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Best Cryptocurrencies In 2022 - Best Coins to Invest In

Last updated 22nd Sep 2022

Which Cryptocurrencies Are The Best And Trending Right Now, This Week?

The cryptocurrency market has been a rollercoaster for the past week. Let’s take a look at the top-performing coins.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
BitcoinBTC$822 Billion21 MillionYesYes
EthereumETH$396 BillionUncappedYesYes
DogecoinDOGE$20.5 BillionUncappedYesYes

These coins were selected for gaining the most value in the past 7 days.

Overall Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In By Type:

Cryptocurrencies are designed to fit various applications in the crypto market, below you’ll find the best option for each category.

  • Best Store Of Value Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Holds The Most Market Enthusiasm: Ethereum (ETH)

  • Most Promising Layer 2 Token: Polygon (MATIC)

  • Best Decentralized Application: Sushi (SUSHI)

  • Best Hedge Against Eth: Cardano (ADA)

  • Best Alternative To Ethereum: Solana (SOL)

  • Highest Growth Potential: Chainlink (LINK)

The 10 Largest Cryptocurrencies By Market Capitalization In 2022

Now let's take a look at the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. This is an important statistic since the top coins are considered safe investment opportunities.

#Coin NameCoin TypeMarket Cap.
1BitcoinStore of value$821.2 Billion
2EthereumSmart contract coin$396.9 Billion
3TetherStable coin$82.5 Billion
4BNBSmart contract coin$70.5 Billion
5USD CoinStable coin$51 Billion
6SolanaUtility$37.8 Billion
7RipplePayment System$37 Billion
8CardanoSmart contract coin$35.9 Billion
9TerraUtility$34.2 Billion
10PolkadotSmart contract coin$24.3 Billion


  • Bitcoin is the digital version of gold. It’s used as an investment asset for individuals and institutions rather than a payment system. It’s the perfect investment choice due to how well it has performed historically. You can purchase this coin with a professional broker service like eToro.


  • Ethereum is the largest smart contract coin by market capitalization. Due to ETH 2.0 set to release in 2022, many expect the coin to gain significant value. However, the upgrade has been delayed numerous times, so expect to hold long term if you buy. If you are interested in ETH, eToro has a great fee structure for acquiring coins.


  • Tether is a stable coin that will always remain at $1.00. The coin is not an investment asset but is great to hold for transferring funds between exchanges. Also, you can stake the coin to earn passive income. Buy now on eToro.


  • BNB is Binance's native coin that has smart contract functionality. The coin is excellent to hold long-term due to the many applications built on the chain, and it provides a 25% discount when trading on the exchange. Buy now on eToro.

USD Coin

  • USD Coin (USDC) is a stable coin created by Coinbase. Like Tether, its main purpose is to allow traders to purchase cryptocurrency without needing to convert to fiat currency. You can buy the coin now on eToro.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Hold Long Term - HODL

HODling is an excellent investment strategy due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. Here are some great coins that many predict have a long future.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1BitcoinBitcoin is viewed as digital gold due to the store value it holds. It’s considered one of the safest assets to hold since many investors and institutions buy the coin.
2EthereumEthereum is the largest smart contract coin with thousands of applications built on it. It can be used for utility, store value, and as a payment method.
3PolkadotPolkadot uses a unique sharding system that lets it connect multiple blockchains that would be incompatible. Polkadot also has smart contracts, allowing developers to build powerful applications on the blockchain.
4ChainlinkChainlink allows off-computer data to be transferred on the blockchain securely with oracles. The cryptocurrency also has hybrid smart contracts.
5SingularityNetSingularityNet has built a marketplace for advanced AI systems and algorithms. The project’s team aims to create the first artificial general intelligence (AGI).

