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How to Buy Cardano in 2022

Last updated 22nd Sep 2022

Cardano (ADA) is often referred to as the next Ethereum killer with its high scalability, low transfer fees, and smart contract functionality. However, the cryptocurrency is still in its early stages, and there is still a lot of progress to be made, leaving many to believe that ADA is a long-term investment proposition. This guide will focus on the best platforms to invest in Cardano, such as Coinbase, Binance, and eToro, along with some easy step-by-step guides to help you begin investing.

Best Exchanges to Buy Cardano

Minimum Deposit
Exclusive Promotion
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More than 3,000 assets, including currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices and commodities
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This ad promotes virtual cryptocurrency investing within the EU (by eToro Europe Ltd. and eToro UK Ltd.) & USA (by eToro USA LLC); which is highly volatile, unregulated in most EU countries, no EU protections & not supervised by the EU regulatory framework. Investments are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal.

eToro - The Overall Best Way to Buy Cardano

eToro is an established broker with over 28.5 million registered users. They offer a diverse amount of cryptocurrencies, including Cardano. Let's look at the platform’s stats:

💰 Trade Values:CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, and Commodities.
📊 Software:Website and smartphone app.
🏆 Demo Account Available:Yes
📺 Ease of use:Excellent
⭐ Our rating:5/5
📱 App Available:iOS and Android
🧩 Regulation:Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
💰 Fees:1% of purchase order
🔁 CFDs Available:Yes
⚽ Social Trading:Yes

Best Platforms to Buy and Trade Cardano

Now let’s dive into the best crypto brokers and exchanges for buying Cardano.

Buy Cardano Using Cryptocurrency Brokers - The Easiest Way

The easiest way to purchase Cardano is by using cryptocurrency brokers since they offer simple interfaces and buying processes. The options below offer multiple deposit methods, trading pairs for ADA, and high levels of security.

ProviderFee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 eToro$10Start with eToro now
🥈 Coinbase$6Start with Coinbase now
🥉 Binance$1Start with Binance now


This crypto broker is one of the best options available as they offer multiple features like copy trading, e-wallet deposits, and an option to withdraw to a crypto wallet. We highly recommend eToro for your Cardano buying needs.


Coinbase is a top exchange that recently changed its fees to more favorable rates. Clients can purchase ADA using multiple trading pairs, and the exchange offers a private wallet to hold your coins securely.


This crypto exchange offers an outstanding service for purchasing Cardano because of its several deposit methods, trading pairs for ADA, and passive investment opportunities afterward. Moreover, Binance provides trading interfaces with tools for beginners and experts.

Buy Cardano on eToro: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Sign up
Step 2: ID verification
Step 3: Top up your account
Step 4: Purchase Cardano
Step 5: Send Cardano to a Wallet

Best Wallet to Buy and Store Cardano - ADA Wallet Comparison

Cryptocurrency wallets are devices or software that will hold your coins securely. They are the preferred way to store your coins, as leaving them on an exchange can be risky because they are large targets for cyber attacks. Moreover, software wallets are free to use, and the only cost you'll encounter is transfer fees. Therefore, we advise using them after investing in Cardano or other cryptocurrencies.

Also, Bitcoin wallets are often compatible with multiple coins, so you can use them to store all your investments.

ProviderWallet TypeGet Started
🥇 Ledger Nano XHardwareStart with Ledger now
🥈 Trust WalletSoftwareStart with Trust Wallet now
🥉 Guarda WalletSoftwareStart with Guarda Wallet now

How to Sell Cardano in 2022 Using eToro?

eToro makes it convenient to cash out your investment. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1: Sign in
Step 2: Open the trading interface
Step 3: Press "Sell"
Step 4: Enter the amount
Step 5: Finish the order

Buy Cardano Using CFDs - Best for Trading

Brokers have entered the cryptocurrency market by offering CFDs (Contract for Differences) to their clients. This is a derivative product, so you will not own real coins. However, cryptocurrency brokers often have an easier buying process, making them convenient for beginners. Here are the top three platforms for acquiring Cardano.

