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Crypto Code Review 2023

Khashayar Abbasi
Khashayar Abbasi
15th May 2023
We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centres. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and we do not work with the service mentioned directly, our partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

What Is Crypto Code?

As earlier mentioned, Crypto Code is a cryptocurrency automation tool that helps you find the best price regions for different crypto assets. It is also exciting to note that the software is one of the few that was developed out of passion. However, apart from Crypto Code, there are many cryptocurrency robots.

According to the information on the website, the software was developed because its founders wanted to make cryptocurrency trading simpler for everyone. With the functionalities that it offers, Crypto Code allows you to generate trading signals and execute your trades in real-time.

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Crypto Code Overview

🤖 Robot Type:Bitcoin Robot
💸 Minimum Deposit:$250
✅ Is It a Scam or Legit?Legit
🚀 Claimed Win Rate:98%
💰 Trading Fees:None
💰 Account Fees:None
💰 Deposit/Withdrawal Fees:None
💰 Software cost:Free
⌛ Withdrawal Timeframe:24 Hours
💱 Supported Cryptocurrencies:ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, XRP
💲 Supported Fiats:USD, GBP, EUR
📱 Native Mobile App:No
🖥️ Free Demo Account:Yes
🎧 Customer Support:Online Form
✅ Verification required:KYC
🔁 Automated Trading:Yes
📈 CFD AvailableYes
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Pros & Cons of Using Crypto Code

Intuitive user interface
Crypto-centric trading options
Compatible with different Operating Systems
No usage fees
Software customization options
Doesn’t have a mobile app
Some countries are restricted

Crypto Code Markets, Assets, and Options

What assets and products can you trade using Crypto Code?

This automated trading software is purely a cryptocurrency-centric trading tool. This means that you cannot use it for anything other than to automate the trading of different crypto assets.

Notable among the tradable crypto assets are Bitcoin, DASH, Ripple (XRP), and Ethereum.

Although it concentrates on crypto, the automated trading software mentioned on its website explains that it accepts other kinds of financial assets for automated trading. These include the Swiss Franc (CHF), the United States Dollar (USD), and Euro (EUR).

What leverage trading options are there with Crypto Code?

You can only find leverage trading options on the cryptocurrency exchanges and fiat brokers working with the software.

Leverage trading doesn’t always make huge profits. You might risk losing most of your funds because the process is risky.

What are the spreads on Crypto Code?

There was no mention of spreads on the software’s website.

However, if you want to know more, take a look at our guides to:

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Fees, Limits, and Payment Options on Crypto Code

How much does Crypto Code cost?

The best part of Crypto Code is that it is a free cryptocurrency trading automation tool. You can be sure of 100% usage without paying a dollar.

There are no hidden charges or maintenance fees, withdrawal costs, or charges for deposits. You will not be required to make monthly payments because the software is yet to introduce any services apart from the one it currently offers.

What are the payment methods accepted by Crypto Code?

Fund your trading account with ease and withdraw your earnings without hassles – thanks to the flexible payment options offered by the software.

You have an array of options to choose from. This cuts across cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to credit and debit cards like MasterCard and VISA. You can also add money to your account with Quickteller and PayPal.

Does Crypto Code charge fees and commissions?

The software doesn’t expect its users to pay a fee. Since it is designated as free, you can start using it right away after signing up.

However, it is important to note that the zero commissions claimed for withdrawals might not apply. The brokers or cryptocurrency exchanges are likely to charge a certain percentage for allowing you to withdraw your earnings from the platform to Crypto Code.

Keep this in mind when interacting with those exchanges or brokers.

Crypto Code trade sizes and limits

There is neither a limit to how much you can earn nor the number of trades you can automate with the software.

The minimum amount to deposit is $250.

Crypto Code’s Platform

How does Crypto Code work?

This is an easy-to-use trading software that does all the work for you. At most, you will spend a maximum of 20 minutes per day. This time is just for you to check the recent trading activities and see if there is any need to modify the software for better functionalities.

What device can I use Crypto Code on?

Crypto Code claims to be a cryptocurrency trading app, but that isn’t true. The software doesn’t have a mobile application at this time. It would be erroneous to classify Crypto Code as an app.

However, it does have multiple compatibilities that allow the users to leverage the software anywhere they go. You can use the software directly on its website via several devices, such as mobile devices and desktops.

What exchanges and brokers does Crypto Code partner with?

The cryptocurrency robot claims to work with some of the most “highly respected and reputable brokers,” but no names are mentioned. It would be great if the software made public the names of its vetted and partnered brokers so that users can independently research them.

That notwithstanding, the software ensures that it only collaborates with the best brokers. Higher considerations are given to brokers that support seamless integration. This is important because it allows the software to transfer the aggregated market data to the broker’s platform.

