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Legitimate ways you can earn money from home

Legitimate ways you can earn money from home

Last updated 12th Apr 2022

If you type ‘earn money from home’ into Google, you’re met with all kinds of dubious results.

Scams, illegal activity and jobs that promise to make you a millionaire but actually pay very little are all things that you’re likely to come up against.

However, there are plenty of legitimate well paying jobs you can do from home which can allow you to quit your day job at the office and kick your daily commute to the kerb. Here are just a few of them.

Earn From Your Phone

We’re all glued to our smartphones this day in age, so an opportunity to earn a bit of cash through them isn’t to be missed. Sure, this isn’t going to make you rich but it could earn you a bit of extra pocket money. Good smartphones aren’t cheap but if you’re due an upgrade you could always buy second hand and have it unlocked to the network of your choice, this is the best iPhone 6 unlocked guide out there and explains how the process can be done.

Once you have a reliable phone, download some survey apps or ‘micro job’ apps and you can earn a little each day and withdraw it once you’ve reached a certain amount. Not bad since you will probably be messing around on your phone anyway.


If you’re a skilled writer, designer, artist or have experience doing things like editing, proofreading or data entry, there’s usually plenty of work available on freelancing sites. You usually have to do a short test to check that your skills are up to scratch, and once you’ve been accepted you can start ‘bidding’ on the jobs that are available.

The more work you do and the better the reputation you build up, the more likely it is that you’ll be accepted for each job giving you the option to earn a decent income.

The great thing about freelancing is you can control your own workflow, while each piece will have a deadline you get to choose the projects (and amount of projects) that you work on. This means you could work it around commitments like childcare, a formal full time or part time job or in combination with any of the below.

Blogging and YouTube

If you’re a fan of producing interesting and dynamic content, the world of blogging and YouTube can be very lucrative. Many creators have both a blog and YouTube channel giving them two separate sources of income but which can run side by side harmoniously.

For example, you could vlog your experiences of a restaurant, theatre or day out on your YouTube channel but include an in depth review with still photos on your blog. Or you could demonstrate a recipe on your Youtube channel but write the full recipe on your blog.

Alternatively you could choose one platform or another. The thing with blogging and YouTube is it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – while there’s fantastic earning potential it does take time to build it up to get to this stage.

Your best bet would be to start out as a hobby with the chance of it becoming a career later on.

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