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Profit from passion: The ultimate way to make money?

Profit from passion: The ultimate way to make money?

Last updated 5th Aug 2022

Start monetizing straight away

The earlier you start to monetize your passions, the more chance you will have of developing a fine career for yourself. It’s really that simple. Let’s say you love making jewelry – get out there and start selling it ASAP. All your profits can go straight back into your passion, and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up in a huge bricks and mortar retail outlet selling exclusive pieces one day? If you are into fashion in a big way, you could even do something like create an alterations service. Just start charging your friends a small amount to cover your costs until you build a name for yourself, and all of a sudden you could have a valid business on your hands. Get out there and do it – are you seeing a pattern yet?

It’s not about going big

Unless you strike it seriously lucky with your passion, you might end up working with it in some kind of capacity as an employee. But you should be careful with making this move, as it can often backfire. First of all, there is a lot of competition for jobs – meaning entry level wages can be low, and very difficult to escape from. And you also have to bear in mind the type of work you will be doing. Does working as a designer for a large corporation really fulfil your creative drive? Many people who end up in these roles end up losing their passion altogether, and few can combine the artistic flair and business sense to make a good salary with it. In many cases, you might be better off trying to strike out on your own as soon as you build up a certain amount of experience.

You’ll need patience – a lot of it

Here’s the big thing about making your passions work for you – patience is key. You will go through many different iterations, experience a lot of rejection, and there will be times when you feel like calling it quits. But as long as you are earning money – somehow – and feeding your family, the more you keep going, the more likely it will be that you find that big success. It’s something of a leap of faith, for sure – and it will be tough going when you see your peers progress. But ultimately, if you want to lead a bankless lifestyle, and not have to deal with pressure in a subject or job role you detest, it’s a lifestyle choice that can often pay off.

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