These cryptocurrencies were selected due to the team’s ambitions and the groundbreaking technologies they expect to create. Many of these coins have not reached their full potential and are expected to grow significantly in the future.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Trade

When trading, you’ll want to use coins that are volatile throughout the day. Below you’ll find some excellent options for your trading needs.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1CronosCronos is the official Crypto.com cryptocurrency. The native coin powers all the services offered by the exchange platform.
2BitcoinBitcoin is the first and largest cryptocurrency created. It’s mostly used as an investment asset due to the store value it holds.
3TerraTerra is a utility coin that uses advanced algorithms to keep the UST coin stable at $1.00.
4PolygonPolygon is a layer 2 cryptocurrency providing ultra-fast and cheap transfers.
5ChainlinkChainlink uses oracles and hybrid smart contracts to transfer data efficiently to their blockchain.

These coins were selected due to their established technologies, transparent team, and volatility.

Best Cryptocurrencies For Day Trading

Day trading is done best when the coin you are buying swings in value heavily throughout the day.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1BitcoinBitcoin is a volatile cryptocurrency that swings in price regularly, making it perfect for day trading. The coin is mostly used as an investment asset rather than a payment method.
2EthereumEther is the largest smart contract cryptocurrency that is used primarily for applications and payments.
3BNBBinance has created its own blockchain to synergize with its exchange platform. The coin has multiple applications built on its blockchain and provides a 25% discount on day trading activities.
4The GraphThe Graph is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum. To put it simply, the coin is used to make data easily accessible across blockchains.
5DogecoinDogecoin is a meme coin that gained popularity in 2021. It has a first movers advantage making it the least risky meme coin to day trade.

These cryptocurrencies are perfect for day trading activities because of their high liquidity, daily trade volume, and volatility.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Swing Trade

Swing trading is perfect with coins that dip heavily during crashes and recover gradually. Therefore, you should purchase coins with a strong community or strong fundamentals to ensure the price will swing back up.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1BitcoinBitcoin has a massive market cap that swings daily, perfect for various trading strategies. The coin is primarily used to hold value and is often compared to gold.
2DogecoinDOGE is a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has no significant technologies but serves the purpose of being a fun community coin.
3EthereumEthereum is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. It’s a blockchain with a programming language that allows developers to build various applications.
4SolanaSolana is a centralized smart contract cryptocurrency. It was created to be a significant competitor of Ethereum with faster transaction times and lower costs.
5BNBBNB is used as a smart contract and utility coin. Traders can hold the token to reduce all fees by 25%.

These coins have been selected due to their large market cap, big price swings during dips, and future potential.

Best Cryptocurrencies For A Beginner

Those new to crypto should invest in coins that are almost guaranteed to succeed to minimize risk.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1BitcoinBitcoin is excellent for beginners since it’s mostly used as a store value. Nowadays, the coin is an investment asset by institutions and investors.
2EthereumEthereum provides developers with smart contract functions, allowing them to build advanced programs. Also, it can be used as a payment method.
3BNBBNB is Binance’s native coin that is often used to reduce trading fees. Also, it has smart contract features, like Ethereum.
4CardanoCardano is a proof-of-stake open-source blockchain platform with smart contract functionality.
5PolkadotPolkadot provides interconnectivity and interoperability between blockchains by enabling independent chains to exchange information securely.

These cryptocurrencies are perfect for newbies because they are established coins with great future potential.

Top Cryptocurrencies In Recent Years - Most Notable Coins

The cryptocurrencies mentioned below have performed well during previous bull runs, cementing their place in crypto history.

Coin NameYearCoin Description
Bitcoin2017Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that uses a peer-to-peer network. Today, its most common use is as an investment asset.
Tether2018Tether is a stable coin used to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies without the need to convert to fiat currency.
Ripple2019Ripple is a global payment solution mainly used by banks. It allows cheap cross-border transactions for large amounts of money.
Polkadot2020Polkadot is a decentralized Web 3.0 token that aims to interconnect blockchains. The cryptocurrency also features smart contract functionality.
Dogecoin2021Dogecoin is a meme token that can be a risky investment asset. Originally it was made as a joke but has become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market.

