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IOTA Price Prediction


IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency created for the internet of things. Its high scalability and security present itself as an ideal choice for businesses and institutions to utilize. IOTA peaked in 2017, reaching a price of $5.36 with a market cap of $14.92 billion. We believe IOTA will gain value in 2022 and range between $0.54 to $1.17.

This prediction is due to new developments the IOTA team has announced, such as Core Library, Wallet Library, IOTA Streams, IOTA Identity, and Stronghold. These new features in the MIOTA ecosystem will bring more use-cases, resulting in a larger user base.

IOTA Price Analysis This Week

IOTA is a fantastic project often mentioned in the crypto news cycle for its outstanding features. Below you’ll find some in-depth articles regarding the project.

Latest IOTA Price Predictions by Experts

IOTA is praised by the crypto community for its scalability and ultra-low fees. Let's take a look at what experts predict for the future of IOTA.

  • Wallet Investor forecasts MIOTA will reach $6.35 by 2027.

  • According to Trading Beasts, IOTA is predicted to reach $1.44 in 2022.

  • Libertex is bullish on IOTA and forecasts $2.79 at the end of 2025.

  • Crypto Ground is bearish on IOTA based on historical data. They believe the cryptocurrency will value at $0.67 by 2023.

IOTA Price Drop Prediction

IOTA has been falling in price since its recent peak in 2021. Therefore, I predict the cryptocurrency will continue to fall in value throughout 2022 unless the market swings to a bullish state. Unfortunately, If the same trends continue, we could see prices fall below $0.60.

Long-Term IOTA Forecast

The long-term forecast for IOTA is extremely bullish as the coin is predicted to gain significant value by 2050. This is based on technical analysis and the adoption of IOTA. Let's go over the long-term forecast in more detail.


Monthly IOTA Price Forecast for 2022/2023

The monthly price forecast for IOTA is uneventful as no spikes in value are predicted. Instead, we can see the price steadily increase throughout the year. Below you can analyze our 2022 monthly prediction for IOTA.


What Impacts IOTA Price?

Multiple factors can impact the price of IOTA. Below you’ll find the main reasons why MIOTA price movements occur.


  • Although cryptocurrency was intended as a decentralized product, the news can still impact prices. Announcements like crypto laws and increased taxes can dissuade investors, resulting in them transferring funds into less risky assets. On the other hand, bullish news like companies adopting crypto can impact prices positively.


  • A roadmap can showcase new developments in a project. For example, IOTA has announced they will release Wallet Library, IOTA Streams, Stronghold, and more. Achieving these roadmap goals can increase prices significantly as the cryptocurrency gains more use cases.


  • Advertising plays a huge role in the adoption of a cryptocurrency because the project gains more attention. This results in more users investing in the coin, increasing the value.

Market Status:

  • Perhaps the most important factor is how the overall market is performing. If the market is bearish, prices will fall and stabilize as investors pull out their funds. However, during a bull market, most cryptocurrencies gain huge value, including IOTA. This is because institutions and hedge funds see cryptocurrency as less risky assets and invest huge amounts of money.

IOTA User Base:

  • An increasing IOTA user base will increase prices as the coin gets utilized more. However, if the platform is losing its following, you can expect to see IOTA’s value fall.

Upcoming IOTA Events

IOTA has four new features set to release in 2022 - Stronghold, IOTA Identity, IOTA Streams, Core Library, and Wallet Library. These new developments will add more use cases to IOTA, which may increase the price significantly.


  • This is an encrypted database that provides safety guarantees for the storage and usage of high-value secrets. For example, seed phrases and private keys.

IOTA Identity:

  • IOTA Identity allows people and organizations to verify credentials.

IOTA Streams:

  • This service lets devices of any size emit and access encrypted data.

Core Library:

  • The Core Library translates the complexities of IOTA into simple and unified terms.

Wallet Library:

  • The Wallet Library simplifies implementations that use the IOTA token.

IOTA Historical Price Changes

IOTA has performed well during its initial release in 2017. However, the coin lost tremendous value during the 2018 bear market and hasn’t recovered fully. Below you can examine IOTA’s historical price records.


IOTA Price Prediction Chart

IOTA Vs Ethereum Price Prediction

IOTA and Ethereum have different goals in the crypto sphere making them difficult to compare. IOTA works on an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, while Ethereum runs on a Proof of Stake (PoS) network. It's unlikely that IOTA will surpass Ethereum in value because it has fewer use cases and a much smaller market cap.

Moreover, Ethereum is a smart contract coin with many applications built on the blockchain. Therefore, the coin gets utilized more, resulting in a market cap of $347 billion. Also, IOTA has niche goals, meaning it won’t get as much adoption that would skyrocket its price.

Live Price Chart of IOTA: USD

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Best Brokers to Buy IOTA

IOTA is a popular coin available on the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Below you’ll find our top picks for buying IOTA with a broker.

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IOTA Price Predictions

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