ProviderFee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 eToro$10Start with eToro now
🥈 Plus500$7Start with Plus500 now
🥉 Eightcap$35Start with Eightcap now


eToro is an amazing platform for investing in Cardano due to their user-friendly interfaces. Also, this broker has an in-depth learning section that teaches beginners various subjects about trading. Therefore, you can open a demo account to familiarize yourself with what you’ve learned before trading with real money.


This broker offers a fantastic range of investment opportunities so you can diversify your portfolio to minimize risk. In addition, Plus500 has competitive fees for buying Cardano, so you’ll get more bang for your buck with this provider.


Eightcap is a popular CFD broker that supports over 250 cryptocurrencies, including Cardano. Perhaps their best feature is social trading, which lets you look at successful portfolios and copy them. Also, their customer support is amazing, so you can receive help quickly when investing in ADA.

Best Apps to Buy Cardano - Most Convenient

The most convenient way to buy Cardano is through a cryptocurrency exchange due to their simple convert pages and competitive fees. They also let you withdraw coins to a private wallet for better protection. These are our top three picks that offer the most convenience.

ProviderFee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 Coinbase$6Download now
🥈 Binance$1Download now
🥉 Kraken$1.60Download now

Buy Cardano on eToro App: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Sign up
Step 2: Verify your account
Step 3: Deposit funds
Step 4: Purchase Cardano

Buy Cardano with Exchanges - The Cheapest Way

Exchanges offer different fee structures that will impact the quantity of Cardano you can buy. I advise using Binance and KuCoin since they have native cryptocurrencies, which give a 25% discount on fees. On the other hand, Kraken is known for being the “People’s exchange” and having reliable security.

ProviderFee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 Binance$1Start with Binance now
🥈 KuCoin$1Start with KuCoin now
🥉 Kraken$1.60Start with Kraken now

Buy Cardano on Binance: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Add funds
Step 3: Enter the trading platform
Step 4: Execute the trade
Step 5: Confirm the transaction using the blockchain explorer

Buy Cardano Using Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) - The New Way

Decentralized exchanges are dApps that let you trade coins without revealing your identity. They work by using smart contracts, so only cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Cardano, and Binance Coin can host them. Also, you’ll need a crypto wallet to connect to a DEX, so you cannot trade with fiat currency. Here are the top decentralized exchanges for buying Cardano:

ProviderFee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 PancakeSwapVariesGet started now
🥈 SundaeSwapVariesGet started now
🥉 ADAXVariesGet started now

Buy Cardano on PancakeSwap: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Connect your wallet
Step 2: Select Cardano
Step 3: Exchange

Can You Buy Cardano Using P2P Services?

After thoroughly researching the top P2P platforms, they do not offer buying opportunities for Cardano. However, you can find buyers or sellers through social media groups centered around your location. Afterward, you can set up the time, location, and spreads yourself. This buying method is often cheaper as you don’t have to pay exchange rates, and Cardano has low transfer fees.

Can You Buy Cardano Using Other Trading Platforms?

Now we’ll go over the most popular platforms and if you can buy Cardano through them. Also, the fee rates will be disclosed for full transparency.

Cryptocurrency PlatformCan You Buy ADA?Fee (USD 1000)Review
BinanceYes$1Binance review
TD AmeritradeNoN/AN/A
BitstampYes$5Bitstamp review
BittrexYes$3.50Bittrex review
CoinbaseYes$6Coinbase review
PoloniexYes$1.55Poloniex review
BitrueYes$2Bitrue review
KrakenYes$1.60Kraken review
KuCoinYes$1KuCoin review
WazirXYes$1.50WazirX review
WealthsimpleYes$15 - $20N/A

What Is the Difference Between Buying Cardano and CFDs?

This section highlights the main differences between owning Cardano and buying CFDs.

Contract for Differences is a derivative product that a broker can issue. This means you do not convey ownership of Cardano when investing through this method. Therefore, you cannot withdraw to a crypto wallet or spend them. On the other hand, buying real Cardano means you have full control of your coins and can transfer them between wallets.