Best Alternatives to Bitcoin - Best Cryptocurrencies On The Rise

If you’re looking for an alternative investment to Bitcoin, here are some brilliant options.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1CosmosCosmos aims to scale and interoperate blockchains. The team’s goal is to “Create an Internet of Blockchains, a network able to communicate with each other in a decentralized way.
2LitecoinLitecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was an early Bitcoin spin-off.
3TerraTerra is a cryptocurrency that governs the UST stable coin by keeping its value at $1.00
4CronosCronos is the native token of Crypto.com. It’s used to pay for many services offered by the platform.
5AlgorandAlgorand is a cryptocurrency intending to solve the blockchain trilemma. It supports smart contracts, payments, and a unique wallet.

These coins have been on the rise recently for either implementing new technologies or being newly released. They have solid foundations, making them great alternative investment options to Bitcoin.

Should Investors Invest In New Cryptocurrencies?

Buying new cryptocurrencies is risky due to the uncertainty if investors and institutions adopt the coin. Before purchasing a newly developed coin, you should do your research. For example, check the team’s credentials, the problem it aims to solve, and tokenomics.

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies With Small Market Cap

Small market cap coins have low daily volume and small valuations. The benefit of purchasing these cryptocurrencies is their potential growth.

#Coin NameCoin TypeMarket Cap
1SingularityNetArtificial Intelligence$152.7 Million
21inch NetworkExchange Token$681.6 Million
3Immutable XLayer 2$511.6 Million
4SynthetixDeFi Token$607.3 Million
5Ocean ProtocolData Storage$342.1 Million
6NanoPayment Method$337.1 Million
7Yearn.FinanceDeFi Token$762.7 Million
8SingularityDAODeFi Token$62.8 Million
9NuNetUtility$2.7 Million
10Lucky BlockUtility$102.5 Million

These coins were selected due to the problems they aim to solve in the crypto industry. They have massive room for growth, making them perfect investment options.

Best Cryptocurrencies Under $1

Here are the top cryptocurrencies valued at under $1.00.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1RippleRipple is a global payment system mainly used by banks for low fees on large transactions.
2CronosCronos is used to pay for services on the Crypto.com platform.
3DogecoinDogecoin is a meme coin used as an investment asset
4AlgorandAlgorand is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve the blockchain trilemma - Decentralized, Scalable, and Secure.
5ZilliqaZilliqa allows developers to create user-friendly dApps without needing significant programming skills.

They have been selected for their blockchain technologies, which provide fast transfer times, smart contracts, and communities.

Best Cryptocurrencies Under 10 Cents

Below are the best cryptocurrencies priced under $0.10.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1HarmonyONE is used for all transactions on the Harmony blockchain, such as mining rewards, gas fees, transfer fees, and voting.
2VeChainVeChain is used for asset management for logistics companies.
3NEMNew Economy Movement is a cryptocurrency used to manage assets and data inexpensively.
4AmpAmp is an Ethereum token used to collateralize payments on the Flexa Network, making them instant and secure.
5AnkrAnkr provides a Web 3.0 infrastructure and cross-chain staking for DeFi assets.

Most of these coins have small market caps, resulting in a sub $0.10 value for each coin. They have been selected for their potential growth and the unique problems they aim to solve.

Best Cryptocurrencies Under 1 Cent

The under $0.01 category features some interesting coins that provide various services.

#Coin NameCoin Description
1Shiba InuShiba Inu is a meme coin inspired by Dogecoin. It has no value other than holding and waiting for meme coins to trend.
2BitTorrent-NewBitTorrent-New is a file sharing and torrent platform. It allows users to share data in a decentralized manner.
3DentDent is a revolutionary digital mobile operator offering eSIM cards and mobile plans.
4ReefReef is a smart contract blockchain with backward compatibility with EVM and Solidity. The project is designed to make DeFi, NFTs, and gaming easy for blockchain enthusiasts.
5TelcoinTelcoin provides low-cost and high-quality financial products for mobile users worldwide.

These cryptocurrencies have been selected for providing usable services globally. Also, they have active communities on various social media platforms adding legitimacy to their projects.

What Types Of New Cryptocurrencies Are There?

The cryptocurrency marketplace features various coins that have different functionalities. Let’s go over them in more detail.

