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Best Bitcoin Robots

Khashayar Abbasi
Khashayar Abbasi
15th May 2023

Bitcoin (BTC) robots have become one of the most discussed subjects in crypto trading today. They are a good way to invest in Bitcoin because they are easily accessible and have many differing opinions on their efficacy. However, many prefer them to traditional trading.

We have taken the time to review the best Bitcoin robots on the market and have provided relevant information and honest reviews on their profitability, function, usage, pros, and cons, and more to help you understand your options. By the end of this article, you will have discovered if Bitcoin bots are legit or scam in addition to deeply exploring your options.

Best Bitcoin Robots in 2023

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. With the market always open, it all boils down to who has the time and know-how to react quickly to the price changes. The need for round-the-clock monitoring of crypto assets has led to the development of crypto robots. This section reviews the best performing Bitcoin robots in 2023. We have provided a list of the top crypto bots below:

What Is a Bitcoin Robot?

A Bitcoin robot is simply an automated tool or set of programs that have been designed to carry out cryptocurrency trading on behalf of human traders or investors. This is similar to hiring an expert trader to manage your assets and make profits for you, but it is much cheaper and automated.

A Bitcoin robot uses a complex algorithm to analyze the markets, read signals, and place profitable trades based on informed decisions. They have proven to be more effective than humans since they are almost always slightly ahead of the market. Still, investors/traders play a role in picking the buy/sell time for the bots.

How Does a BTC Robot Work?

Robot trading has been in existence in the forex and stock markets for over a decade but it has gained traction in the cryptocurrency market within the last few years. Crypto robots work and operate based on the following elements:

Computer Algorithms:

  • Robo-trading uses sophisticated computer algorithms to analyze market data. APIs could be used to trade a coin strategically.

Market Data Analysis:

  • This module analyzes raw market data from a variety of sources and makes super-fast decisions on the asset’s position even amidst ever so slight price changes.

Trading Signals:

  • The tools here copy trading strategies from renowned experts and use them on the trader’s account in what is termed “social copy trading”.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Through the advanced technologies in AI and Machine Learning, robots can make accurate decisions on many occasions.

Mathematical Formulas:

  • Bitcoin robots also use Formulas from predetermined trading strategies.

Top 5 Bitcoin Robots in 2023

There are tons of Bitcoin robots in the crypto universe. We have hand-picked some of the most popular and best-performing robots for you as seen below:

Bitcoin Code

Visit Bitcoin code

Bitcoin Code is an advanced automated trading software that makes crypto trading easier. Steve McKay, a software developer, developed the bot. It works on both mobile devices and computers and is excellent for those who want to earn passive income from crypto trading online. Bitcoin Code can make thousands of trades every minute and boasts a success rate of 99.4%, making it the highest on the list. Still, users are often advised to monitor their accounts for a minimum of 20 minutes every day.

Although named Bitcoin Code, it also trades altcoins such as ETH, BCH, LTC, Dash, and several others. New traders can hone their skills with a demo account before proceeding to a real one. The bot has a minimum fixed deposit of £250 on its platform, which is compatible with different payment modes. Transactions take place on the broker’s page and there are no hidden charges from profits or commissions from withdrawals. This means that you get to keep everything you earn while trading with the robot.

The bot offers 24/7 customer support and can be used on several exchanges. The registration process is straightforward and the platform is user-friendly, just like Ethereum Code, making it ideal for beginners. With easy withdrawals, no hidden fees, a stop-loss feature, and thousands of users, Bitcoin Code stands out from many other robots.

Also, Bitcoin has an excellent time leap of 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. It has faster trade execution and has a strong verification protocol. Although it does not exactly have dedicated apps and has been surrounded by rumors of scams, the software remains legit and is one of the best out there.

Bitcoin Era

Visit bitcoin era

Bitcoin Era is another sophisticated automatic trading robot recently launched in 2019. The software was built by several Fintech businesses. According to users and developers, the bot trades at milliseconds faster than most of the other algorithms and programs and can support millions of users around the world without any glitch in performance. Its faster market reaction of 0.01 seconds gives its users an edge. Like Bitcoin Code, it trades other coins such as LTC, ETH, EOS, and several altcoins.

