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Algorand Price Prediction

Last updated 26th Sep 2022

Algorand is a pure proof-of-stake blockchain that offers excellent scalability and smart contract functions. The token is popular amongst the crypto community due to its transparent team, project goals, and low transfer fees. Currently, their platform has reached over 10 million accounts, which showcases the healthy growth of the coin.

Moreover, the coin has been performing well since its release, reaching a price of $2.37 at its peak. Today, the token activity is somewhat bearish because of the recent political news. Therefore, we’ve created this Algorand price prediction page so you can learn more about the coin and its future potential.

Algorand Price Analysis This Week

Algorand prices swing in either direction depending on weekly trends. Let's dive into the top news sources regarding price predictions for ALGO.

Latest Algorand Price Predictions by Experts

Algorand has gained a lot of popularity amongst crypto investors because of the team’s core values. Below are some predictions by the most respected experts in the community:

  • WalletInvestors asserted that Algorand is a safe choice for long-term investors because of its smart contract functionality. Their price prediction is $2.33 towards the end of 2022 and $5.93 by 2025.

  • CoinArbitrage believes that ALGO will be worth up to $1.79 in 2022. Also, they have bullish projections for 2025 and say Algorand will be worth $8.82.

  • CoinPedia has rather optimistic projects for Algorand in 2022. Their belief is although the coin began badly at the start of the year, it could reach $18 if the team makes some new developments.

Algorand Price Drop Prediction

My prediction is that Algorand will fall in the short term because of the recent bearish trends. As a result, we could witness price ranges between $0.23 and $0.34, just as we saw before the bull run began. However, Algorand has strong fundamentals and a huge following, making it excellent to hold long-term.

Long-Term Algorand Forecast

In the long-term, Algorand has bullish projections since the platform is constantly gaining new users and implementing more features. Below you can find our long-term price predictions for Algorand.


Monthly Algorand Price Forecast for 2022/2023

Let's go over the month-to-month price forecast for ALGO. Also, keep in mind that unexpected news can positively or negatively influence the price.


What Impacts Algorand Price?

Multiple factors can impact the price of Algorand in either direction. Here are the top reasons why ALGO price movements occur.

Crypto Market Status:

  • Market trends impact the price of Algorand significantly. Specifically, If Bitcoin is rallying, most top projects follow behind and gain massive market caps.


  • The marketing team can attract new investors to the platform that will buy ALGO for the rewards. This will grow the price substantially as the market cap gradually increases.


  • New developments regarding Algorand can impact the price short term. Also, outside news such as Bitcoin or Ethereum being more adopted is great for ALGO since more investors gain opportunities to research the project.


  • When big corporations and institutions invest in a project, it showcases the potential of the token. Algorand has secured cash injections from the top investors in the business, such as Lemniscap, Foundation Capital, Eterna Capital, Multicoin Capital, and more.

Algorand User Base:

  • A healthy user base is required for the coin to perform well. This is because ALGO runs on a proof of stake concept, so investors need to stake it for the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Upcoming Algorand Events

Algorand continues to improve its platform to deliver the technology required to power applications for the future. A huge upcoming event for ALGO is the release of its latest protocol hitting the MainNet. This allows developers to create more versatile and powerful Dapps on the Algorand blockchain.

Algorand Historical Price Changes


Algorand Price Prediction Chart

Algorand vs Ethereum Price Prediction

Algorand has been performing poorly compared to Ethereum since it hasn’t been around for as long. Both are smart contract coins that let developers build various Dapps on their platforms. However, Algorand is superior in its technology because the blockchain allows more versatile applications with ultra-low networking fees.

Nevertheless, Ethereum will retain a higher market cap and price because it has more adoption, and ETH 2.0 will soon release. This will make the blockchain have much lower fees, making most Dapps viable again.

Live Price Chart of Algorand: USD

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Best Brokers to Buy Algorand

Algorand is available to purchase across multiple crypto brokers at great fee rates. We’ve done the research and compiled the best options in the table below:

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Algorand Price Predictions

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