Crypto Coins Vs. Tokens

Crypto coins are digital versions of money that can be used as a payment method, while tokens can be composed of assets. You can purchase tokens with crypto coins, and in most cases, tokens are valued higher. For example, a company’s share token can be bought with crypto.

What Are Altcoins?

Altcoins are any coin other than Bitcoin. BTC is the original cryptocurrency, making every other coin created an “alternative” option.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There?

It’s difficult to say the exact amount of how many cryptocurrencies there are since anybody can create a new coin overnight. A rough estimate made by experts is over 18,000. However, the number is likely to increase since many platforms allow you to create a coin for a cheap fee.

Why Are There So Many Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to provide specific services. For example, Ethereum allows developers to build various applications, while XRP is used for global payments. Specializing in a product or service allows the underlying blockchain technology to be more efficient in the task. That’s why we don’t see a jack of all trades in cryptocurrency because it’s better to be excellent in one sector than to be average in all.

Best Cryptocurrencies & Tokens By Category

Cryptocurrencies can be put in multiple categories based on the service they provide. Let’s dive into the top DeFi, CeFi, meme coins, and more.

Top Defi Tokens - Best For Decentralized Financial Services

DeFi cryptocurrencies represent a diverse set of coins used to automate decentralized platforms by using smart contracts.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
AaveAAVE$2.5 Billion16 MillionYesYes
CosmosATOM$7.8 BillionUncappedYesYes
Yearn.FinanceYFI$764.1 Million36,666YesYes
SushiSwapSUSHI$458.9 Million250 MillionYesYes
UniswapUNI$7.1 Billion1 BillionYesYes

Top Cefi Tokens - Best For Centralized Financial Services

CeFi cryptocurrencies are owned and controlled by a corporation that provides financial services.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
RippleXRP$36.9 Billion100 BillionYesNo
QuantQNT$1.5 BillionUncappedYesNo
BNBBNB$70.4 BillionUncappedYesNo
CronosCRO$11.4 Billion30.2 BillionYesNo
FTX TokenFTT$6.3 Billion352 MillionYesNo

Top Meme Coins - Best For Fun & Community Support

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that were created as a joke, but they often gain value and popularity from the communities that develop.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
DogecoinDOGE$20.6 BillionUncappedYesYes
Shiba InuSHIB$13.8 BillionUncappedYesYes
Dogelon MarsELON$502.9 MillionUncappedYesYes
SafeMoonSAFEMOON$105.6 Million1 QuadrillionYesYes
DogeBonkDOBO$23.8 Million1 QuadtrillionYesYes

Top Stablecoins - Best For Value Exchange

Stablecoins were made to prevent the need to exchange tokens for fiat currency when transferring money between exchanges. Their value always stays at $1.00 no matter their market cap.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
TerraUSDUST$16.7 BillionUncappedYesYes
USD CoinUSDC$51 BillionUncappedYesNo
TetherUSDT$82.5 BillionUncappedYesNo
Binance USDBUSD$17.9 BillionUncappedYesNo
DaiDAI$9.4 BillionUncappedYesNo

Top NFTs & Collectible Tokens - Best For Collectibles

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a technology that allows data to be stored on the blockchain. Each data point has unique verification allowing companies to store unique tickets, art, and collectibles on the blockchain.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
DecentralandMANA$4.3 BillionUncappedYesYes
The SandboxSAND$3.4 Billion3 BillionYesYes
Axie InfinityAXS$3.1 Billion270 MillionYesNo
Theta NetworkTHETA$3.5 Billion1 BillionYesYes
TezosXTZ$2.9 BillionUncappedYesYes

Top Layer 2 Crypto Coins - Best For Low-Fee Transactions And Speed

Layer 1 cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are optimized for decentralization and maximum security. However, layer 2 coins are built on the existing framework of these blockchains, allowing much faster and cheaper transactions.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
LRC LoopringLRC$1.3 Billion1.3 BillionYesYes
PolygonMATIC$11.5 Billion10 BillionYesYes
OMG NetworkOMG$688 Million140 MillionYesYes
Skale NetworkSKL$748 Million7 BillionYesYes
ZRX0x$662 Million1 BillionYesYes

