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How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card

Last updated 2nd Aug 2022

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If you’re thinking of buying Bitcoin with a credit card, this guide will show you how. Discover which platforms support this, what the considerations are, along with a step-by-step guide.

Top Bitcoin Brokers That Accept Credit Cards

Almost every platform accepts credit cards, but choosing a reliable and trustworthy platform may be a daunting task.

To save you time, we’ve listed the top beginner-friendly platforms below to help you get started right away:

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What Is a Credit Card Bitcoin Broker?

A credit card Bitcoin broker is an online trading platform that lets you buy BTC with a credit card. There are currently four popular brands of credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. All four are very likely to be accepted on all crypto trading platforms that take credit cards.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and a credit card broker actually allows you to deposit fiat money to the site using your credit card and then use it to purchase any of the available cryptos, including BTC.

Please note: credit cards themselves cannot process cryptocurrencies, so you can only use them to deposit and withdraw fiat funds to or from the exchange.

What Crypto Platforms Accept Credit Cards?

There are two types of cryptocurrency platforms to buy Bitcoin with credit cards out there — centralized and decentralized.

The decentralized exchanges (DAX) are only used for crypto-to-crypto trading, and it’s impossible to use fiat funds on them. Therefore, you cannot use a credit card there to buy Bitcoin.

All crypto brokers that accept credit cards are centralized platforms where fiat to crypto trading is possible. Apart from Bitcoin brokers, there are many other types of trading platforms that let you buy Bitcoin using a credit card, such as:


  • These platforms let you buy Bitcoin using traditional currencies, like USD. They retain control over any coin you buy until you send it to a wallet that you control. Coinbase is an example of an exchange you can use to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

P2P Platforms:

  • This mechanism is used to connect buyers and sellers directly. If you are interested in learning more about P2P platforms, look into Paxful. Paxful lets you buy Bitcoin with a range of currencies.

Bitcoin Wallets:

  • Wallets let you buy crypto, view your balance, send transactions and connect to applications. Bitcoin.com Wallet, for example, is beginner-friendly and lets you buy your first Bitcoin directly from the wallet.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the market so you will find that it’s offered virtually everywhere. Here are the specific steps involved in buying Bitcoin from an exchange called eToro:

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Verify your account
Step 3: Fund your account
Step 4: Make your first purchase
Step 5: Click Confirm

How to Deposit and Withdraw via Credit Card

Users can deposit Bitcoin using their credit card on eToro using the steps outlined above.

Additionally, clients of eToro can withdraw their Bitcoin from the platform to their crypto wallet using a process called a “transfer”:

Step 1: Open the portfolio
Step 2: Click the bitcoin button
Step 3: Select the specific
Step 4: Visit edit trade
Step 5: Click the transfer to wallet button
Step 6: Click Transfer

What Should I Look for in a Credit Card Bitcoin Broker?

Here are some things you should take into consideration when choosing a platform or broker for your Bitcoin purchase.

Fee Charges:

  • Find platforms that offer the lowest fees for the services you require. Credit card payments usually incur some of the highest fees.

Ease of Use:

  • Look for a platform that is straightforward and user-friendly to save time and stress when buying Bitcoin with a credit card.


  • Read online reviews to check a platform’s reputation and level of customer service.


  • Some brokers are faster than others. In the rapidly-changing world of crypto trading, where prices fluctuate every second, you should aim for the quickest broker possible.


  • You want to make sure the provider you are using is not restricted in your location.


  • Always first check that the platform supports credit card payments before you sign up.

Should I Buy Bitcoin Using a Credit Card


Credit card transactions are instant, which means your funds will become available in your broker account seconds after the transaction is confirmed.
Major credit card brands have higher security protocols, making credit card transactions safer.
Using a credit card to purchase Bitcoin is a somewhat familiar process.


Fees involved may be higher.
The buying and selling process may take longer than alternatives.
Credit cards only work with fiat money.
Not available on all brokers.

Is Using a Credit Card the Best Method to Buy Bitcoin?

It is one of the most convenient methods, but the high fees associated with credit card payments are something you should consider.

What Are the Alternative Payment Methods to Buy Bitcoin With?

Most cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerage platforms support many other payment methods. Have a look at the list below for more information:

Mobile Payments:

  • Many brokers accept mobile payment methods, such as Apple Pay, which are fast and convenient. However, they are less popular compared to credit cards at the moment.


  • Many platforms accept PayPal as a payment method. If you have an account already, this may be a preferred option.

Bank Transfer:

  • Many cryptocurrency platforms will let users deposit and withdraw money using a bank transfer.

Final Thoughts

Finding a platform that accepts credit card payments is relatively easy. eToro offers this option and the process as outlined above is often seamless even for beginners.

It is always worth noting that profits are not guaranteed and you should only invest with money you can afford to lose.


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