Three trends in marketing you must be aware of for your business

Are you thinking about how to improve your business marketing campaign? If so then we think you should definitely keep a check on the latest marketing trends. As with everything in the business world, marketing changes incredibly quickly. By keeping track you can make sure that you are not missing out on any key developments that could take your company to the next level. So, what are the latest trends that you should be aware of? 

Automated Marketing

We are certain that automation has already become a part of your business model. But has it impacted marketing yet? If not, then it is time for that to change because there are a lot of benefits to marketing automation. As the name probably suggests, the results are going to be a lot faster here. You won’t have to wait around for leads to be generated. You will also still be able to deliver a high-quality experience, that your customers will expert. Though, arguably two of the biggest benefits is both time and price. 

Time is saved because you won’t have to worry about marketing at all. Instead, it will take place in the background of your business model, rarely impacting your company until you get the latest reports. At the same time, this is a cost-effective service where everything to do with marketing can essentially be outsourced. 

Voice Control

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You might not think that voice control is going to have an impact on marketing your business. However, something to be aware of is that it is changing how people are interacting with search engines online. Instead of typing in keywords, they are now using their voice. This means that they can ask questions such as:

What is the best car sales company near me? 

This will be instead of typing in ‘used car sales’ or something similar. Now, you probably won’t be handling this technical detail yourself. Instead, you will have to find a marketing team to complete the work for you. However, when you look for a marketing team, it’s useful to know the latest SEO trends. It will ensure you can check whether they are providing an up to date service that will deliver the results you want. It can also help you avoid some of the black hat techniques that could hurt your business more than you think. 


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Finally, you do need to think in terms of video marketing. As the name suggests, video marketing is all about producing video content and this could be produced for your website or social media. It can also take a variety of different forms including informative content as well as direct promotion. This is a great option because it delivers the variety that your customers want to see on a regular basis. However, the variety isn’t the reason why it’s time to invest in this option. Instead, it’s all about the trends of the future. Over the next five years, eighty percent of content is expected to be video. As such, you need to jump on board this trend sooner rather than later. 

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