Colorado to get 8 Bitcoin ATMs

Coinsource, a Bitcoin ATM network, today announced its first expansion into The Centennial State. Coinsource will install eight machines across the state in Denver, Broomfield, Boulder, and Lakewood.

“We have had an immense amount of customer inquiries looking to add Coinsource’s BTM to their stores,” CMO Bobby Sharp said. “On top of having the lowest transactions fees in the industry, our innovative machines operate with in-house software that significantly increases transaction speeds, API, and QR code scanners. We have been looking forward to installing BTM machines in Colorado to provide the everyday person a seamless and efficient way to invest in this incredible, emerging market.”

Sheffield Clark

Sheffield Clark

Colorado residents and merchants have shown significant interest in Bitcoin for several years, and even legislators such as Rep. Jared Polis have been major advocates for the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for various forms of payment, from day-to-day transactions to buying houses.

“We have been waiting to launch our machines into Colorado for a while now, and we look forward to integrating more machines across the state within 2018,” CEO Sheffield Clark said. “Our user base has continued to grow at astronomical rates, and we believe it’s due to our secure in-house software. We aim to continue providing our services throughout the nation.”

Colorado’s eight new Bitcoin ATMs (five in Denver, and one each in Boulder, Broomfield, and Lakewood) will provide a seamless and convenient alternative for those who want to buy and sell their Bitcoin. Coinsource has installed its machines close to main roads, and in high foot and vehicle traffic areas. Some are close to the University of Colorado and Colorado State University. Colorado merchants have begun to accept it as a form of payment, including Denver International Airport’s parking service ParkDIA, marijuana dispensaries, and several restaurants.

Coinsource services 164 million residents across the country and currently has almost 200 machines in California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Colorado.