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An Honest Bit Index AI Review in 2022

Last updated 1st Jul 2022
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Bit Index AI is a crypto trading robot designed to help cryptocurrency traders make more money. This singular feature can give Bit Index AI an edge over the other trading robots because its users can now enjoy increased chances of making money from both the crypto and FOREX markets with ease.

In this Bit Index AI review, we assessed most of the important features of the robot, including the availability in some countries, the wide selection of trading instruments and answering the key question: is Bit Index AI legit?

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What is Bit Index AI?

Bit Index AI is an artificial intelligence powered cryptocurrency trading robot designed to help traders find the best entry and exit in both markets. With robots, traders can also access the liquidity in the market and know when to participate and when to steer clear of the market.

Bit Index AI is very new into the cryptocurrency market, but its impact is greatly felt across the cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange (FOREX) markets. Bit Index AI works by offering the users an ai powered crypto robot. This can conveniently execute cryptocurrency and FOREX trades on your behalf. Also, Bit Index AI has proven its dedication by partnering with some of the best cryptocurrency brokers in the market to facilitate automated trades.

Bit Index AI Overview

🤖 Robot Type:Bitcoin Robot
💸 Minimum Deposit:$250
🚀 Claimed Win Rate:85%
💰 Trading Fees:None
💰 Account Fees:None
💰 Deposit/Withdrawal Fees:None
💰 Software cost:Free
⌛ Withdrawal Timeframe:24 Hours
#️⃣ Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported:13
💱 Supported Cryptocurrencies:BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH
💲 Supported Fiats:EUR, AUD, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, CAD
📊 Leverage:1:100
📱 Native Mobile App:No
🖥️ Free Demo Account:Yes
🎧 Customer Support:Email, Live chat
✅ Verification required:KYC
🔁 Automated Trading:Yes
📈 CFD AvailableYes

Pros and cons of Bit Index AI


Alleged win rate of 85%
Advanced AI crypto trading offered
Free account manager


Not regulated
Not available to US citizens

Bit Index AI markets, assets, and options

What assets and products can you trade using Bit Index AI?

As a trader, you are continually looking for a robot that can automate your trades. Also, you want the robot to automate your favorite assets. The Bit Index AI trading robot can do both of these things.

The wide selection of trading strategies under Bit Index AI have been programmed to automate the trades of different kinds of assets. Both cryptocurrencies and Foreign Exchange (FOREX) assets can be traded. What's more the bots claimed AI powered trading can make for highly profitable trades.

What leverage trading options are there with Bit Index AI?

Bit Index AI offers leverage trading at the ratio of 1:100. This can help maximize your chances of earning more profits from the automated trades.

Bit Index AI doesn't encourage leverage trading, especially for new traders. The process is high risk and, with the volatility in the crypto market, you might end up losing your money. Of note also, past performance of Bit Index AI in that area doesn’t form a basis for the future outcome. Doing due diligence and investing only the amount you can afford to lose is the ideal way to maximize the Bit Index AI leverage trading option.

What are the Spreads on Bit Index AI?

No mention was made of spreads on the Bit Index AI website.

If you want to know more about leveraged trading, take a look at our guides to:

Fees, limits, and payment options on Bit Index AI

How much does Bit Index AI cost?

Unlike some other trading robots, Bit Index AI is free to use. There are no hidden charges or potential payments to make in the future.

The only thing you have to do is to sign up for an account and make a minimal deposit of $250 so you can be qualified to use the software. Note that this amount is yours and will be used for your automated trades within the Bit Index AI platform.

Aside from the free usage, the Bit Index AI software also has several account types. These are the different accounts supported by the brokers that partnered with Bit Index AI:

  • Bronze Account: This is the first and cheapest account offered by Bit Index AI partners/brokers. With as little as $250, you will have access to the account. Included in this account are quick withdrawals of earnings and live video chat.

  • Silver Account: This type of automated trading account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. The perks that come with it include 3 risk-free trades and access to dedicated account managers.

  • Gold Account: Last but least is the Gold Account, which can be opened with a minimum deposit of $3,000. Included in the account are advanced trading robots and up to 100% bonus on deposits.

What are the payment methods accepted by Bit Index AI?

You have several options to choose from when adding money to your Bit Index AI account or the account you have with the affiliated brokers. Over 15 payment methods are enabled, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies and credit cards.

Bit Index AI doesn’t charge any trading fee, which means that it is completely free to fund your account on the website. However, you will pay up to 5% if you are using credit cards, including MasterCard and VISA. The 5% transfer fee is charged by the affiliated brokers to Bit Index AI and is required both when you are depositing and withdrawing money.

Accepted payment methods include:

If you want to use cryptocurrencies as a deposit method, you will need to buy them first. Take a look at our guides to learn more on how to buy cryptocurrencies:

Does Bit Index AI charge fees and commissions?

Bit Index AI is a free to use software that features some of the best trading robots. You don't have to pay to sign up, deposit money, or withdraw your earnings. All the funds in the account are yours and can be used as you want.

Bit Index AI trade sizes and limits

Bit Index AI is very particular about the amount it can accept from the users. A minimum deposit of $250 is required before you can start utilizing the features of the software. The deposit limit can be increased, provided you sign up with any of the affiliate brokers. Depending on the broker you use, your trade sizes and limits can be increased up to $3,000.

