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Five steps to setting up an online shop

Five steps to setting up an online shop

Last updated 5th Aug 2022

Stay secure

Your online business could come under attack from cybercriminals if you’re not careful. You should make sure that you’re using a secure payment service. You should also consider adding extra security to your website to protect yourself from the threat of hackers. You may also want to take out various insurance schemes such as cyber-insurance that will cover you in the event that there is a hack and people’s personal details are compromised.

Build your brand

Once all of this is set up, you can then in order to get people to discover your website. Set up a Facebook page and consider paying a graphic designer to produce banners and logos for your online business. Consider paying for ads and SEO to make your business easier to find online. You should also make use of online reviews to help boost your reputation.

Don’t forget to network too – working with other businesses may allow you to form cross-promotion strategies. It may even pay to have a business card with your website address on for gathering new clientele at social events.

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