Liquidity is not an issue when buying Cardano
Can leave the funds on the CFD platform
Limited options of brokers that offer ADA
Buying process is a lot easier than exchanges


High fees compared to buying the real asset
No option to stake your ADA
You do not convey ownership of ADA
Cannot withdraw to a private wallet unless you use eToro

Best Ways to Buy Cardano

This part of the guide will go over on the best methods of acquiring Cardano.

Buy Cardano Instantly With Online Banking - The Fastest Way

Coinbase Pro allows clients to transfer money via online banking. They will provide their information based on the deposit method you select. For example, selecting EUR showcases SEPA transfer details. Typically, transfer speeds take a few minutes to an hour to complete.

Buy Cardano With PayPal - The Safest Way

PayPal does not offer Cardano through their crypto section. Fortunately, you can use it as a deposit method on eToro and buy ADA via the trading platform.

Buy Cardano Using a Debit Card - The Cheapest Way

Debit cards are widely available, and you can use them on most cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, and Coinbase.

Buy Cardano Using a Credit Card

Perhaps the best platform to buy Cardano via credit card is Crypto.com. They provide several great features for investors like staking programs, debit cards with cashback rewards, and multiple trading pairs for ADA.

Best Platforms to Buy Cardano in Other Countries

The top exchanges operate in multiple regions and offer great buying opportunities in Cardano. Take a look at the best options based on each individual country.

CountryBest ProviderProvider TypeFee
the UKCoinbaseExchange$6
HawaiiGeminiWallet app$5
New ZealandBinanceExchange$1
South AfricaeToroExchange$10

What Are the Fees When Buying Cardano?

Exchanges have fixed fee rates when purchasing Cardano, making it easier to calculate the expected costs. This table shows the standard fees you’ll pay to buy $1,000 worth of Cardano and hold for 30-days.

PlatformeToro BrokerCoinbase ExchangeBinance Exchange
Deposit fees$0$0$0
Purchase fees$10$6$1
Holding fees$0$0$0
Selling Fees$10$4$1
Payout fees$5$10$15
Total fees$25$20$17

Cheapest Way to Buy ADA

The best way to purchase ADA is through a large cryptocurrency exchange as they provide the best fee structures. Here’s a rundown of providers that offer ultra-low fees.

ProviderFee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 Binance$1Download now
🥈 KuCoin$1Download now
🥉 Kraken$1.60Download now

Fastest Way to Buy ADA

The fastest way to acquire ADA is with a crypto broker or exchange that provides simple buying interfaces. All of the platforms listed have simple pages for converting money to Cardano. Also, they have trading software for experienced investors.

ProviderFee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 eToro$10Get started now
🥈 Coinbase$6Get started now
🥉 Kraken$1.60Get started now

How to Buy Cardano Anonymously?

This section will provide information on how to buy Cardano without revealing your identity. Decentralized exchanges are the best option because you can buy and sell Cardano anonymously. They let you connect your crypto wallet to the dApp for trading. Therefore, no account creation or ID is necessary.

How to Buy Cardano Without Registration or KYC?

Cryptocurrency exchanges will let you deposit coins and trade without completing a KYC. However, you cannot deposit fiat currency, so you must have crypto in your wallet beforehand. The platforms that let you deposit and trade without a KYC are KuCoin and Binance.

How to Buy Cardano Without Verification?

You may use a DEX to buy Cardano without verification. The best option is PancakeSwap because they have high liquidity and various trading settings. Also, there is no signup process with this decentralized exchange, so no ID verification is needed.

Can You Buy Cardano Offline?

You cannot buy Cardano offline since DEXs, CEXs, brokers, and P2P platforms require an internet connection to trade.

Should You Buy or Sell Cardano?

