to volatility. CFDs, margins, spread betting, and futures are some of the trading options to use. These options present to you the opportunity to trade without owning any XRP.

  • Risk management– To trade XRP efficiently, you will need to use a broker that offers comprehensive risk management options. These options prevent a complete loss of your investment in case prices move against you. Check for features like Stop Loss and trailing Loss.

  • Security- We recommend avoiding brokers that have had previous security breaches. Check for brokers who pass the following criteria:

  1. 2FA functionality

  2. Insurance for assets in their accounts

  3. Regulatory approval

  4. Multiple authentications before withdrawals

  5. Bug bounty programs

  • Regulatory approval– We recommend dealing with crypto platforms that pass regulatory approval. This reduces the chances of losing your money. For instance, eToro and Avatrade are heavily regulated in several jurisdictions, including the UK and the USA.

  • Customer Service- The purchase may not go as planned. Customer support should be available to help sort out and respond to queries within reasonable timelines.

  • Ease of use- For most users, this aspect is relative. However, there are some crypto platforms like Coinbase that most users agree are easy to use. Other platforms target expert traders with a wide array of trading instruments and features.

  • Reputation- Some exchanges build their reputation for selling particular crypto-assets. Uphold is one such crypto platform, which attracts many experienced XRP buyers. Buyers normally consider factors like security, ease of use, and fees. Check verifiable, third-party sites and forums like Reddit to evaluate how good a crypto platform is.

Should I Buy XRP Using Debit Card


Beginner-friendly– The process of linking a debit card to an exchange is easy.
Convenient– Most debit cards will provide an overdraft facility that buyers can utilize.
Fast transaction– Depositing money with debit cards is instantaneous on many exchanges. The speed enables buyers to take advantage of price volatility.
Secure– 3D secure debit cards provide more forms of payer authentication. It helps avoid online fraud.


Susceptible to fraud – Cards that do not have 3D secure may be susceptible to online fraud.
High fees- Exchanges may levy substantial charges on debit card crypto purchases. For instance, Gemini charges a 3.49% fee on debit card deposits, while wire transfers are free.
Limits– Debit cards are subject to limits.
No Privacy– Most exchanges and brokers that accept debit cards require identity verification.

Is Using a Debit Card the Best Method To Buy XRP?

Debit cards are linked to your bank account and require you to have money. Most debit cards have overdraft coverage that supports loans when cardholders exceed the amount on their cards. Debit cards, therefore, present a fast and convenient way of buying XRP.

Debit cards are not ideal for buyers who want higher transaction limits, better privacy, and lower fees.

What Are the Alternative Payment Methods To Buy XRP With?

We’ve examined the pros and cons of purchasing XRP using a debit card. Let’s see what other payment options are available for you:

Bank transfers

Well suited for small and large transactions and are offered on many crypto platforms.

Some common bank transfer services globally include:

  • Faster payments – UK

  • SEPA – Europe

  • Direct entry – Australia

  • ACH – USA


It is an online payment service. Not all crypto platforms accept Paypal. However, it provides a quick and convenient method to purchase XRP. The use of Paypal is dependent on the county.

Neteller and Skrill are other online payment options provided by exchanges.


Crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used to buy XRP.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards operate like debit cards. They are typically accepted on P2P marketplaces depending on the country. Unlike debit cards, prepaid cards do not offer an overdraft feature.

Wire transfers

Works similar to a bank transfer, moving funds electronically from the bank account to the exchange. There are international and domestic wire transfers, but we recommend the latter because they are less costly.

Final Thoughts

A debit card allows you to use the overdraft facility if you have insufficient funds. Alternative payment methods are bank transfers and e-wallets like Paypal.

The use of debit cards to purchase XRP presents numerous advantages. The speed of transaction completion makes cards a great option.

There are 4 crypto platforms where you can purchase XRP. We recommend using brokers or exchanges due to the ease of making a purchase. Brokers also provide options like CFDs for investors who do not want to own XRP.


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