The software is free to use and the brokers on the platform are registered and regulated. However, you need to invest a minimum of £250 to use the platform with brokers just as you would find with the popular Bitcoin Evolution robot. Bitcoin Era has an accuracy rate of about 90% and a win rate of about 88%, which is an impressive return on investment.

Bitcoin Era is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and pros, has high profitability, touts a dedicated customer support team, and enables fast payout. Still, the website seems to contain ambiguous information, which could be misleading, and there are many sites with the same name. The presence of both of these items has led to scam rumors.

Although the robot can leverage up to 5,000:1 for huge profits from small position wins, the ultra-high leverage could backfire and lead to losses on trades. But, overall, Bitcoin Era is a great bot option for traders.

Bitcoin Revolution

Visit bitcoin revolution

A team of specialists and software engineers at a financial event founded Bitcoin Revolution in 2015. Like every other trading bot, it uses computer algorithms to predict price movements and carry out trades. It has a faster market reaction of 0.01 seconds, which traders can leverage particularly at the most volatile periods.

Bitcoin Revolution stands out for being able to separate data for technical and fundamental analysis. Users need a minimum deposit of £250 to start trading although the robot itself is free. The platform claims to be the most advanced bot and the first to put AI and blockchain technology together. The robot has a partnership with some of the top-ranking crypto brokers and exchanges available. Another advantage of the platform is its competent 24/7 customer support. However, it is noteworthy that the project seems to be overselling itself. This could raise suspicions among traders.

Bitcoin Lifestyle

Visit bitcoin lifestyle

Some of the most successful crypto traders in history developed the Bitcoin Lifestyle trading robot. The automated software analyzes huge chunks of data to arrive at profitable trades. An API connects the bot to your broker’s trading account to transmit signals to the broker on a continuous basis, thus exhibiting its legitimacy.

The platform claims to have generated millions of dollars for users within two months of its use. However, this has not been proven as the information on the website does seem genuine surrounding this claim. Traders pay a little commission on profits and the minimum deposit is £250. The Bitcoin robot supports ETH, LTE, and EOS. The platform is efficient with withdrawals taking less than 24 hours, great customer support, and the website is user-friendly. A drawback to this robot is that Bitcoin Lifestyle is not available in all countries.

Immediate Edge

Visit immediate edge

Immediate Edge is a UK-based cryptocurrency auto-trading platform. It boasts daily profits which could be as high as £1500. Its trade win rate is a staggering 99% according to the company, although these claims have not been verified. The website is free to use although there is no app for it.

The Immediate Edge team uses a range of market signals, trading charts, pattern recognition techniques, and statistics to carry out trades. Fast withdrawals, multiple payment methods, easy registration, free demo trading, and SSL encryption are some of the pros of Immediate Edge. However, it trades only four cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTE, and EOS) and there is limited information about its founders.

Do Bitcoin Robots Actually Work?

Trading bots react to the market. By collating data, they are able to execute trades. Still, the crypto market is so complex that not everything has been programmed into it. Since the spread between exchanges is relatively flat, inter-exchange arbitrage opportunities have become few and far between.

Most trading bots use an exponential moving average (EMA) to begin market analysis and can be programmed to adjust to certain thresholds based on price changes. Since EMA only works on past performance, there are limits to its future performance predictions. Also, market conditions remain largely unpredictable and volatile. So, while Bitcoin robots work, they do not do so for everybody, and there will always be inherent risks attached to them. There will always be benefits and drawbacks to their use.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Robots

As with almost everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to Bitcoin Robots. The bots work like humans in certain ways and show huge differences in other areas. Therefore, traders need an in-depth understanding of the bots’ unique advantages and disadvantages in order to leverage these tools.