If you’re undecided if Cardano is a great cryptocurrency, here are some pros and cons:

Why should you buy Cardano?Why should you sell Cardano?
Expert development team working on the project.Cardano’s price is unstable.
Ultra-low fees for transferring coins between wallets.Cardano is still in development, and there is a lot of progress to be made.
Cardano is future-proof and ensures unlimited scalability with quick transfers.Marketing can do a better job of advertising Cardano. They are technologically more advanced than most coins, but the price does not reflect that.
Cardano is open-source.Charles Hoskinson is a controversial figure (One of the Cardano founders), which can have a negative impact on the project.
Using a proof of stake protocol ensures the blockchain cannot be breached by malicious attacks.Most of the circulating supply is in staking protocols, so the price may be inflated due to coins not being used.

Do You Need to Pay Tax on Cardano in the Us?

Yes, you must pay capital gain tax on crypto that you’ve sold and made a profit in the US. The official government page discloses the percentage you will have to pay and the tax parameters. Here’s an example:

  • 10% up to $9,950

  • 12% from $9,951 to $40,525

  • 22% from $40,526 to $86,375

Cardano Price Prediction: What Is the Future of ADA?

Cardano is a popular coin that has experienced significant rallies and huge drops during the bear market. We’ll highlight what can impact the coin’s price and its historical milestones.

What Impacts Cardano Price?

Several factors can impact Cardano’s price, such as:

Demand: The cryptocurrency mainly specializes in smart contracts, so if there is demand for dApps with the coin, it will increase the price. However, low demand for Cardano apps will negatively impact the value.

Marketing: Perhaps the biggest factor is marketing because more potential investors see the coin and buy into it.

Competition: There are many “Ethereum killers” today offering smart contracts and better transaction fees. However, the increase in competition means businesses and people would use alternative coins than Cardano, decreasing the demand.

Regulations: Crypto regulations are becoming stricter, making investing and spending Cardano more difficult.

Market status: How the market is performing plays a huge role. If there is a bear market, we can expect Cardano’s value to be low. On the other hand, if we are in a bull market, then Cardano will rise in price as more investors purchase the coin.

Historical Cardano Course: Major Milestones in the History of Cardano

Cardano has performed extremely well since its creation in 2017. However, the coin hasn’t seen much momentum due to delays and development issues until the 2021 bull run began.

Current Price Prediction News

Here are some price prediction news blogs if you’re interested in how Cardano may perform in the future.

Other Ways to Make Money With Cardano in 2022

Here are different ways you can invest your money with Cardano.

Stake Cardano Using DeFi or CeFi

Cardano is available to stake on Binance through their earning programs. Also, you can use decentralized exchanges that offer staking and liquidity pools.

Buy Cardano Using ETPs (ETFs & ETNs)

Unfortunately, there are not many platforms that offer Cardano ETPs. CoinShares is one of the only sites that issue Cardano ETPs.

Buy and Sell NFTs Using ADA

Cardano has NFT capabilities and currently hosts over 800,000 pieces of art. The top marketplace for Cardano NFTs is CFNT.io.

Buy Stocks and Shares in Companies Owning Cardano

There are no companies that have disclosed if they bought or are holding Cardano. The only recent news is FD7 Ventures have bought $380 million worth of ADA, but they do not have tradable stocks.

Cardano Mining

Cardano cannot be mined because it uses a POS system.

Use Cardano Faucets

Faucets are rewards given by a cryptocurrency exchange for completing easy tasks. The best way to earn cryptos like Cardano is through Coinbase’s earn section.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Similar to Cardano?

Below you’ll find alternative smart contract coins you may want to look into.

CoinSymbolLearn how to buy
EthereumETHBuy Ethereum
TronTRXBuy Tron
AlgorandALGOBuy Algorand
CosmosATOMBuy Cosmos
TezosXTZBuy Tezos

Is It Still Worth Investing in Cardano or Not?

Cardano is definitely worth buying if you want to hold long-term because the coin has an amazing development team, a detailed roadmap, and multiple use-cases. The coin has experienced significant growth during bull runs and is often referred to as the next “Ethereum killer”. Therefore, many consider Cardano a safe investment in the crypto world.


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