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How to Buy XRP With a Debit Card


XRP is a popular digital asset that enables quick and cheap payments around the world. The number of ways you can pay for cryptocurrencies has increased significantly over the past few years. Users can purchase XRP through a broker or on an exchange by following our instructions below.

In this guide, we discuss how to buy XRP with a debit card as well as other important considerations to keep in mind.

Top XRP Brokers That Accept Debit Card

There are many platforms to choose from when it comes to buying XRP, and picking the right one can be a difficult task.

To save you time, we’ve listed the top beginner-friendly platforms below to help you get started right away.

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Can You Buy XRP with a Debit Card?

While some payment platforms such as PayPal allow you to buy cryptocurrencies on the platform itself, this isn’t possible with debit cards.

However, XRP debit cards can be used on a number of other platforms to buy XRP, and this will be covered in the next section below.

What Crypto Platforms Accept Debit Cards?

When it comes to buying cryptocurrencies, there are different platform types to choose from. Here are the ones that offer XRP markets:

Cryptocurrency brokerages: eToro, Plus500

Cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance

How to Buy XRP with a Debit Card?

In this section, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to buy XRP with an XRP debit card on all the platform types where it is possible.

Cryptocurrency brokerages

Step 1: Find a brokerage platform
Step 2: Register an account
Step 3: Verify your account
Step 4: Deposit money
Step 5: Confirm the transaction
Step 6: An open position in XRP will be there

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Step 1: Register an account
Step 2: Verify your account
Step 3: Set your desired payment method
Step 4: Find the XRP markets
Step 5: Confirm the transaction
Step 6: Your wallet will have the coins

How to Deposit and Withdraw via a Debit Card?


To deposit money using an XRP debit card, you can simply follow the instructions outlined above.


The process for withdrawing is slightly different. What you need to do is sell your position back into a fiat currency such as USD or GBP and then click ‘Withdraw.’

Simply follow the onscreen instructions and if you have done online banking before, this will be a very familiar process

What Should I Look for in a Debit Card XRP Platform?

In this section, we have listed all the different things you need to take into consideration when choosing a platform for your XRP card.

Fee charges: Ensure you do some research to find the platforms that offer the lowest fees for the services you require. Easy-to-use platforms may charge a premium for convenience.

Ease of use: Read online reviews to gauge how easy a platform is to use. Brokerages are perhaps a preferred choice for newcomers.

Availability: Make sure the platform you choose supports debit card payments. Fortunately, this is one of the most popular options so you won’t have trouble finding one. Furthermore, ensure that XRP is supported by the platform before signing up.

Unfortunately, scams are common in the cryptocurrency space. Stick to regulated platforms that require ID during the registration process. That way, you are better protected in case something goes wrong.

Should I Buy XRP Using a Debit Card


Familiar process if you have done online banking before
Widely accepted as a payment method
Easy deposits and withdrawals


Have to provide banking information over the internet
Bank may not allow deposits into certain cryptocurrency platforms
Potentially high fees

Is Using a Debit Card the Best Method to Buy XRP?

Debit cards are among the most widely accepted forms of payment on all the different cryptocurrency platforms. It offers quick and easy deposits, and the withdrawal process is straightforward as well. For that reason, debit cards may be the most convenient way to buy XRP.

What to Consider when Buying XRP with a Debit Card

One of the most popular methods for purchasing cryptocurrencies is debit cards. Debit cards are often chosen as the best payment option for purchasing cryptocurrencies because they are fast. Although debit card fees also apply, there are many advantages to using debit cards, including:

1. Fast: Transactions with debit cards are quick and easy for investors and first-time buyers.

2. User-friendly: For beginners who are unfamiliar with other payment methods or cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can buy cryptocurrencies with cards in a few simple steps, just like shopping online.

3. Earning rewards: When you use debit cards to buy cryptocurrencies, you can occasionally earn rewards and bonuses.

However, debit card payments come with some risks.

1. Debit card details: you always run the risk of having your debit card details stolen when buying cryptocurrencies. Be careful when choosing a platform, and make sure you always visit the official site. Watch out for phishing scams and other forms of fraud.

What Are the Alternative Payment Methods to Buy XRP?

It's handy to have access to alternative methods of buying XRP if your primary mode of payment fails. This section provides practical alternatives that offer something for everyone.

Buy XRP with a bank transfer

Most individuals have a bank account, so it's a readily available method of buying XRP. Due to strict regulations, banks are a safe place to store money. A bank transfer is an easy-to-use and convenient method to fund your cryptocurrency exchange or broker account. Some of the top platforms accepting bank transfers include Coinbase and Crypto.com.

Buy XRP with a PaySafeCard

If you're after anonymity and don't have a bank account, then PaySafeCard is a good option for buying XRP. PaySafeCard purchases attach no personal information, so you can buy cryptocurrencies without revealing your identity.

Buy XRP with PayPal on digital wallets

You cannot directly buy cryptocurrencies from digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Neteller, but you can use them as the mode of deposit on platforms like Paxful and LocalCoinSwap that allow users to top-up the account using digital wallets. However, please note that Paxful and LocalCoinSwap do not allow trading or investing in XRP.

Final Thoughts

Using a debit card is one of the most popular and convenient ways to buy XRP.

It is a payment method supported by nearly all cryptocurrency platforms, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding one that works for you.

One of the only downsides is that you have to share your banking details with an online platform, but you can mitigate these risks by sticking to regulated platforms only.

Trading cryptocurrencies is high-risk and speculative.


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