Top Privacy Tokens - Best For For Anonymity

Privacy tokens are cryptocurrencies that obscure transactions on the blockchain to maintain full anonymity.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
MoneroXMR$4.4 BillionUncappedYesYes
ZcashZEC$2.3 Billion21 MillionYesYes
Oasis NetworkROSE$921.6 Million10 BillionYesYes
SecretSCRT$875 MillionUncappedYesYes
DecredDCR$831 Million21 MillionYesYes

Top Smart Contract Cryptocurrencies

Smart contract coins are cryptocurrencies that allow programs to be stored on the blockchain and run when specific conditions are met. Typically, they are used to automate applications like a decentralized exchange.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
EthereumETH$396.5 BillionUncappedYesYes
BNBBNB$70.8 BillionUncappedYesYes
CardanoADA$35.9 Billion45 BillionYesYes
PolkadotDOT$24.3 BillionUncappedYesYes
ZilliqaZIL$1.5 Billion21 BillionYesYes

Top Dao Tokens - Best For New Adventures

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to move investment funds and data efficiently.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
UniswapUNI$7 Billion1 BillionYesYes
AaveAAVE$2.5 Billion16 MillionYesYes
Curve DAOCRV$1.2 BillionUncappedYesYes
SingularityDAOSDAO$63.3 Billion100 MillionYesYes
SynthetixSNX$607 MillionUncappedYesYes

Top Storage Tokens - Best For Data Storage

Storage coins are used by individuals or businesses to deposit data into the chain for personal use and protection. The payment method of this service is usually with the native cryptocurrency.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
FilecoinFIL$4.1 BillionUncappedYesYes
BitTorrent NewBTT$1.8 BillionUncappedYesYes
Ocean ProtocolOcean$343 Million1.4 BillionYesYes
StorjSTORJ$450 MillionUncappedYesYes
ArweaveAR$1.1 Billion66 MillionYesYes

Top Cryptocurrencies to Avoid (A.K.A Shitcoins)

These coins you’ll want to avoid at all costs since they are considered “Shitcoins”. The name is accurate as these cryptocurrencies have no real value other than being pump and dump schemes.

#Coin NameReason to avoid
1SafeMoonSafeMoon aims to deliver a lot on its website. However, it’s a pump and dumb token that relies on trends to gain value.
2Dogelon MarsDogelon Mars is trying to capitalize on meme tokens gaining popularity. The coin has no real-world value and is a basic pump and dump scam.
3FlokiFloki is an ERC-20 token named after Elon Musk’s dog. They claim the token is a movement, not a meme token. However, there is no evidence to support this.
4ApeCoinApeCoin is a new token released by the famous NFT community Bored Ape Yacht Club. The reason to avoid these types of coins is they gain huge value quickly but fall significantly when experiencing a small dip.
5Fringe FinanceFringe Finance, previously known as Bonded Finance, is a token that aims to tap into the dormant 50 billion altcoin market that has no use anymore. The team keeps failing on their deadlines, leaving many holders nervous if they can create a functioning platform.

Top Blockchain Ecosystem Protocols - Best For Crypto Enthusiasts

Blockchain ecosystem protocols refer to a network of participants that share business objectives and relationships. The coins are excellent for transferring business value efficiently.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
XDC NetworkXDC$706 MillionUncappedYesYes
EthereumETH$396 BillionUncappedYesYes
StellarXLM$5.1 Billion50 BillionYesYes
TezosXTZ$2.9 BillionUncappedYesYes
TronTRX$6.5 BillionUncappedYesYes

Best Cryptocurrencies to Stake - Top Coins for Passive Income

Staking is an excellent method of earning passive income on your investments. By staking, you validate transactions, help the network, and receive a percentage reward. Below you’ll find the best and safest cryptocurrencies to stake.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
EthereumETH$396 BillionUncappedYesYes
CosmosATOM$7.8 BillionUncappedYesYes
CardanoADA$35.9 Billion45 BillionYesYes
PolkadotDOT$24.3 BillionUncappedYesYes
TerraUSDUST$16.7 BillionUncappedYesYes

Best Web 3.0 projects, Coins, and Tokens

Web 3.0 is the next evolution of the internet. It aims to connect human civilization on a much larger scale with decentralization. Cryptocurrency plays a significant role in this next era as the global payment system.

