Invest in Substratum in 2023

Last updated 16th Feb 2023

Substratum (SUB) is an open-source network that allows anyone to allocate computing resources to host websites and web applications. The main way it differentiates itself is that users pay per click on the Substratum Network, not for uptime. To pay for hosts, the Substratum network uses SUB as its native cryptocurrency coin.

If you are thinking about investing in Substratum yourself, it is essential that you commit the time and do research on the Substratum project first. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about Substratum, from how it functions to the platforms through which you can invest in the coin.

Best way to invest in Substratum in 2023

There are different ways to invest in Substratum (SUB). Each option will bring you something a bit different, so make sure to go through as many of them as you can so you can make an educated decision. With the goal of making this process as easy as possible for you to complete, we’ve put together a list of some of the best providers you can choose from.

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What is Substratum?

The Substratum Network is essentially a collection of nodes, all of which use cryptography in order to deliver secure content just about anywhere, without any requirements for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or specific browsers to bypass geographic restrictions.

The Substratum team is made up of software developers, web developers, and product engineers. Justin Tabb is the CEO and founder of Substratum. Substratum was first valued on September 27, 2017. Its price has gone up more than 92.65% since the coin was first listed.


Access to affordable hosting services on a decentralized network.
It implements the pay-per-click revenue model, not per uptime, which is a much more affordable option.
Fully open-source.


The coin has not gained much value since the release of the token.
The community isn’t quite as large as its competitors.

How does Substratum work?

Substratum works through Substratum Nodes and the Substratum Host. The Substratum Nodes are used with the goal of transferring content from hosts to web users, where anyone that actually runs a node is paid in SUB. The Substratum Host is responsible for enabling a site owner to run their own website and manage things such as their domains, databases, and hosting fees.

Anyone that requires a host needs to install the Substratum software and run the program. The device the program is installed on then syncs up to the other nodes in the network. What this means is that anyone can install Substratum’s software and turn their computer into a network machine to become a part of the overall system.

SUB is the native cryptocurrency coin for the Substratum network, where it is used to pay hosts. Companies and individuals are given the ability to use SUB and pay the hosts so that their website or application is kept online. Additionally, there are products developed by Substratum such as CryptoPay, which is an online wallet that allows the users of its network to spend and store currencies such as BTC, USD, and SB.

Ways to Buy Substratum

When you decide to buy Substratum, you will own all SUB coins that will be stored within your cryptocurrency wallet. This will give you the opportunity to use the SUB coins for anything that you want, and it is recommended that you store all of your SUB coins in a wallet that's private to you and not on the exchange itself, for the highest level of security.

Substratum (SUB) can be bought through the usage of many different methods. You need to look out for the primary methods, which include exchanges, peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces, and in-person trading.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Substratum (SUB) is a cryptocurrency available on a limited number of exchanges, so ensure that you find one that supports the coin. Make sure to find one that offers fair transaction fees and a high level of liquidity.

  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplaces: P2P marketplaces essentially connect you with sellers of the SUB coin directly, so you can transact directly.

  • In-person Trading: Through in-person trading, you essentially arrange a meeting with the seller of the SUB coin at a physical location and agree on the terms of the sale there, after which you conduct the transaction on the spot.

When you are ready to buy Substratum (SUB), you will need to follow a set of steps.

  • Find a cryptocurrency exchange, like Bitbns, where the SUB coin is listed.

  • Complete any required Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks that the exchange might have. You will need to submit a copy of some ID, such as your passport, alongside proof of your home address, such as your utility bill.

  • Once your account has been verified, you will have to fund the account through the usage of FIAT currencies.

  • Buy your SUB coins and put them in a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

How to trade Substratum

Trading Substratum is a process where you buy the underlying assets with the end goal of gaining a profit from doing so. What this means is that you have no direct ownership over the SUBS coins. The goal here is for you to buy the coin while its market price is low and sell it when the value of the SUB coin goes up.

If you decide to deal with derivative products, you can speculate on the price of the SUB coin. You can also utilize short-term and long-term trading. If you are an advanced trader, you can additionally take advantage of margin and leverage trading strategies and can set entry orders, stop losses, profit-limit orders, and risk-management methods.

You can also trade Substratum (SUB) through a cryptocurrency brokerage, and there are many options out there.Brokerages are the preferred option when you are a beginner due to the fact that their user interface is a lot simpler, and they offer built-in tools that streamline the entire process.

To trade Substratum, you can follow this step-by-step guide and start trading in no time.

  • Find a broker that lets you trade Substratum assets.

  • Pass any of the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks to successfully verify your account.

  • Fund your account using your preferred payment method.

  • Choose how you want to trade.

  • Buy the SUB assets on the brokerage directly, and you should see your account balance get updated.

Is it safe to invest in Substratum right now?

If you buy Substratum (SUB) on a reputable platform, you will have the highest level of security, which will make things a lot easier and safer for you.However, keep in mind that no platform is perfect and that cryptocurrencies tend to be targeted by hackers. You can, however, protect yourself by taking additional steps.

  • Enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA): Many online platforms will offer you the opportunity to enable 2FA. What this means is that every time you log in to your account, aside from entering your username and password, you will be prompted to enter an additional piece of information. This could be in the form of an SMS code or biometric verification, assuming the device you are logging in from supports that as an option.

  • Research Common Scam Types: Historically, there have been a lot of scams in cryptocurrency, and many of them have been heavily documented. Do your research, and learn as many of them as you can so you know what to look for and protect yourself.

  • Read Platform Reviews: Every single platform out there will have a community surrounding it, and you should always poke around in forums, blogs, review websites, or other resources to figure out what real people are saying about the platform you are considering.

  • Store Your Coins in a Private Wallet: There are on-exchange or on-brokerage wallets, where you do not control the private keys, and private wallets, where you essentially have full control over your funds. It is recommended that if you store SUB coins for a prolonged period of time, you do so in a private wallet that's outside of the control of the exchange or brokerage.

  • Be Careful Where You Request Assistance: There will come a point in time where you might require a bit of assistance when it comes to buying or investing in the SUB coin. As such, only ask for information on reputable and official websites, forums, or blogs, and remember to always double-check links before clicking on them.

Artiom Pucinskij

Artiom Pucinskij