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Basic Attention Token Price Prediction

Last updated 26th Sep 2022

Basic Attention Token is a blockchain system that tracks consumers’ time and attention on websites via the Brave browser. The application is built on the Ethereum chain with the goal to distribute advertising money between publishers and readers. We believe the platform will become a staple in the decentralized browsing industry, which has led us to create this price prediction page.

Moreover, the coin has performed well historically reaching prices of $1.76 with a market cap of $2.64 billion. However, recently Basic Attention Token has fallen significantly to the $0.50 range, making it a great time to buy. Also, with 1.5 billion tokens in circulation, the coin doesn’t require a huge push for the coin to increase in price.

Basic Attention Token Price Analysis This Week

The price of BAT follows closely with how the crypto market is performing. As a result, the coin has lost most of its value in recent months due to various factors. Let's take a look at some news sources regarding the price of Basic Attention Token this week.

Latest Basic Attention Token Price Predictions by Experts

Basic Attention Token has received a lot of positive attention from the community as the platform is privacy-focused and allows users to monetize their browsing time. Below are some price predictions from crypto experts.

  • Trading Beasts predicts that Basic Attention Token will receive a massive surge in the first quarter of 2022 due to the increasing user base. Short-term Trading Beasts believe the coin will be worth $0.97.

  • CoinSwitch has analyzed the platform and determined the token can reach over $1.00 by 2025.

  • Wallet Investor has researched the project extensively and strongly believes the coin will reach $3.58 by 2026.

  • Crypto Ground predicts that the Basic Attention Token price might reach $1.78 at the end of 2025.

Basic Attention Token Price Drop Prediction

My prediction is Basic Attention Token will fall in the short term due to how bearish the market is performing. New crypto laws and political news is suppressing the market since investors are diverting their funds into more secure assets. Therefore, we can see prices fall below $0.30 if the following trends continue.

Long-Term Basic Attention Token Forecast

Basic Attention Token has bullish forecasts long term because the platform is growing rapidly with over 50 million users. As the brave browser becomes more adopted for its unique features, the price will surge as users spend BAT tokens.


Monthly Basic Attention Token Price Forecast for 2022/2023

Now let's discuss the month-to-month forecast for Basic Attention Token. We believe the price will remain under $1.00 in the first 2 quarters of 2022. Afterward, if the market transitions to a bullish status we could see BAT reaching over $2.00.


What Impacts Basic Attention Token Price?

Several factors can swing the price of BAT. Here are the main reasons why Basic Attention Token can fluctuate in price:

Market Performance:

  • When the market is bullish BAT surges in price as the project gains more investments. Moreover, a great indicator if Basic Attention Token is going to increase in value is if Ethereum had a recent push.


  • A great marketing team can result in more investors using the Brave platform, increasing the value of BAT. So far the platform has done an outstanding job of gaining users, resulting in a following of over 50 million. Also, the platform needs to attract more brands to place ads on the platform, which are bought with BAT tokens.


  • Positive and negative news can impact the price of BAT drastically. Often new laws regarding crypto result in huge falls as more taxes or restrictions are implemented.

Brave Browser User Base:

  • A healthy user base is required for the price to rise since more investors will trade the token. Thankfully, Brave amassed over 50 million users that all receive BAT tokens for seeing advertisements.

Upcoming Basic Attention Token Events

The Brave browser continues to improve its platform by implementing new features that provide convenience. Recently, they announced Brave Talk which lets users schedule calls with one click similar to Google Calendar. Moreover, Brave is integrating rewards for Android users in Japan. This will attract more investors to Brave as they can monetize their time while browsing on smartphones.

Basic Attention Token Historical Price Changes

Historically, Basic Attention Token has performed well during bull runs since the coin follows Ethereum closely. Also, during the past few years, the Brave platform has gained a lot of users which correlates to the price increases.


Basic Attention Token Price Prediction Chart

Basic Attention Token Vs Ethereum Price Prediction

Compared to Ethereum, Basic Attention Token has performed subpar since it has a much smaller market cap. Both coins have different fundamentals and unique goals within the crypto space. Ethereum is a smart contract coin that lets users build dApps on the blockchain, while Basic Attention Token is used as a payment method for buying and viewing advertisements.

Live Price Chart of Basic Attention Token: USD

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Best Brokers to Buy Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token is available on most brokers as it has gained widespread adoption amongst the crypto community. Below are our top picks for the best cryptocurrency brokers that offer BAT coins.

Basic Attention Token Price Predictions

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