EcosystemTokenMarket Cap.Best for
EthereumETH$396 BillionOverall Best Web 3.0 ecosystem
UniswapUNI$7 BillionOne of the best for Decentralized trading
Basic Attention TokenBAT$1.1 BillionOne of the best for privacy and marketing
ChainlinkLINK$7.4 BillionOne of the best connecting projects
DecentralandMANA$4.3 BillionOne of the unicorns in metaverse
Yearn.FinanceYFI$761 MillionBest in the lending space
CosmosATOM$7.8 BillionBest for connecting cryptocurrency projects together
The GraphGRT$1.9 BillionBest for indexing blockchain projects a.k.a the Google of Web 3.0
TronTRX$6.5 BillionOne of the best for content creators
SolanaSOL$37.8 BillionOne of the most cost-effective and fast networks
BNBBNB$70.7 BillionOne of the biggest ecosystems of Web 3.0

Best Cryptocurrencies For Mining

Crypto mining can be a very profitable venture if you select the right coin. Below is a list of the easiest coins to set up for mining.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
LitecoinLTC$8 Billion84 MillionYesYes
MoneroXRM$4.4 BillionUncappedYesYes
EthereumETH$396 BillionUncappedYesYes
BitcoinBTC$824 Billion21 MillionYesYes
RavencoinRVN$633 Million21 BillionYesYes

Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine With GPU

Most cryptocurrencies are mined with a GPU due to their ability to mine faster and more efficiently. Take a look at the top cryptos that are best mined with a GPU setup.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
BitcoinBTC$824 Billion21 MillionYesYes
EthereumETH$396 BillionUncappedYesYes
MoneroXMR$4.4 BillionUncappedYesYes

Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine On CPU

Typically, you want to avoid using a CPU to mine because it’s inefficient and wears down faster. Due to the less computing power, you’ll want to mine coins with easier equations to solve.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
DogecoinDOGE$29.6 BillionUncappedYesYes
ZcashZEC$2.4 Billion21 MillionYesYes
Haven ProtocolXHV$109 MillionUncappedYesYes

Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine On Laptop

To mine on a laptop, you’ll need either a powerful GPU or CPU to generate the most profit. Since these smart devices have less power, you’ll want to select a cryptocurrency that is easy to mine.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
Ethereum ClassicETC$5.6 Billion210.7 MillionYesYes
DogecoinDOGE$20.6 BIllionUncappedYesYes
Shiba InuSHIB$13.8 BillionUncappedYesYes

Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine With Nvidia Card

Nvidia cards are the best option for mining cryptocurrencies due to their powerful cores and processing speed. Below are the best coins to mine with an Nvidia card.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
BitcoinBTC$824 Billion21 MillionYesYes
EthereumETH$396 BillionUncappedYesYes
MoneroXMR$4.4 BillionUncappedYesYes

Are There Any More Types of Cryptocurrencies?

Unfortunately, these coins didn’t make it into the other categories but are worth researching. They have excellent tokenomics, trustworthy teams, and huge followings.

Coin NameCoin SymbolMarket Cap.Max SupplyMinableDecentralized
AvalancheAVAX$22.8 BillionUncappedYesYes
HederaHBAR$4.2 Billion50 BillionYesYes
FantomFTM$3.3 Billion3.175 BillionYesYes
HeliumHNT$2.6 Billion223 MillionYesYes
DashDASH$1.2 Billion18.9 MillionYesYes

If I had $1,000 to Invest In Cryptocurrency

If you had $1,000 to invest in cryptocurrency you should diversify your portfolio between multiple categories:

Stable Coins:

  • Although they will not gain value, you can stake them to earn passive income.

Blue Chip Coins:

  • Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are considered blue-chip coins because they are expected to always gain value in the long-term future.

Web 3.0 Tokens:

  • The next era of the internet will rely on multiple Web 3.0 tokens like SingularityNet, Chainlink, and Filecoin for their services.

