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How to Buy XRP With Credit Card


This comprehensive guide offers detailed advice on the best ways to buy XRP using a credit card. We share the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, which were selected based on fees, user experience, customer feedback, regulation, security protocols, and much more. Also, we share how you can earn cryptocurrencies passively while using reward cards. Finally, we provide alternative XRP buying payment methods with advantages not found with credit cards. who are a CFD broker

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Which Issuers Allow Buying XRP Using Their Credit Cards

Some credit card issuers do not allow their customers to buy cryptocurrencies because they believe there are too many risks. Therefore, you must carefully select which credit card companies allow you to buy cryptocurrencies like XRP. The list below summarizes the availability of buying cryptocurrency with popular credit card issuers:

  • American Express (AMEX): This credit card issuer is not available at most centralized exchanges and brokerage platforms. However, a limited number of P2P platforms support the credit card, including Paxful.

  • Bank of America: It’s not possible to use Bank of America credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies. Possibly because they are currently developing in-house blockchain technologies.

  • Barclays: Using a Barclays credit card, you cannot buy XRP or other cryptocurrencies.

  • Chase: Buying cryptocurrency with a Chase credit card is not possible.

  • Discover: Using a Discover credit card is not compatible with cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Wells Fargo: cryptocurrency transactions are unsupported with Wells Fargo credit cards.

eToro - The Overall Best Way to Buy XRP With a Credit Card

eToro is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms for desktop and mobile users. Their optimized user experience means you’ll love the frictionless onboarding process and executing your first trade. Also, you can get started with just $10, which means you can test-drive the platforms with minimal investment. To learn more, check out our eToro review.

Best Ways to Buy XRP With a Credit Card

Now, let’s explore the most popular ways of buying XRP with a credit card. These options are good choices if you need variety since each one has its pros and cons.

  • XRP Brokers

  • XRP CFDs

  • XRP Exchanges

  • XRP P2P services

  • XRP Apps

Best Brokers to Buy XRP With a Credit Card

Brokers facilitate the buying and selling process, and charge fees in the form of spreads. Furthermore, you can access a wider range of instruments than just cryptocurrencies, which allows you to diversify the investment portfolio. See the table below for 3 of the top brokers for buying XRP with a credit card.

ProviderCredit Card Fee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 eToro$0 + CC feeStart with eToro now
🥈 Binance2% + CC feeStart with Binance now
🥉 Wunderbit5%Start with Wunderbit now

The listed brokers above were selected because the platfroms offer a rich array of features, smooth user experiences, competitive fees, large cryptocurrency selection, and much more. Also, the customer support teams for the extra mile to provide quick assistance.

eToro - It’s the Best Choice for Low Fees

eToro offers free deposits for credit cards, which is competitive since most other platforms charge a fee. However, you’ll need to factor in the CC fee that varies based on your issuer. The trading fees at eToro are 1%, which also offers good value.

Social trading is one of the main reasons to use eToro since they allow users to interact directly and share strategies/news. Also, taking advantage of the CopyTrader feature ensures you can access successful trading patterns by copying users with a profitable track history.

However, the disadvantages of buying XRP with a credit card on eToro include an inactivity fee after 12 months and a withdrawal fee.

Buy XRP on eToro With a Credit Card: Step-By-Step Guide

Additional Step: Send XRP to a Wallet

Best CFD Brokers to Buy XRP With a Credit Card

CFD brokers allow you to profit from predicting a coin’s price movement. CFD transactions work by creating a contract with the broker which states that the difference in the coin’s price at the start and end must be settled. Therefore, the transaction is speculative, and you will not own the cryptocurrency asset. See the table below to check out the top 3 brokers for buying XRP with a credit card.

ProviderCredit Card Fee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 BDSwiss$0 + CC feeStart with BDSwiss now
🥈 Eightcap$0 + CC feeStart with Eightcap now

We have selected the CFD brokers above because they offer a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and have no hidden fees. Therefore, you have a higher chance to profit from transactions, which can be challenging without considering fees. Also, the simple user interfaces allow users to quickly find the desired coin and execute many transactions in a short time period.