Bit Index AI trading platform

How does Bit Index AI work?

Bit Index AI works by first automating the entire trading process via a claimed usage of AI trading strategies. The software combines a plethora of trading tactics, including Trend, CCI, Williams, Stoch, TSI, and MACD indicators. The combination of these indicators assists the software to find the best positions for trading activities.

Bit Index AI specializes in trading of both FOREX and cryptocurrency pairs. Thanks to the use of fiber optics technology, the entire process can be set up at once and left to run.

Bit Index AI combines several trading indicators to find the best entries and exits. The software passes the information or trading setup to the affiliated brokers via an API. With your funds already committed, you can sit back and wait for the trades to run so that you can gather profits and repeat.

What devices can I use Bit Index AI on?

Currently, Bit Index AI doesn’t have any mobile trading application. Therefore, you have to use a desktop computer or laptop to optimize the trades for automation. The trading platform can be accessed via the website. Web browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari, can access the site with ease.

You can still utilize mobile trading via any of the affiliated brokers. These brokers have dedicated mobile applications that allow you to keep an eye on your trades from anywhere.

The mobile application option offered by Bit Index AI affiliated brokers are available on iPhone, Android, and / or tablets.

Can I use Bit Index AI in my country?

Bit Index AI does not specify what countries it can be used in. However, traders who have used the software claim that the software is readily available for use in most countries, including Germany (check out this German Bit-Index AI review to learn more). They also mentioned that the website might not be accessed from countries that have strict regulations on cryptocurrency trading.

You can always find out the list of available countries anytime by contacting Bit Index AI support either via email or live chat.

Is Bit Index AI available in my language?

Bit Index AI offers a wide selection of languages. Some of the supported languages are English and German.

How easy is it to use Bit Index AI?

Trading robots are relatively new, and traders expect the robots to be intuitive. This is the case with Bit Index AI. The software’s ease-of-use is bolstered by many factors, including the easy signup and account funding process plus excellent navigation.

Bit Index AI Key features

Dedicated account managers

The Bit Index AI team claims to look out for your best interests. The dedicated team of account managers ensures that your queries are attended to in real-time.

Claimed AI trading

Through the usage of AI algorithms you can automate your trading and achieve greater trading success.

Bit Index AI Security and regulation

Is Bit Index AI safe?

Bit Index AI opted for the web-based trading platform because it wants to protect its users from downloading malicious viruses that could compromise their information. The trading platform also uses the SSL security layer to protect the data and other sensitive information of its users.

Is my money protected? Am I?

Bit Index AI only acts as a trading platform for automated trades. The protection of your details and funds is up to the brokers partnering with Bit Index AI. Find out if these brokers have any measures in place to protect you and your money before trading.

Is Bit Index AI regulated?

No, Bit Index AI doesn’t hold any regulatory licenses. The trading platform is also collaborating with many unregulated brokers and exchanges. Find out if the trading latform has become regulated recently before using it.

Do I have to verify my account with Bit Index AI?

There is no information regarding the customer verification process on Bit Index AI. However, you might be required to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) scheme on the affiliate brokers and exchanges.

Extra Information about Bit Index AI

Educational resources

There are no educational resources currently on Bit Index AI.

You can fund your account on Bit Index AI so you can use the free demo trading account to master how to automate the trades.

Tools and charting

You don’t need any trading experience before using the Bit Index AI platform. The software automatically connects to and relays the trading signals to the partnered brokers and exchanges.

Also, you can work within trading indicators, including the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), and the Relative Strength Index (RSI).

Customer support

Bit Index AI has excellent customer support. Users can reach out to the customer department and have their queries resolved.

How to get started with Bit Index AI?

  • Step 1 - Signup for a Bit Index AI Account

Create your first Bit Index AI trading account by clicking on the “Registration” button on the homepage found here

  • Step 2 - Enter Your Information

You will be required to enter important information, such as your full name, your telephone number, your currency of choice (USD is ideal), and your email address. You will also be required to create a new password, pick or select a broker from the list, and accept the terms before continuing.

  • Step 3 - Deposit Money

Make a minimum deposit of $250 into your new Bit Index AI trading account so you can start using the platform.

  • Step 4 - Try Demo Trades

Get a hang of how Bit Index AI works by using the demo version to see how the software automates trades. You can also customize your trading robot(s) at this stage.

  • Step 5 - Start Trading

Now that you have a bit of experience, consider setting up the parameters and allowing Bit Index AI to do the remaining job of automating the trades.

Is there a Bit Index AI alternative?

Yes, there are many more crypto robots available. If you don't want to use Bit Index AI, check out some of our other reviews:

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Bit Index AI: Scam or Legit?

In this Bit Index AI review we've looked at multiple factors and believe Bit Index AI is legit. massive portfolio of cryptocurrency and FOREX trading options on the platform is impressive. Both experienced and amateur traders can leverage the platform to maximize profits in both the crypto and FOREX markets.

Bit Index AI is unregulated and it partners with brokers and exchanges that are yet to be regulated as well. Due diligence and keeping up with the latest news about the platform will help you know if it is the ideal place to automate your next trades in the crypto or fiat markets.


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