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Improving your career in time for the New Year

Improving your career in time for the New Year

Last updated 29th Jun 2022

Improve your communication

As a final piece of advice, you shouldn’t try to do everything on a solo basis. You might be desperate for that promotion but you might not necessarily get it by being a lone wolf in the office. Employers want to see teamwork and collaboration; they want to know that you care about the company succeeding and not simply your personal success.

You should get to know your boss better, first of all. If you want to be the best employee you could possibly be for the company then figure out what it is that your boss wants from an employee. And get to know the boss’ boss too.

The goal is to get an understanding of the “bigger picture” rather than your small window of work. Through communicating more effectively with others in the workplace, you can step out of your bubble and start to see where the company is going.

Don’t disconnect yourself from your colleagues or you’ll fall out of the game. Start to use the right language in presentations and meetings to make the right impressions on the right people.

Improving your career is all about your connections with other people rather than simply “getting your job done;” that’s why it’s so important to communicate.

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