Best XRP Exchanges to Buy XRP With a Credit Card

Exchanges are popular crypto trading platforms where you can buy XRP with a credit card. Simply fund your account with fiat currency and use the UI to find the cryptocurrency you want The platform acts as an intermediary that uses order books to facilitate the buying/selling process. In the table below, you’ll find the top 3 exchanges for buying XRP with a credit card.

ExchangeCredit Card Fee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 Crypto.com2.99% + CC feeGet started now
🥈 KuCoinVaries + CC feeGet started now
🥉 eToro$0 + CC feeGet started now

The listed XRP exchanges above were selected because the platforms offer competitive fees, fast onboarding process, intuitive UI designs, and have proven track records. Also, the platforms are regulated by government-backed organizations, which means they are vetted for sound financial practices.

How to Buy XRP With a Credit Card on an Exchange?

Using credit cards, you can buy XRP on industry-leading exchanges like eToro, Binance, Crypto.com, Kraken, CEX.IO, and much more. To begin buying XRP, you’ll need to create an account with one of the exchanges. During the onboarding process, expect to complete KYC verification, which includes the submission of documents that verify your identity and location.

Unfortunately, not all credit card issuers support cryptocurrency transactions, and some exchanges don’t support credit card payments. Therefore, you need to find compatible options before registering new accounts. Once you’ve created a new account, head to the deposit section and look for a credit card as the payment method. You’ll have to deal with deposit and fiat currency limitations when using credit cards.

How to find XRP on an exchange: navigate to the trade section of the UI and use the search bar to find XRP. Also, you may notice the coin towards the top of the list since it’s one of the most popular options.

Altcoins and XRP

You can buy XRP with other altcoins or Bitcoin, and vice-versa. Buy XRP using the above steps and find the altcoin you want to purchase. You’ll find the coin’s price in the modal trade window, and it changes based on current market conditions.

Crypto.com - Excellent Choice for Large List of Cryptocurrencies

Crypto.com offers over 250 cryptocurrencies for trading, including XRP. The large choice of coins means you’ll have more investment opportunities than smaller exchanges. Also, the intuitive user interface allows you to find each cryptocurrency efficiently.

The platform has over 50 million users, so you can expect high trading volumes. Also, Crypto.com offers 5% cashback with VISA credit cards, which helps offset the high fees associated with this deposit method. Overall, the excellent transparency of Crypto.com ensures you can calculate the fees accurately without any surprises.

However, the downside of buying XRP on Crypto.com with a credit card is the unresponsive customer service team.

Can I Use Decentralized Exchanges With Credit Cards?

In 2014, the first decentralized exchanges were opened, which allows users to trade directly with the involvement of 3rd party platforms like Binance or Coinbase. The peer-to-peer technology allows users to connect to DeFi wallet like MetMask without needing to register an account or provide proof of identity. Therefore, it promotes anonymity and security from interference because of its decentralized nature.

Hence, it’s not possible to use credit cards to buy XRP directly from a DEX. Instead, you'll need to buy tokens on a CEX and transfer the coins to a DeFi wallet compatible with your preferred DEX.

Best XRP P2P Platforms to Buy XRP With a Credit Card

P2P platforms enable users to purchase XRP from other users directly using various payment methods. The platforms enable sellers to post offers that buyers can browse to find a good match. Offers typically specify the coin’s price, accepted payment methods and allowed time to complete payment.

ExchangeCredit Card Fee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 KuCoinVaries + CC feeGet started with KuCoin now
🥈 Webull$0 + CC feeGet started with Webull now
🥉 Paxful$0 + CC feeGet started with Paxful now

The listed P2P platforms above were selected because they offer an intuitive user interface to find the offers that match your preferences quickly, and you can clearly see the terms of the deal. Also, the competitive fees mean you have a higher chance of profiting from trades. Finally, the security features like escrow allow you to trade without fear of losing your money.

