IOHK’s secure Daedalus wallet now supports Ethereum Classic

IOHK, a blockchain research and development company, announced its highly-engineered digital wallet Daedalus has been integrated with Ethereum Classic’s (ETC) command line client Mantis. Through the integration, Daedalus, which supports Cardano’s cryptocurrency Ada, a top five cryptocurrency by market cap, will now also support ETC.

“This integration is an exciting development for the continuing evolution of Ethereum Classic,” Ethereum Classic developer Alan McSherry. “By putting an advanced wallet into the hands of Ethereum Classic users, we’re demonstrating our dedication and commitment to the ETC community and high grade technology. With this integration, we hope to offer the community a simple to use state of the art wallet.”

The Ethereum Classic client, Mantis, was built by a group of developers at IOHK, the Grothendieck team, which is led by Mr. McSherry. The blockchain client is completely new code and is responsible for downloading and keeping an up to date copy of the blockchain. Mantis is built in Scala, a powerful functional programming language offering security guarantees other programming languages do not. By integrating Mantis with the Daedalus wallet, ETC users have an additional wallet option in which to secure their digital assets.

The Daedalus-Mantis integration involves coupling the technology together so the Daedalus user interface becomes a window into the ‘wallets’ controlled by Mantis, allowing users to easily see balances, make transfers, and delete wallets.

“Daedalus was built first for Ada, but now that ETC is integrated and Daedalus has become a multi-asset wallet, IOHK looks forward to welcoming further digital currencies in the near future,” IOHK’s Daedalus product manager Darko Mijić said. “Our goal is to develop Daedalus into a universal wallet, blockchain application platform, and app store for use by the global blockchain community.”

Daedalus is built on top of Electron, a highly-tested open source development platform designed to build cross-platform desktop apps using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The wallet is highly secure and offers spending passwords for protecting private keys and seeds for wallet recovery. Daedalus users can also manage any number of wallets with the hierarchical deterministic wallet implementation, giving users ultimate control over how their funds are organized.

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