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Joshua Sherrard-Bewhay

Joshua Sherrard-Bewhay

Se unió: 18th Jan 2022
Artículos: 85
Ubicación: Latin America
Josh is a finance and Blockchain technical writer with experience in project design, consultancy and reporting. He is well-versed in white paper design, blog construction and freelance journalism. His academic credentials are in International Relations, Environmental Regulation and International Law. In his spare time he works as a sustainability analyst for a FinTech start-up Oxari and a private English tutor.

Educación y Calificaciones

University of the West of England - BA (Hons) International Relations Universidad De Monterrey - Law, Economy and Environmental Policy

Habilidad y Experiencia:

Habilidad: ESG Sustainability Analyst , Techincal Writer and Consultant (Blockchain)

Pariticiaption in a variety of crypto projects, ranging from NFT collections, gaming platforms and ICOs. Also enjoys to write, learn and inspire about all things blockchain.

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