KuCoin - Best Choice for Large User Base

KuCoin offers one of the biggest user bases in the P2P industry, with over 20 million across all regions. The high popularity of the platform is a result of the strong security protocols, competitive deposit/withdrawal fees, practical user interface, and fast onboarding process.

Furthermore, platform users can use the instant messaging tool to iron out the small details of the deal. Also, beginners can use the feature to learn more about how the platform works directly from other KuCoin users.

However, a few of the drawbacks of using KuCoin for buying XRP include limited educational resources and issues during high-traffic periods.

Buy XRP on KuCoin With a Credit Card: Step-By-Step Guide

Best Apps to Buy XRP With a Credit Card

Buying XRP with mobile apps is convenient, and since you can trade from any location - you could be waiting in line at the grocery store or riding a train to work. XRP trading apps can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play platforms, and the process takes just a few minutes. Check out the top 3 mobile trading apps for buying XRP with a credit card in the table below.

ProviderOSCredit Card Fee (USD 1000)Get Started
🥇 eToro AppAndroid / iOS$0 + CC feeStart with eToro now
🥈 BinanceAndroid / iOS2% + CC feeStart with Binance now
🥉 KuCoinAndroid / iOSVaries + CC feeStart with KuCoin now

We have listed the providers in the table above because the platforms offer consistently stable experiences, strong security features, excellent research tools, and a large selection of tradable cryptocurrencies. Also, the customer support teams are available directly within the apps and respond quickly to problems.

eToro App - Top Choice for Social Trading

eToro’s social trading features are top-tier, and the highlight is CopyTrader. A feature that allows you to mimic other user’s trades, which you can filter by looking at their track history. Therefore, you can copy successful traders - perfect for inexperienced cryptocurrency users. Other social features include the ability to chat with others and discuss news or strategies.

To log into your account or execute transactions, a two-factor authentication mechanism is in place to protect your funds. Additionally, eToro is heavily regulated, so you can trust the XRP trading platform with your money.

However, a few of the disadvantages of trading on eToro includes the withdrawal fee, and after 12 months an inactivity fee kicks in.

Buy XRP on eToro App With a Credit Card: Step-By-Step Guide

Should You Buy XRP With a Credit Card?

If you already have access to a cryptocurrency compatible credit card, then it’s an easy payment method since no further account registration is required. Also, you’ll be familiar with how credit cards work and the deposit speeds are instant. Therefore, you can buy XRP on the exchange or brokerage platform shortly after creating an account.

Furthermore, credit cards are welcome at many of the top XRP trading platforms, including Binance, eToro, and KuCoin. So, you can find a platform with the features you need to trade cryptocurrencies. Finally, credit cards are perfect if you need a cash advance to take advantage of extra leverage.

However, the biggest drawbacks of credit cards are the high deposit fees. You can get charged by the crypto trading platform and credit card issuer.


Buyer Protection
Fast Withdrawals
Instant deposits


Not available on all platforms

Credit Card Issuer Penalties on Cash Advance

Using a cash advance to buy XRP can result in various penalties that you should know about to avoid unexpected surprises. You need to be aware of the possible charges and determine the specific fees at your credit card issuer.

  • Cash Advance Fee: When getting a cash advance, you’ll be charged a flat fee or a percentage of the borrowed amount.

  • Higher Interest Rate: The interest rate charged for cryptocurrency transactions might be higher than regular ones.

  • No Grace Period: Without a grace period, the interest is charged immediately. Ideally, look for terms that include a grace period to avoid charges by returning the credit within the allocated time.

  • Lower Credit Limit: Some credit card issuers view cryptocurrency transactions as risky, so you may be limited by a smaller credit limit.