The other consideration is the broker’s security protocols. This is required to protect both the information and the funds of the users.

Can I use Crypto Code in my country?

It is unclear which countries Crypto Code is available in because this information is not available on its website.

You have to confirm if your country allows cryptocurrency trades. This is important because some countries don’t permit their residents to trade crypto. If your country permits it, you can then contact Crypto Code support to find out the availability of the software in your country.

Is Crypto Code available in my language?

Only two languages are currently supported by the software. These languages are English and German.

How easy is it to use Crypto Code?

Crypto Code is easy to use. At most, you will spend 20 minutes a day modifying it, taking your profits, and watching the trade happen live.

Other than that, the entire process has been automated. With the click of a button, you will trigger a system that will reportedly continually make fewer losses and higher gains every day – all from trading crypto.

Crypto Code Key Features

You can not only automate your crypto trades via Crypto Code, but the application also offers a wide selection of features that make the software unique.

These unique features include:

Responsive Interface

This is one of the key features that cryptocurrency traders look for in a trading platform. It doesn’t matter if the platform is automated or not, an intuitive interface helps traders to navigate the market with ease.

For Crypto Code, the responsiveness of its interface is one of the unique factors that set it apart from the other cryptocurrency trading robots. The web-based feature allows users to access the software using a wide range of devices.

We are pleased with the responsiveness and friendliness of the interface. The important tools are located in easy to find places, making the navigation a breeze.

The interface of this software is also accentuated by the inclusion of SmartTouch technology. This is a technological feature that bolsters the speed of executing trades. With this added speed, traders can now set up the system quickly and get to other important things while the software works in automation.

Appropriate Security Measures

The security of the users is said to be prioritized in Crypto Code. Because of this, users can take full advantage of all that the software offers. These security measures include data encryption. Crypto Code also claims to have hired the services of reputable cybersecurity experts to offer both tips and working products to further safeguard the platform and its users.

The other security measure taken by the software is the full vetting of the brokers, with the aim of working with the best in the market. The selected brokers have built trust with Crypto Code to handle the automated trades on behalf of its users.

Continuous Trading

There is never a break with Crypto Code. The software reportedly continues to find better trading opportunities, executing them in real-time with the aim of helping you make higher profits from the crypto market.

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Crypto Code Security & Regulation

Is Crypto Code legit?

Yes, this is said to be one of the most legitimate cryptocurrency trading robots on the market. The auto trading software also partners with some of the best brokers in the market.

Is Crypto Code safe?

Regulation of the crypto market is designed to make it safe. Similarly, Crypto Code seems to take the safety of the users seriously by rolling out a wide range of security features to protect the users.

Is my money protected with Crypto Code? Am I protected?

Crypto Code doesn’t protect your money or trading capital. What it does is automate trades on your behalf, reportedly helping you find the best trading opportunities, and protect the information you share on the platform.

The strategic collaboration with reputable brokers is aimed at using the advanced security apparatuses of those brokers to protect the users’ funds.

Is Crypto Code regulated?

No, the software is not yet regulated and it doesn’t mention why. However, it does partner with regulated brokers to serve its clients.

Do I have to verify my account with Crypto Code?

Yes, there is a fast account verification process on Crypto Code. All you have to do is to provide your accurate information (name, email address, and telephone number), as well as your payment details.

The process is straightforward and can be completed in a few minutes. Then you can use your Crypto Code login.

Extra Information about Crypto Code

Educational Resources

Crypto Code doesn’t offer educational resources.

Tools and Charting

The brokers and exchanges partnering with Crypto Code offer powerful trading tools to assist you.

Customer Support

The customer service department is always willing to help you. They can be reached via the support or Contact Us page on the website.

Start Trading

Get Started With Crypto Code In Just 3 Steps

Kick-off your automated cryptocurrency trading journey with these simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Register Your Account

Create your account with your basic information. Ensure that the information is genuine because it will help speed up your profile verification process. Then use your Crypto Code login.

  • Step 2 - Invest Your Money

Make a minimum deposit of $250 and start trading your favorite cryptocurrencies on automation. You can also use the demo trading option to familiarize yourself with the process before you use your trading capital.

  • Step 3 - Take Your Profits

You are now free to take the profits you made from the trades. Of course, you can always replicate the previous process and make more profits. If you are looking at building wealth, consider reinvesting your profits so they will accumulate to massive gains.

Is there a Crypto Code alternative?

Yes, there are many more crypto robots available. If you don't want to use Crypto Code, check out some of our other reviews:

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Crypto Code Review. Final Conclusion

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. These currencies make life easier for everyone and can make thousands of people financially independent. Leveraging or using the services of automated trading systems as Crypto Code could help you participate fully in the crypto market. Do your own research before getting started, however, and make sure to only trade with money you are willing to lose.

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