Layer 2:

  • These coins make the parent blockchain much faster and cheaper. Also, they provide utility for millions of users.

Therefore, if you have $1,000 to spend, I recommend diversifying between these types of coins. The amount you put in each category depends on the risk you want to take on. The safest option is to put your money into Ethereum and Bitcoin, but the profits will be much smaller compared to other altcoins.

Best Cryptocurrencies That Will Go to The Moon According to Reddit

Coin NameReddit Community Name# of Subscribers

Best Cryptocurrencies By Broker And Exchange In 2022

Cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges receive different volume rates on their platform. Let’s take a look at the most popular coins they provide.

Top 5 - Best Cryptocurrencies On Coinbase

Coinbase is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that offers hundreds of coins to buy and stake.

Coin NameMarket Cap.Buy Now
Bitcoin$822 BillionBuy on Coinbase
Ethereum$395 BillionBuy on Coinbase
Tether$82.5 BillionBuy on Coinbase
BNB$70.7 BillionBuy on Coinbase
USD Coin$51 BillionBuy on Coinbase

Best Cryptocurrencies On Robinhood

Robinhood is a crypto broker that facilitates transactions and lets investors purchase various altcoins.

Coin NameMarket Cap.Buy Now
Bitcoin$822 BillionBuy on Robinhood
Bitcoin Cash$6.3 BillionBuy on Robinhood
Dogecoin$20.5 BillonBuy on Robinhood
Ethereum$395 BillionBuy on Robinhood
Litecoin$8 BillionBuy on Robinhood

Best Cryptocurrencies On eToro

eToro is the largest and most beginner-friendly crypto broker. They provide various cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities to buy.

Coin NameMarket Cap.Buy Now
Ethereum$395 BillionBuy on eToro
Polygon$11.5 BillionBuy on eToro
Solana$37.5 BillionBuy on eToro
Decentraland$4.3 BillionBuy on eToro
The Sandbox$3.5 BillionBuy on eToro

Best Cryptocurrencies On Gemini

Gemini is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to purchase Bitcoin and various altcoins.

Coin NameMarket Cap.Buy Now
Bitcoin$822 BillionBuy on Gemini
Ethereum$395 BillionBuy on Gemini
Chainlink$7.4 BillionBuy on Gemini
Dogecoin$20.5 BillionBuy on Gemini
Ethereum Classic$5.6 BillionBuy on Gemini

Best Cryptocurrencies On Crypto.com

Crypto.com is an exchange platform that provides a huge selection of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they have a unique debit card, various staking programs, and lending options.

Coin NameMarket Cap.Buy Now
Bitcoin$822 BillionBuy on Crypto.com
Ethereum$395 BillionBuy on Crypto.com
Solana$37.5 BillionBuy on Crypto.com
Terra$34 BillionBuy on Crypto.com
Aave$2.5 BillionBuy on Crypto.com

Best Cryptocurrencies on Naga

Naga is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to invest in altcoins, stocks, and indices.

Coin NameMarket Cap.Buy Now
Binance Coin$70 BillionBuy on Naga
Bitcoin$822 BillionBuy on Naga
Ethereum$395 BillionBuy on Naga
Litecoin$8 BillionBuy on Naga
Ripple$37 BillionBuy on Naga

Why Invest In Cryptocurrencies?

There are several reasons why you’d want to invest in cryptocurrency today. Below are the main factors.

More Practical Use:

  • Cryptocurrencies can be used as investment assets or as a payment method. With crypto, you can transfer funds globally within minutes at ultra-low fees, making it more practical than banks.


  • If you want your finances to become anonymous, purchasing crypto can help disclose personal information. All crypto wallets have unique addresses allowing users to be fully anonymous. Moreover, you can take it a step further and use privacy coins that encrypt transaction data, making it untraceable.

Support For The Decentralized Financial System:

  • By purchasing cryptocurrency, you are supporting the decentralized financial system. Ultimately, when crypto gains widespread adoption, it will replace banks with transparent institutions.


