HomeNewsLooking for positive signs in 2016, despite ill-timed rate hike: Rohit Arora
Looking for positive signs in 2016, despite ill-timed rate hike: Rohit Arora

Looking for positive signs in 2016, despite ill-timed rate hike: Rohit Arora

Last updated 19th Jan 2022

There’s no doubt that 2015 was an interesting year, and there is plenty to look forward to in 2016, Biz2Credit‘s co-founder and CEO Rohit Arora said in a year-end interview.

This year ends with the first Fed rate hike in nine years. It could have waited, Mr. Arora believes.

“Janet Yellen boxed herself into a corner.”

Ms. Yellen and others spent most of 2015 saying there would be a rate hike at some point. As the days dwindled she was left with few options, save for a hike or losing credibility, he suggested.

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Rohit Arora
Screenshot of Biz2Credit’s new BizAnalyzer Simulator Tool (PRNewsFoto/Biz2Credit)[/caption]

Just before Christmas Biz2Credit released the BizAnalyzer Score Simulator Tool, a new feature allowing small business owners to see a snapshot of how cyclical revenue changes, cash flow, credit scores and other factors affect their creditworthiness to lenders.

“This virtual CFO resource gives them a complete view of exactly what lenders examine when they underwrite small business loans,” Mr. Arora said.

The BizAnalyzer Score Simulator Tool allows users to see the impact of such occurrences as a bounced check or abnormal cash flow pattern on their credit score. It is the newest iteration of BizAnalyzer Score, a tool which evaluates more than 2,000 data points to produce a score ranging from 0 to 100 based on personal credit, debt-to-income ratio, time in business, industry risk, corporate risk, revenue, cash flow and repayment history.

It allows the user to compare themselves against their industry when applying for a loan.

Tony Zerucha

Tony Zerucha

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