How entrepreneurial excellence hinges on headquarters

Picture an entrepreneur and you probably see a freelancer hustling for opportunities.

If you have a low opinion of businessmen and women, you may see them in their underwear working from home. Either way, neither of these scenarios included corporate premises. The World Wide Web has opened up new opportunities and savvy industrialists are taking advantage. Now, it’s possible to make money without wasting time, energy and cash.

But, that isn’t the full picture. In reality, entrepreneurial excellence can rely on the right headquarters. Why is that the case? Just take a look at the following.

Money, money, money

Freelancers, SMB owners, entrepreneurs or what you want to call them shun office space to save money. A bad tenancy agreement can cost a small company a fortune, and that is money you don’t have to waste. However, there is no reason to sign a contract with which you don’t agree. With the help of a legal expert, it’s easy to spot the signs and pull out as quickly as possible. Also, there are ways to lower the monthly expenses. The cost of metal buildings works out cheaper over a medium to long-term tenancy. Or, you can go short-term and shop around for deals as the agreement ends.


A self-respecting lover of money will start off small but aim big. Sure, you have to begin on the bottom rung of the ladder, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach the top of the tree. There is no way to do that without a functioning, efficient office space. Think about it rationally – how many success stories work from their bedroom? Microsoft, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway and the rest all have corporate premises. And the reason is it allows for growth. As the business increases, it needs added resources such as technology, hardware, and employees. Without extra space, there’s nowhere to put it.


Another thing that the major corporations have in common is their reputation. Over the years, the Warren Buffetts of the world have developed a stellar status. Granted, bosses have a role to play, as do the products, services, and PR stunts. But, don’t underestimate the impact of a shiny new office in the centre of town. Foot traffic, for one, is huge, as is prestige. People walk past a giant logo and think “wow, that company must be successful.” They don’t even need proof; it’s an instinctive thought. Regarding sales, esteem is one of the leading factors in high, consistent numbers.


Offices are workspaces that bring people together. Without a desk to centre on, workers would stay at their computer and not speak. However, a building allows like-minded and people with differing opinions to mingle. The effect of this is huge as collaboration sparks creativity which leads to innovation. Technology is making it easier to collaborate, yet internet connections are unreliable. Plus, the best ideas are often spontaneous and don’t happen during a scheduled meeting.

Are you an entrepreneur without office space? Are you looking to take the plunge or happy to stay put for the time being?

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