  • Cryptocurrencies are great investment opportunities due to their high volatility. Purchasing a coin early can generate significant gains for your investment portfolio.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing A Crypto to Invest In?

Many beginners fail to do their research when buying a coin and lose out on potential profits. Also, multiple scams take on the appearance of a legitimate project, tricking people into investing. Therefore, you should take the time to thoroughly research a project before allocating a large portion of your portfolio.

Buy Cryptocurrencies At The Right Moment:

  • Typically, when prices surge to new all-time highs, a correction is bound to happen, creating the perfect opportunity to buy. These dips provide the perfect moment to stock up on the cryptocurrency you’ve selected.

Choose A Safe Online Broker:

  • Before buying any coin, ensure the platform you are using is legitimate. They must be regulated by a respected authority and have a license to operate. Also, they should provide multiple layers of security.

Invest In The Best Cryptocurrency:

  • Purchase coins with a future in the crypto market since they are less riskier. Projects with strong fundamentals are bound to rise in price as they get adopted.

Do Not Assume That There Are No Risks In Investing In Cryptocurrencies:

  • Investing in cryptocurrency is risky due to the high volatility. You should expect huge price swings that could put your portfolio in the negative.

What to Look For In Good Cryptocurrencies

There are a few factors you can look into to determine if a coin is a good investment. Let’s analyze them in greater detail.

Adoption Rate:

  • How quickly the coin is getting adopted by individuals and companies is important to determine its longevity. The cryptocurrency you’ve selected should have multiple partnerships in the pipeline to ensure a fast growth rate.

Market Cap:

  • The value of a coin is determined by the market cap. If it’s in the billions, the coin is unlikely to grow substantially and increase the value of each token. However, a good project with a low market cap showcases room to grow and generate significant profits for investors.

Promising New Technology:

  • Coins that promise new groundbreaking technologies usually have a lot of hype that can impact prices positively. If the cryptocurrency becomes successful, those who invested early will reap the rewards.

Security Or Anonymity Features:

  • The cryptocurrency’s blockchain must use advanced security to protect it from being compromised. You can find what precautions the team took in the whitepaper.

Industry Utility:

  • For a cryptocurrency to grow in value, it must provide utility for companies or individuals. Look at what problem the coin aims to solve and determine if it’s worth an investment.

Can Cryptocurrencies Be Used For Illegal Activity?

Cryptocurrencies can be used for illegal activities due to their nature of being decentralized and hard to trace. Moreover, with coins like Monero and Zcash all transactions are effectively deleted, making it difficult to follow how much and where the money is going. Therefore, criminals have turned to cryptocurrency as a payment method since the government cannot accurately trace the money.

What Are The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies Used For Illegal Activity?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency adopted by criminals for its advanced security, difficult-to-trace transactions, and anonymity. Most notably, it was the main currency used on Silk Road, a website that sold various illegal items. However, with the creation of privacy coins like Monero and Zcash, transactions were hidden, making them perfect for illegal activities.

Coin NameMarket Cap.Why it's being used for illegal activity
Bitcoin$822 BillonBitcoin is the first decentralized and almost impossible to track cryptocurrency, which makes it the perfect choice for illegal activity
Monero$4.4 BillionMonero is the largest privacy coin that is perfect for those participating in illegal activities. All transactions are deleted, and nobody can see how much each wallet holds.
Zcash$2.4 BillionZcash allows anonymous and untraceable transactions between wallets. Also, no institution can find out how much cryptocurrency each wallet holds.

Which Cryptocurrency Should You Buy?

The cryptocurrency market is valued at almost $2 trillion, with over 18,000 cryptocurrencies to buy. We’ve gone over the best coins for each category to make it easier for you to decide what to invest in. If you’re interested in Web 3.0 and the next era of the internet, then Ethereum, Cosmos, Decentraland, and The Graph are some excellent coins to buy.

When investing in cryptocurrencies, it’s vital to do the research beforehand to ensure the coin has a bright future. The main factors you should look at are the founding team, tokenomics, and the service they aim to provide. Remember that crypto is highly volatile, so invest accordingly.


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