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How to Buy Uniswap Online in 2023


Uniswap is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges on the market and was also one of the first. There is a range of different ways you can buy, sell and trade the native UNI token so we have detailed everything you need to know about trading Uniswap, including where to buy it, how to buy it, and our top tips when doing so.

Best Brokers to Buy Uniswap in 2023

There are a few different ways you can purchase Uniswap, so we have put together a list for you with the best providers available.

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Key Takeaways

  • Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

  • You can buy Uniswap outright or as a CFD

  • You can buy Uniswap using an exchange, broker, DEX, or P2P marketplace

  • Uniswap has been a depreciating cryptocurrency over the past eight months

  • Newcomers may be better suited to an exchange, and experienced traders to a DEX

What Is the Difference Between Owning Uniswap VS a Derivative Product

There are two core ways in which you can purchase a cryptocurrency.

The first is via physical ownership – you buy the asset for a specified price and then store it in your wallet. You own the asset and you hold it.

The second is through other financial products like CFDs, futures, and EFTs. CFDs are a contract you agree to when you complete your purchase. They pay you rewards if the asset price rises or you incur losses if it goes down. You do not own or hold the asset with derivatives.

Most derivative products are only for the core group of coins, meaning altcoins are often not supported or applicable. You need to check with the relevant brokerage to see if they offer these products.

Disclaimer: 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Different Ways to Buy Uniswap

You can buy Uniswap using any of the following platforms:

Brokerage: Uniswap is available on a good range of brokerages. Some include eToro and Libertex.

Exchange: Almost all exchanges will list Uniswap because of its popularity; they provide slightly lower fees than most brokerages but can be more complicated. Two of the most popular exchanges with Uniswap are Binance and Coinbase.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX): These operate in the same way as a traditional exchange, but are unregulated and are not owned/operated by a singular entity. Two of the most popular are PancakeSwap and UniSwap.

P2P: Person-to-person exchanges offer great rates as they have no middle man; it's best to think of this as swapping rather than trading. There are a few platforms designed just for this (Paxful) and the main exchanges also offer P2P services (Binance).

Where to Buy Uniswap

Here are two of the best ways you can buy Uniswap:


The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. You can buy over 500 cryptocurrencies on the platform and access several tools to improve your trading experience.

Some of the most competitive fees of any exchange or broker on the market
A platform that specializes in crypto trading
Insurance on some of your purchases
Can be difficult and costly to transfer funds into external wallets
Not as trusted or regulated as eToro


One of the most accessible and well-recognised brokerages on the market, eToro is great for beginners and experienced traders.

Highly respected and regulated
Easy to store your funds with no need for a wallet
Highly accessible, offering services to over 100 countries
High non-trading fees
Spreads can be more costly than fees found on exchanges
Customer support is below the industry average

How to Buy Uniswap Online?

The process of buying a cryptocurrency can be complicated, especially if you are new to the space. Check out this step by step guide for how to buy Uniswap on Binance:

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account
Step 2: Verify Your Identity
Step 3: Fund Your Account
Step 4: Search for All Available Coins
Step 5: Enter the Amount of UNI You Want to Buy and Then Click "Buy"

How to Trade Uniswap?

Here are all of the steps you need to follow to trade Uniswap. You can do this on any of the platforms mentioned on Different Ways To Buy Uniswap. It's worth noting that it might be easier to use a broker if you’re new to the space, but exchanges like Binance offer better rates and also have good educational content specifically for crypto trading.

We've used Binance as our example:

Step 1: Select Your Pair
Step 2: Enter the Quantity of Uniswap You Would Like to Trade and Click "Sell UNI"
Step 3: Find Your New Cryptocurrency

Crypto Investment Strategy

There are two principal investment strategies with cryptocurrency: long-term holds and short-term swing trades.

Long-Term Holds: Often known in the crypto community as HODLing, it refers to holding your crypto for a long time and waiting for the price to appreciate. This strategy means ignoring the market's volatility and just sitting on your assets until they gain significant value. The wider crypto community idolizes this strategy based on its bullish faith (HODL = hold on for dear life).

Short-Term Trades: Often referred to as swing trading, this strategy relates to trying to make gains by trading within the volatility cycles. You buy at a dip and sell at a peak. Short-term trades are risky and require an ability to analyze and read market trends.

How to Store Uniswap?

Once you have purchased Uniswap, you will need to store it in a wallet. There are two main choices available — and your trading volumes, plus how long you're holding your coins will influence your decision.

Hot Storage

Hot storage refers to wallets that you need to sign in using an app or website. This method is a better choice if you're trading in the short term.

Coinbase and Binance are two examples of native hot wallets you can use to store Uniswap.

Better for short term trading
Vulnerable to hacking

Cold Storage

Cold storage refers to wallets that require offline verification before you sign in, and it's better for holding larger amounts — or keeping your money for an extended period. Ledger is an example of a wallet that falls into this category.

Extremely secure
Good for large amounts
Not good for short term trading
Inaccessible without the password

What Are the Different Ways to Pay For Uniswap?

To buy UNI on any platform you will need to use one of its deposit methods. Here are some of the most common:

Credit /Debit Cards: Use your card to directly buy cryptocurrency. Can incur some fees but is extremely convenient.

Bank Transfer: Transfer funds directly from a bank account linked with your chosen platform. One of the most expensive ways to deposit funds but very convenient and accessible to beginners.

Crypto Transfer: Connect a wallet to your platform that already has crypto funds. By far the cheapest method but can be difficult for beginners.

PayPal: Connect your account to some supported platforms and top-up your exchange wallet; Paypal now also accepts crypto.

What to Consider When Buying Uniswap?

Before buying UNI, you should consider some market factors that affect trades and the amount of money they cost. Here are some we suggest researching:

Different Fees: Different platforms have different fee structures which directly affect your returns. Fees to look out for are deposit/withdrawal, maker/taker, commissions, and non-trading fees.

Volatility: Crypto markets often rise and fall large amounts over short periods of time; while this means there are big gains to be made, you must be extremely careful with your money. UNI has hit heights of $43 and lows of around $10 in the last year.

Investment Strategy: Your strategy is your tool to manage the volatility of this market; utilize market trends and analysis to navigate through the peaks, troughs, and support levels of an asset.

Regulations and Taxes: The regulation around cryptocurrency is ever-changing. We advise you to constantly keep in check with the relevant taxes and regulations for your country. For example, some countries have now banned crypto trading, and others have enforced rules like double-taxation.

Is It Safe to Buy Uniswap Online?

Your purchase is as secure as the platform you use.

Here are some of the ways you can make your trade as safe as possible:

  • Use a regulated broker like Coinbase or Binance.

  • Use two-factor authentication with your accounts.

  • Store holdings in a cold wallet.

  • For hot wallets, complete KYC to ensure access to insurance.

How to Sell Uniswap?

Step 1: Select Your Pair
Step 2: Enter the Quantity of UNI You Would Like to Trade and Then Click ‘Sell UNI’
Step 3: Find Your New Cryptocurrency

Is It Worth Buying Uniswap Right Now?

Uniswap is certainly a risky asset. While it has good infrastructure and a valid use case its recent performance isn’t great, and many complain about its high fees. It has been down at least 50% since its high of $43 in early 2021 so you could connote it's due to a pump - but it's a big risk.

However, Uniswap may be worth buying if you can handle the extreme risk it brings and you believe in its use case.

Final Thoughts

The best method for buying Uniswap depends on your experience level. For newcomers to the space, we recommend an exchange like Binance; experienced traders could try a DEX for cheaper fees.


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