How to protect the reputation of your startup

In this era of the internet and digital landscape, people have many platforms to air their thoughts about customer experience delivered by brands. You have seen how customers are using the likes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Google and the likes to complain or vouch for companies. A single instance of a negative review could deter the growth of your business adversely. You should do your best to protect your reputation fiercely. But, how can you protect the reputation of your startup? Well, let us give you a few critical tips for staying on top of your brand reputation.

Give a response to negative feedback

Again, you ought to know that a single negative comment about your business can make it end up on national news. If you make a lousy response to the negative comment, it can make the situation worse and create an impression that the customer complaint is genuine and intentional. Therefore, it is very imperative to respond to customer complaints carefully and promptly. Apologize to the customer and explain the situation. Better even, contact them directly, preferably through your work email or a phone call. Insist that you are willing to go above and beyond to help your customer.

Responding appropriately to your customer complaint will go a long way in protecting your startup reputation. You will solve issues faster and get customers that are content. You can put out any fire and arrest any wave of a negative reputation. 

Highlight your startup’s positive feedback 

There are not many aspects that will boost the growth of your like positive feedback. It provides clear evidence that your customers are happy with your goods and service, attracting more customers to your business. You can always ride on the nice responses you are getting.  For example, you can create a platform to showcase your customers’ positive feedback as a testimonial of your excellent services.

You can request customers who compliment you face-to-face, on the phone, or through your emails to post their reviews on the platform. You can even take screenshots of the positive feedback and post them on your site and pages.

Offer high quality products and services.

At the end of the day, the quality of your goods and services is a strong component in defining the reputation of your business. Yes, they do directly impact the image that prospective customers have about you. Your customers will rate your product depending on how well they solve their problems and how efficient and innovative they are. If the quality of your goods and services is right, then you can be sure that an excellent reputation for your business will be spread. However, if the products and services are of low quality, your startup’s reputation will be terrible, and you will end up losing customers.

Provide excellent customer care services

The quality of your goods and services is a great way to impact an excellent reputation for your business. However, how well you deliver the goods and service, and your customer experience is the primary determinant of your startup reputation. Your products and services could be top-notch, but if they create negative experiences with your customers, your business reputation is ruined. Try to encourage every employee in your startup to make your customers happy and well taken care of.

Avoid lawsuits

Any startup can suffer possible lawsuits due to several issues like lack of compliance with business operation guidelines, contract disputes, employees matter or premises liability, etc. Any lawsuit, regardless of its nature, will have negative consequences on your business. The outcomes are even worse if the dispute leading to the lawsuit is publicized.

Lawsuits can force a startup to put its operation on hold. Consequently, it can result in declining startup values, reduced sales, and even worse closure of your business. According to criminal defense attorney Scott Dattan, most startups owners end up denting reputation to legal issues like fraud. If you have been accused of criminal offenses like embezzlement, then seek the help of an attorney to protect your reputation.

The bottom line, though, is that you ought to set high standards for conducting your business, who to hire and perform your business with. Set startup goals that reduce errors that are likely to result in disputes. Further, ensure that your startup complies with all the business regulations. Avoiding lawsuits is a great way of preventing damage to your business reputation.

Treat your employees right

Your employees are your number one asset to enhancing the reputation of your business. Your brand’s reputation is dependent on how you treat the employees. If you treat them well, they will enhance a positive reputation for your business and vice versa.

Wrap up

The reputation of your startup is very fundamental to its survival. Therefore, as a startup owner, you should strive to create a positive reputation for your business. Remember, a startup with a positive reputation stands out from the rest. Moreover, it attracts investors and loyal customers who play a significant role in spreading the good reputation and growing your startup.

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