  • No Credit Card Rewards: Most credit card companies fight for new customers by offering rewards for using their cards. However, cryptocurrency transactions might not be eligible - find out by reading the terms and conditions.

You may have an option to buy XRP using a credit card without a cash advance. You’ll need to inspect the rules set out by the credit card issuer.

Is It Worth Buying XRP With a Credit Card?

Now let’s dive deeper into the merits of using a credit card to buy XRP. Generally, it’s a good choice if you want a quick deposit method that you already have in your possession. No extra accounts or verification steps are required, and the deposit speeds are instant.

The drawback of using a credit card is relatively high deposit fees. Also, the credit limits might be too low for the amount of XRP you’re interested in buying. Therefore, you’ll need multiple crypto-friendly credit cards to buy XRP.

Is Using a Credit Card the Fastest Way to Buy XRP?

Credit cards are among the quickest methods of buying XRP because they deposit funds instantly. Then you simply need to find XRP using the platform’s UI, and you can instantly buy the coin. PayPal is another payment method to buy XRP with fast processing speeds.

Is Using a Credit Card the Safest Way to Buy XRP?

Credit cards have strong security protocols - including two-factor authentication, so your account is protected from unwanted users. Also, credit card companies have a system in place to spot questionable transactions, which they can manually verify. Finally, credit card companies insure your money, which means you can get it back if it’s lost through a scam - the insurance details vary based on the company.

Is Using a Credit Card the Cheapest and Easiest Way to Buy XRP?

Buying XRP with a credit card is an easy method since most users are familiar with the payment method. Also, it’s accepted by many top-tier platforms, so finding a great place to trade cryptocurrencies will not be challenging.

However, credit cards are not among the cheapest ways of buying XRP. Many platforms charge a deposit fee for processing transactions, and you’ll get charged for the cash advance by the card issuer.

Receive Crypto as a Credit Card Reward for Buying XRP

You can receive cryptocurrencies passively for using credit cards from specific issuers. These rewards help offset the high deposit fees when depositing using a credit card.

  • Brex Card: You’ll accumulate Brex points when using this card, and 1,000 can be exchanged for $7 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Current market conditions dictate the amount of cryptocurrency you’ll receive.

  • Venmo Credit Card: Cashback is generated when shopping with a Venmo card, and you’ll receive a cryptocurrency of your choosing as a reward. Also, you can change the reward coin at any time.

  • BlockFi Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card: This credit card allows you to receive up to 10% cashback when shopping at various destinations like restaurants and online stores. Also, you can choose from 15+ cryptocurrencies as a reward.

  • Gemini Credit Card: You’ll get rewarded in 1 of 60+ cryptocurrencies when using the Gemini credit card, and cashback is generated at 3%.

  • Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card: You’ll get 1.5% cashback in Bitcoin when using the card to make payments.

What Are the Fees When Buying XRP With a Credit Card?

This table summarizes the various fee types you can expect to pay when buying XRP with a credit card on the top trading platforms.

PlatformeToro BrokerBinance Exchange
Deposit fees$0 + CC fee2% + CC fee
Purchase fees$10$1
Holding fees$0$0
Selling Fees$10$1
Payout fees$5$15
Total fees$25$17

Is Buying XRP With a Credit Card Anonymous?

In most cases, buying XRP with a credit card is not anonymous. However, we will share an alternative method of buying cryptocurrencies, which offers anonymity since no verification is required.

Can You Buy XRP With a Credit Card Without Verification or KYC?

You’ll need to complete KYC verification during the onboarding process of centralized exchanges and brokerage platforms. Typically, you’ll need to provide proof of address and identity. To avoid KYC verification, you use DEXs, which can be accessed by simply connecting a DeFi wallet like MetaMask.

Can You Buy XRP With a Credit Card Without Registration?

To buy XRP with a credit card, you’ll need to register an account with centralized exchanges or brokerage platforms. Also, registration is required with the credit card company. To avoid registration, you can use a DEX by connecting a compatible DeFi wallet.