More Efficient _ Bitcoin bots can process and handle much larger data and make plausible inferences than is seen with human traders. Also, delays and human errors are less likely to occur as these bots can work 24/7.
More Profits _ As long as a robot has the correct data and works on suitable algorithms, you have a better chance of making profits from your asset trades because of its efficiency and lack of emotions.
No Emotions _ Every decision made by a crypto trading robot is informed, which is not something that is always seen in humans due to sentiments such as greed, fear, and uncertainty.
Simple to Use _ Using a bot is easier than manual trading. Traders have customer support and all they need to do most times is make a deposit and leave the rest to the system.
Faster _ Bitcoin robots are fully automated, which makes them faster than manual processes such as trade analysis, account registration and verification, and withdrawals. They can track multiple exchanges and execute trades within seconds.
Accurate Trades _ Top Bitcoin robots could boast of trade accuracy as high as 99%. This means that they can hardly place losing trades.
Automated System _ While this can be viewed as an advantage, it becomes a problem in a highly unpredictable market, which often happens. Also, a trading bot with a poor algorithm could lead to losses due to programming errors.
Costs Money _ Many Bitcoin robots are free, but some others are not. Also, traders might find themselves paying fees on profits and withdrawals.
Expert Handling _ Bitcoin robots could be complicated for those who do not understand them. Although they facilitate trades and make profits easier to come by, this does not replace the need for traders to understand the market, do their own research, and have a good investment plan.
Not 100% Accurate _ Bitcoin bots are not 100% perfect, so even when everything seems to be going right, there is always that risk of experiencing capital losses.
Associated Scams _ Though many Bitcoin bots are legit, there are clones all over the internet trying to scam people out of their hard-earned money. Users must have a deep knowledge of the website and utilize caution when using any bot.

Are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Bitcoin trading bots can be very profitable when used correctly. However, they still carry inherent risks and not all of them are profitable. Knowing the profit margins would help you understand what to expect from trades.

How Much Can I Expect to Make With a Bitcoin Robot?

There are different cryptocurrency bots with unique trading strategies embedded in them. Thus, expectations differ across the different bot types. According to our review, Bitcoin Code has the highest profitability of about 99.4%, which could translate to thousands of dollars made on trades.

Are Bitcoin Robots a Scam or Legit?

Opinions have remained divided on the legitimacy of Bitcoin robots. We will explore the reasons and truth behind each claim.

Are Bitcoin Robots Legit?

Many popular bots are fully legit and were designed to increase the potential of crypto trading. However, as with most other industries, the opportunity has been plagued by Bitcoin robot scams. Therefore, users must exercise a great deal of caution when using them.

Bitcoin robots are not a get-rich-quick scheme and profits might take time to come. Overall, the concept behind Bitcoin robots is legitimate but comes with a great deal of risk. Before investing in any robot, ensure that you have done your own research properly.

Are There Any Risks With Bitcoin Robots?

Crypto trading is risky regardless of the robot. This is mostly due to the volatility of the market. When it comes to Bitcoin bots, there are significant risks associated with them. Some of these risks are attributable to the trader’s level of knowledge.

For example, forgetting to set limits or monitor the robot, not doing enough research before entering the market, entering the wrong website, etc. Also, it could be due to scam brands and fake celebrity endorsements.

Which Bitcoin Robot Is Right for Me?

With plenty of information all over the internet, it could be hard to determine the Bitcoin bot that is best for you. This often depends on your capital, level of experience, and objectives. Based on the costs and fees, features and trading tools available, deposit/withdrawal methods, deposits or withdrawal limits, and portfolio, any of the Bitcoin robots that we have reviewed in this article could be right for you.

How to Get Started and Trade on a Bitcoin Robot

Signing up on Bitcoin bots is straightforward and is generally the same across all bots. We have highlighted the step-by-step process from registration to withdrawal:

Step 1: Go to the Website
Step 2: Fill in the Sign-up Form
Step 3: Start Your Demo Trading
Step 4: Start Live Trading With Real Money Whenever You are Ready


Bitcoin robots are a legitimate concept. However, some are not worth your time and money, and others seem to be scams. In the course of this review, we have highlighted the best Bitcoin robots having put our time, efforts, and resources into creating a comprehensive and unbiased review.

We have explained how Bitcoin robots work, their pros and cons, risks, trade patterns, and how to get started on any of them. The overall best of these top-performing robots is Bitcoin Code due to its 99.4% success rate. However, you are free to choose any of the other Bitcoin robots that we have reviewed. Trading your coins with a robot has never been easier. Sign up today.


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