Alternative Payment Options to Buy XRP With USD

You may no longer have access to credit cards and need an alternative payment method to buy XRP. This section summarizes the most popular alternatives accepted at top-tier XRP trading platforms.

Buy XRP With PayPal

You can buy XRP with PayPal at some of the biggest platforms in the world, including Binance, eToro, Kraken, KuCoin, and much more. Most platforms do not charge a deposit fee for using PayPal, and transactions are processed instantly. Also, you’ll avoid getting a cash advance that incurs charges.

Buy XRP With Prepaid Cards and Debit Cards

You can buy XRP with debit and prepaid cards, which can open up some platforms where credit cards are not welcome - Coinbase is an example. Also, these are instant processing methods, and you cannot get a cash advance.

PaySafeCard is among the best-prepaid cards that are easy to use, and transactions don’t attach personal information, so it’s perfect for users seeking anonymity.

Buy XRP With a Credit Card on Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are a highly accessible and cost-effective method of funding your cryptocurrency trading account. Also, you can link your credit card to digital wallets, which allows you to bypass restrictions where credit cards aren’t supported. The best digital wallets are Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Cash app, and Zelle.

What to Consider When Buying XRP With a Credit Card?

Now let’s take a look at a few of the top factors you should consider when buying XRP with a credit card.

  • Credit Cards Supported: check to see if the platform where you want to buy XRP supports credit card payments.

  • Foreign Exchange Fee: you may need to convert fiat currencies when funding your trading account with a credit card. Compare the charges and FX rates for this transaction to ensure you get a good deal.

  • Scams: avoid cryptocurrency trading platforms prone to scams by choosing one of the providers we mentioned in this guide. We have researched the options to offer XRP trading platforms that are regulated and offer strong security features.

  • Debt: cash advances may result in debt if the coin you buy loses value. Therefore, don’t borrow more money than you can afford to pay back.

  • Credit Utilization: the money borrowed divided by the credit limits is the credit utilization score, and it’s usually expressed as a percentage. Try to keep the credit utilization under 30% to keep your credit score healthy.

  • Fees: Compare the fees of different XRP trading platforms to find the best deal. Consider the deposit/withdrawal, inactivity, trading, and fees. Additionally, consider the fees charged by the credit card issuer.

  • Taxes: Depending on your location, you may need to pay taxes for profiting from cryptocurrency trading. In the United States, you must fill out the IRS Form 8949 to show your gains and losses.

  • Limits: The credit limit might be low for the amount of XRP you want. Therefore, you’ll need to use multiple credit cards or pursue alternative payment methods.

How to Sell XRP and Withdraw Money to Credit Cards?

Do All Platforms Accept Credit Cards to Buy XRP?

Unfortunately, credit cards are not accepted by some XRP trading platforms. To avoid creating an account at one of these providers, consider the table below to learn about credit card availability as an account funding method.

ProviderCredit Card AcceptedReview
RobinhoodNoRead Robinhood review
GdaxYes / NoRead [brand] review / N/A
BinanceYesRead Coinbase review
ChangellyYesRead Changelly review
BittrexYesRead Bittrex review
PoloniexYesRead Poloniex review
CoinbaseNoRead Coinbase review
KrakenYesRead Kraken review
GeminiYesRead Gemini review
CoinmamaYesRead Coinmama review

Should I Buy XRP With a Credit Card?

To summarize, buying XRP with a credit card is a worthwhile choice for users that want instant deposit speeds, don’t mind the high deposit fees, and already have access to a compatible crypto card. Also, you can take advantage of crypto rewards, which passively reward you with cryptocurrencies for using the card.

Some of the biggest crypto trading platforms that allow you to buy XRP with a credit card include eToro and Binance.

Can I Buy Any Other Cryptocurrencies With a Credit Card?

Yes, it’s possible to buy hundreds of cryptocurrencies with a credit card, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether.


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